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Best 5 Flowering Trees To Grow In Michigan

If you’re trying to find a long-lasting way to give your lawn and your home an extra boost of beauty and curb appeal, with the help of a flowering tree, you have found it.

Seeing as spring will be here sooner than we think, this is actually the perfect time to get out and enjoy best time to plant a new tree in Michigan.

Make use of this time to decide which of the flowering trees you would like to plant on your property. As it turns out, Michigan, being a beautiful state, gives us plenty of beautiful choices to choose from.

In the springtime, you can plant a few of these flowering trees in the Michigan lawn in order to beautify it and make it more colorful.

When it comes to making the curb appeal of your Michigan home even more appealing, consider adding stunning flowering trees to your garden.

They are a wonderful way to add eternal, year-round beauty to your lawn and to boost its curb appeal. In Michigan, you’re going to be pleased to learn that the climate is ideal for growing a wide variety of beautiful blossoming trees.

We have compiled a list of 6 of the most exquisite flowering trees in the Great Lake State.

The state of Michigan can be described as having two distinct land regions – the uplands of the Superior River and the plains of the Great Lakes.
Despite its mitten-shaped location, Wisconsin’s Lower Peninsula has a rather flat surface, while gentle hills roll through the southern and central portions of the state. Its northernmost point has a hilly terrain.

Ivory Silk Lilac Tree

  • Flowers with giant, creamy white petals
  • The most wonderful fragrance of flowers
  • ‘Cold Hardy’ a poem by Irving Berlin
  • It is easy to maintain
  • Is an attractor of hummingbirds and butterflies

Is it your goal to stand out from your neighbors by offering something different to them? You are probably familiar with Lilac shrubs, but here is a new twist for you. Ivory Silk Lilac Tree (Syringa reticulata ‘Ivory Silk’) grows much taller and wider than other Lilacs. It still has fragrant blooms, but in a Super-Size version.

The Ivory Silk Lilac Tree is a perfect choice for anyone who loves Lilacs but wants to make a larger impact. A barkless shrub bearing flower berries, but this is not the flowering shrub, but a small tree bearing huge, foot-long flower panicles in late summer.

If you would like to extend the season of blooming, then you may want to add this small tree to your Lilac collection. Early summer, you will be able to enjoy a fresh, sweet scent spreading over your entire garden with delicate, creamy white flower bouquets. That was a real treat!

Even after the blooms pass, you’ll appreciate the refreshing shade from the large leaves. You’ll know at a glance that this is a very special type of Lilac. Through the summer, Ivory Silk Lilac Tree will be densely covered in beautiful, dark green leaves, such a refreshing sight in the height of summer heat.

As soon as this deciduous tree drops its leaves, you will be able to enjoy the attractive, reddish-brown bark beneath the surface. The deep red bark of the tree is particularly noticeable in the fall and winter months, adding an interesting dimension to your landscape.

Fire fall Freeman Maple

  • Orange-red leaves on the trees in the fall
  • Tree that is an essential part of any room
  • A plant that is easy to maintain

This is a lovely park in the summer to relax and take in the shade and in the fall to see the leaves display flaming colors each year. Everything you want in a shade tree, is right before your eyes.

The Freeman Maple Fire fall variety (Acer x freemanii ‘Fire fall’) offers many benefits other than being a perfect shade tree; it is also a year round showstopper, offering endless colors of orange-red throughout the season.

There are two different species of maples in this tree. It is a hybrid of a Red Maple, which is known for its fiery red coloration in autumn, and a Silver Maple, which is distinguished by its elegant lacy leaves.

Needing a vertical accent to bring your landscaping together? Then this maple tree is calling your name.

The Fire fall Freeman Maple is the quintessential accent that you and your property have been looking for all this time.

Consider planting this majestic tree in the backyard as a specimen tree that can be the focal point of the landscaping around it. Seconds after planting, all you’ll want to do is relax under the colorful, cool canopy.

Trees such as the Fire fall Freeman Maple require little care once they’ve been planted with well-drained soil that will make sure the trees grow up to 50 feet tall and 35 feet wide, which means that it’s a very easy tree to take care of.

