Privacy Trees

6 Best Trees For Privacy To Grow In North Carolina

We all need time to relax away from the noise, traffic, and stress of everyday life. The best place to do that is in your backyard.

Having privacy trees in your yard will give you a bit of an oasis. In our opinion, these three will do an excellent job of protecting your privacy in NC.

Nellie Stevens Holly

The popularity of the Nellie Stevens has skyrocketed. What’s the reason? It’s a great choice for hedging as well as privacy screening for North Carolina, since it grows up to 3 feet a year.

  • The plant grows best in partial sun or shade and thrives on neglect.
  • The leaves of Nellies stay deep green all year round, unlike other hedge trees which turn brown in the heat.
  • In both cases, you decide how big the hedge will grow – whether it will grow naturally into a large, dense pyramid when it is mature, or if you’ll prune it into a tall, boxy hedge at maturity

What is the significance of Nellie Stevens Hollies?

Popularity has soared for the Nellie Stevens. What’s the reason? The plant grows up to 3 feet each year, so it is ideal for both hedging and privacy screening.

It also thrives on neglect. Growing them in the sun or partial shade is no problem if you don’t have a green thumb. Unlike other hedge trees that can brown when hot or drought in the summer, these hollies remain deep green all year long.

For a living wall that gives you complete privacy, without any gaps or holes, plant each Nellie Stevens Holly 5 to 6 feet apart. It’s up to you how they grow – whether they grow naturally into a tall, dense, pyramidal structure, or pruned into a tall box hedge.

Sky Pencil Holly Tree

  • Form with narrow columns
  • Plants for a perfect hedge
  • An evergreen accent plant with well-behaved habits
  • Plant that grows well in containers

Sky Pencil Hollies: Why?

This beautiful, versatile evergreen is popular not only in our nation’s capital, but also in backyards around the country. It’s a great accent plant for corners, for rows of narrow hedges, or for a single plant as an ornamental.

In any case, trouble-free care can be expected no matter what you do. With its unique shape, the Sky Pencil Holly grows naturally skyward without trimming (unless you want them to remain a certain height). You can use these tall, narrow, columnar Hollies if you want a sleek, contemporary, stylish look.

This plant also has upward-growing branches, making it one of the rarest ones in the world. The height of this shrub is rare since it does not encroach on nearby plants. Despite its sleek silhouette and cold-resistant growth down to -10 degrees, Sky Pencil’s benefits are endless.

Eastern White Pine Tree

  • Whether young or old, form is beautiful
  • Growth-Oriented
  • Long life
  • Hardy
  • Green needles with a soft texture
  • A beautiful, large, resin-tipped cone makes an excellent decoration
  • Deer Damage is Rarely Severe

Make sure that the trees you plant will live for generations. Eastern White Pine Trees will live for centuries with proper care and attention, especially since they thrive down to -30 degrees and can adapt to nearly any environment.

The Eastern White Pine is an excellent choice for large, open spaces or under the canopy of taller trees such as Aspens and Birches. With its evergreen foliage giving it a year-round shine, this plant is ideal for large, open spaces. Tolerating a wide range of soil types, it fits right in. You’ll adore the contrast between cold white and gray of winter and the needles and pinecones covering snowy branches.

Eastern White Pines are also loved by wildlife. Porcupines, red squirrels, snowshoe hares, and many more animals enjoy the bark of this tree, so it makes a beautiful backdrop for a backyard show.

Drought Tolerant Evergreen Tree

  • A 6-7 ft. tree requires almost no maintenance and grows faster

Despite an array of tough conditions, the drought-tolerant evergreen thrives in neglect to form a thick privacy screen, forming a strong screen even during droughts. The plant is also relatively drought tolerant, making it one of the most adaptable evergreens.

Southwestern regions with arid climates also call these trees Arizona Cypress. A Drought Tolerant Evergreen can be planted in any area of its growing zone, as it’s an extremely versatile tree.

Why its is Better

Additionally, its beautiful blue-green foliage provides a stunning appearance that belies its resilient, tough growth. You can use it as a hedge, privacy screen, or property divider, and it requires no upkeep to keep its great shape.

What’s the best part? There are many benefits to this drought-tolerant evergreen. You reap the benefits of our meticulous care for each tree because we’ve grown, planted, and pruned them before shipping.

Junior Giant Thuja Tree

  • An excellent tree for privacy screens in the backyard.
  • This tree will give you privacy if you need it.
  • In no time, you’ll have a thick, green privacy wall.
  • The neighbors are gone!

It is a versatile, deep-rooted, and virtually maintenance-free tree that is ideal for spaces with limited privacy. It’s a great solution for your small yard if you crave the benefits of Thuja Green Giants but have a smaller yard.

A medium-sized version of the Green Giant, the Junior delivers all the benefits. Due to its upright, uniform shape, it remains one of the best evergreens for screening and windbreaks. Moreover, it is a cold-hardy species that tolerates temperatures down to -10 degrees Fahrenheit, thrives in southern heat and humidity, and seldom needs pruning.

Your home’s value will be raised the most by adding privacy screens. This medium-sized Thuja also offers benefit, reaching up to 15 to 20 feet in height.

Are you looking for privacy in your yard year-round, along with additional sunlight? It was specifically designed for you. This plant is great for screen planting, keeping out your neighbors while maintaining the open feel of your landscape. A container-planted Junior Giant can serve as a privacy screen around a city terrace or frame an entryway. With the ability to thrive almost anywhere, the Junior Giant can handle any tough environment.

Its deep green hue and soft textured look endure the most severe droughts, snowstorms and heat you can dish out.

Wax Myrtle Tree

  • This great hedge will enhance your backyard
  • Growing quickly…3-5 feet per year!
  • It’s Evergreen All Year Long!

An evergreen shrub with endless possibilities for your landscape, the Wax Myrtle is easy to grow. Dark green to light green shines on the shiny evergreen foliage. A privacy hedge made of this Wax Myrtle is ideal due to its dense foliage and rapid growth. Growing plants this fast can reach heights of up to 5 feet in a single season!

It’s possible to grow wax myrtle as a large, full shrub as well as a beautiful, multi-trunked tree by pruning the lower branches. Both of these forms make great hedges or screens. Get artsy and creative or keep it simple and elegant! You may be more comfortable somewhere in between. A tough, beautiful plant that offers unlimited options regardless of your preferences.

Key Features

  • Rate of growth is fast. As one of the fastest-growing privacy hedges, the Wax Myrtle grows between 3 and 5 feet each year.
  • Plant that is hardy. Once established, this shrub tree requires no maintenance. Drought, heat, and salt do not harm the Wax Myrtle. Additionally, they are resistant to deer damage, insects, and disease.
  • This is perfect for privacy. In addition to having dense foliage, the Wax Myrtle grows rapidly. In addition, mature trees only reach 15 to 20 feet high. Unlike other fast-growing privacy trees that have similar growth rates, this tree does not reach enormous heights.
  • It is easy to sculpt. This privacy plant is suitable for either tidy, polished hedges or nice natural screens. If pruned heavily, it will produce more flowers. Your style will change each year due to the fast growth rate!