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Best 6 Palm Trees To Grow In Atlanta

Nothing can quite give a landscape or hardscape area the atmosphere of a tropical paradise like a palm tree. The exotic beauty of the plants and the fronds gently swaying in the breeze give one the impression that one is relaxing at a high-class beach resort.

Residents of Atlanta and the surrounding areas may, however, believe that palms are only found in southern subtropical climes and are unable to withstand the freezing conditions that prevail there in winter.

The fact that there is a variety of accommodations available that can cope with the region’s winters might surprise you.

At Atlanta Palms we offer the best of the best when it comes to cold-hardy palms that will not shrink into shrinking violets when Old Man Winter sends his annual calling card. 

In the same manner as with the addition of any new tree to your landscape, it is most important to become acquainted with the new addition and its likes and dislikes when it comes to its preferred growing conditions.

In addition, this includes the lowest temperatures that the tree can withstand. Educating yourself on the specific needs and cold-hardiness of the palm tree will assure a healthy and happy tree for many years to come. 

At Atlanta Palms, we will work with you to select the very best palm that will turn your dream tropical paradise into a reality.

The following article discusses details about palms that will and will not survive winter in Atlanta, as well as considerations regarding the weather.

In spite of the fact that most people believe that palm trees can only be found in warm, sun kissed, ocean locations, this simply isn’t true.

It has been found that a number of palm tree species well tolerate cold winter conditions. The following are some of the best cold-hardy palm trees that will be able to withstand the Atlanta winter season.

Atlanta Palms carries outstanding specimens of each plant, and you will not have to search all over the globe to find them because we carry them.

Areca Palm

Areca Palms begin to reach further into the North than any other palm has before, because they are able to thrive in pots and in low light conditions.

In the case of those who live outside of the Areca Palm’s recommended growing zones, you can plant them in containers and move the plants indoors during the cooler months.

In addition, they filter and clean the air around you, so you will breathe easier when you have an Areca Palm.

Air purifiers filter dry, stale air, removing its pollutants and irritants, while pumping fresh, clean and humid air out into the atmosphere.

Plus, each stem is completely covered with dark, lush, green leaf blades that will give any room of the house a tropical feel.

Areca palm is a beautiful indoor plant which greets and entertains guests all year round with its bright colors. During spring, cream-colored flowers emerge from the plant. They are followed by small, orange ornamental fruit known as ‘betel nuts’, which are the fruits of the plant.

Dianthus Coconut Punch

It is possible to place your Coconut Palm outside on warm, sunny days, and bring it indoors during the cooler winter months.

Within a matter of days, you’ll have tons of large coconuts with soft, creamy flesh and delicious coconut milk.

Coconut palms arrive in a small container, growing out of the top of a coconut, giving them a unique, tropical appearance.

When they reach maturity, they turn into a mature palm with beautiful ringed gray bark and a large crown covered with fronds that are covered in deep green leaves.

It is also a great choice since they grow to around 3 to 4 feet tall in a container, so you can place one inside your home, on your porch, or even on your patio.

As a result, you can also grow them indoors without growing a fuss even if there is little light available. There is no question that Coconut Palms are tough, low maintenance trees which have a high heat and drought tolerance as well as wind resistance, no matter where they are planted.

Peruvian Lily Mauve Majesty

With the Majesty Palm Tree, you can bring a fresh twist to an old favorite and create a contemporary tropical look in any room.

This plant is perfect for improving any space inside of your home with its long, ultra-regal fronds in a deep green color.

Moreover, it is the type of plant that thrives in partial shade and low light conditions as well.

Watch the growth of this exotic beauty take off as soon as you place it near a window or near a light source.

When you place it in a bright and sunny area, it creates a sense of tranquility.

It will not be necessary for you to fuss over your Majesty Palm since it will not need pruning, fertilizing or any other additional care to keep it growing.

Furthermore, your new Majesty Palm is eco-friendly as it eliminates toxins from the air naturally, which is an all-natural method of cleaning the air.

As a truly utilitarian and ultra-sleek plant that removes formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and benzene from your home, the Majesty Palm is the perfect centerpiece for any home. The beauty of it is that it not only requires little maintenance…but it also works for you!

Pindo Palm

Basically, its name does not even come close to being unfair. There are so many appealing qualities to Pindo dates that they are often used to make savory jams and jellies, and for that reason Pindo dates are often referred to as the Jelly Palm. The Pindo is characterized by its pale green leaves, which are the key to its unique appearance.

As a result of curving fronds surrounding the leaf, you notice a blue-gray sheen that gives this palm an impressive appearance, unlike anything that you will ever see in any other palm tree.

Even though it will never grow taller than 25 feet, the leaf span can spread out to an impressive 20 feet, and the trunk base can reach a height of 2 feet.

Although it has a single trunk, slow root growth, and extreme drought tolerance, there is no doubt that it is an excellent candidate for container growing.

If you decide to plant them in your yard, you can plant them on the patio, deck, or even in your backyard to create a relaxing Southern retreat.

Sylvester Palm

If you have always dreamed of adding the tropical feeling to your own yard, then a palm like this will help you achieve your goal.

In terms of climates, and soil types, Sylvester palms grow in a wide variety of locations.

They are extremely drought tolerant as well as low maintenance. They grow very fast by planting them and watching them grow.

Date Palms like this one can provide landscape designers with the beautiful look that they are seeking.

The silvery blue-green leaves of this tree provide a dazzling color that makes people stop and take notice of it.

On the trunk of these animals, you will find a unique diamond pattern that gives them a textured appearance.

The long branches of these trees spread into a circular canopy, creating a perfectly symmetrical appearance. The tree sits perfectly atop what appears to be a long trunk.

There are golf courses and resorts that are just dying to get their hands on these, but you can have them in your own backyard as well.

In fact, your guests and neighbors won’t know whether they’re in your backyard or on a tropical getaway, especially when this palm begins to fruit and clusters of creamy white flowers turn into bright-colored dates that are pollinated by birds and insects.

Cardboard Palm Tree

It is easy to take care of Cardboard Palms since they grow slowly and can tolerate neglect well.

No matter if you do not possess a green thumb, you can still pot the Cardboard plants in any container that will be within your reach because the Cardboard’s low maintenance and manageable habit are perfect for planting in most places, from patio borders to your favorite one at home.

I thought of this tree which is a long-growing palm with a modernized twist – it has a close growing foliage and a lush green color which sets it apart from other similar trees.

It is also a fact that these plants survive and thrive when kept indoors, so you can invent your own slice of tropical growth in your own home.