Autumn Splendor Buckeye

  • Stunning scarlet and maroon fall foliage
  • Yellow little spring flowers in a cream color
  • A beautiful accent tree for your home

Buckeye Autumn Splendor (Aesculus x arnoldiana ‘Autumn Splendor’) was bred to be a true showstopper. Each season brings a new reason to sit out and enjoy its beautiful colors.

Spring will bring creamy yellow flowers that will make you awestruck, even though the tree will still be green. But prepare to be blown away as it turns into an exploding display of fall color.

The scarlet-orange to maroon leaves in the fall are what gives Autumn Splendor Buckeye its name.

These beautiful colors shouldn’t be put to waste, so planting this tree near your deck, porch, or patio gives you the opportunity to enjoy the little things like this stunning tree.

Your garden will look fuller and more elegant if you add a splash of color. Your garden will look more professional when the colors add an exemplary accent tree.

Imperial Honey locust

  • Forms of beauty
  • Shades of Light and Refreshment
  • Autumn is a great time to clean up ferny leaves
  • Fall color in yellow
  • Root system that is thornless
  • It’s Hard as Nails to Break This Tree
  • Upon establishment, heat- and water-tolerant

Regardless of how harsh your climate is…you may be able to create the backyard paradise of your dreams. Imperial Honey locust (Gleditsia triacanthos var. inermis ‘Imperial’) takes hard conditions and grows into a healthy, rounded lawn tree your whole family will enjoy.

This modern cultivar has no surface roots or thorns. Instead, you will gain tiny, fragrant spring flowers, and fern-like foliage that sheds pretty shade while allowing your lawn to still thrive.

This rugged selection resists wind and winter damage and can tolerate brief periods of drought after the first few seasons. It can be planted in new construction sites with compacted soil.

Reduce the costs of cooling your property by installing one at the southwest corner. Make use of your property’s hills and dips to establish an informal park with a few scattered informally.

Akebono Flowering Cherry

  • Cherries of the largest size available
  • Symmetrical Crowns are Pleasing
  • Planting in mass is beautiful
  • Easily cared for
  • Pollinator-attracting

There are cherry trees with flowering blossoms, like those in Maine, but there is also the Akebono Flowering Cherry (Prunus x yedoensis ‘Akebono’). Imagine walking through a grove of trees boasting some of the most enormous cherry blossoms you’ve ever seen. It may be hard to paint the mental picture but it’s oh so easy to accomplish! Akebono can be added to any garden today!

Sakebono blooms every spring before leaves appear and is commonly referred to as the cherry tree with the largest blossoms. Don’t worry, the branches won’t even be visible when it’s covered in its masses of soft pink, semi-double flowers.

As the lightly fragrant flowers bloom their course, the leaves begin to sprout a lush, deep green that turns the flowering masterpiece, into a lovely shade tree for the rest of the season. As summer fades to fall, the leaves will put on a show themselves as they turn a golden yellow with orange highlights each fall.

Its shape changes from an upright form to a rounded, asymmetrical stunner with dense foliage as the branching is advanced.

Akebono Flowering Cherry may be used as part of a large mass planting or planted individually in a small urban setting for a splash of color in mid-spring. It is absolutely imperative that this tree be placed somewhere where it can be appreciated!

First Editions Berry White Hydrangea-Tree Form

  • Clusters of white to pink blooms in a cone shape
  • Grown as a strong, precious tree
  • Extremely hardy in the winter
  • Butterfly Attractor and a Popular Attraction

Barry White would have written a love song about the Berry White Hydrangea tree had he ever seen it. This gorgeous hydrangea tree will make you fall for it, too.

Berry White Hydrangea-Tree Form (Hydrangea paniculata ‘Renba’ PP 28,509) has white flowers that turn to pink blossoms as summer progresses. You can see the blooms clearly because they have been elevated to eye level!

Our expert growers have the gift, for sure. This amazing plant is sure to inspire you and your neighbors to spend a little more time outdoors.

It offers a dazzling display of color. Its cone-shaped clusters of flowers appear bright greenish-white when they first bloom in summer.

In the heat of summer, they change into spectacular new outfits. Your garden will have a chamber-like feel when these blossoms turn dark pink. Vanilla ice cream and strawberry sorbet are sure to make you crave their flavors.

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