Privacy Trees

Best 5 Trees For Privacy To Grow In Utah

Below we have compiled a list of the best privacy trees for northern and southern Utah. These plants and trees are designed to thrive in your landscape, from evergreens to fruit trees.

Leyland Cypress

  • You can create a dense screen around your home with thick foliage.
  • Even in temperatures as low as 0 degrees, this hardy tree will remain green and strong.
  • Does not need pruning unless you’d like it shaped as a hedge.

Because of its privacy-preserving properties, the Leyland Cypress is America’s most planted tree. For starters, this amazing tree grows up to 3 to 5 feet each year, boasts feathery soft, lush foliage, and is drought tolerant. Strength and beauty in one? Check.

A Leyland Cypress tree is well known for its distinctive columnar silhouette and fast growth rate. Their leaves are soft and prickly free, whereas the thorns they bear are unpleasant and unattractive. You’re guaranteed complete privacy with a year-round green lawn. You can easily shape and height-correct your Leyland Cypress even though it grows rapidly. If your Leyland Cypress trees are left to grow naturally, they will grow uniformly and symmetrically to give you a dense, living wall.

Emerald Green Arborvitae

  • Adaptable to cold conditions
  • Plants that are adaptable to various soil conditions
  • The thickest evergreen you can plant

If you need a privacy screen of medium size, the Emerald is the best choice. Just plant these amazing hedges in groupings for a tidy, neat look that never needs trimming. The Emerald Green Arborvitae is perfect for planting next to foundations or other tight areas where you need an attractive evergreen accent tree that grows hassle-free.

The Arborvitae trees perform exceptionally well in diverse soils and extreme weather conditions. As a result, you’ll never have to worry about brown spots, dead spots, or holes in the drywall.

Here’s why it’s better

As one of the thickest evergreens available, your Emerald Green forms a solid fence that requires no pruning. It thrives on rainfall alone after it is established.

That means you won’t have to do much maintenance.

With your Emerald Green you don’t have to guess when it comes to growing since it was grown at our nursery for best results.

The Emerald Green is known for its adaptability and versatility. Emerald Green Thujas are extremely popular hedge trees because they have multiple uses.

Fat Albert Colorado Blue Spruce

  • The silvery-blue foliage is rich and vibrant
  • Forms a neat pyramid (perfect for living Christmas trees!)
  • Growing and maturing at a manageable pace

This Colorado Blue Spruce will create a stunning background. This evergreen conifer features rich blue needles and a naturally pyramidal form, making it a perfect pick for a living Christmas tree. In garden beds and landscapes, its bold blue color provides an excellent contrast for trees and bushes with greener foliage.

Fat Albert is a variety of Colorado Blue Spruce that flourishes in zones 2-8, a popular tree for colder regions. Growing vertically from the ground, it has full branches radiating out to form a striking form. In your lawn or garden, the tree’s dense needles in a rich silver-blue color make it a striking feature.

Despite its slow growth, this Spruce makes a powerful landscape statement without being overpowering. Fat Albert Colorado Spruce grows 15-20 feet tall and wide within 10 years, reaching 40 feet tall and 20 feet wide eventually. Adding dwarf conifers or low-growing plants to a low-growing garden can fill bare corners nicely.

What’s the best part? Spruce is one of the easiest plants to grow. Despite its cold hardiness, it can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions as well as salt from roads and pollution from urban areas.

Spartan Juniper Spiral Topiary

Spartan Junipers make excellent evergreens for topiary works of art. They are slender, growing just 5 feet wide but can grow to a column 15 feet tall. You might think this is delicate because of its feathery bronze foliage, but don’t let its good looks fool you. Plants like this one are tough as nails.

Especially good at handling cold temperatures, heat, road salt, and droughts. There’s a reason it’s called “Spartan!”.

Highlight any part of your landscape by placing it there.

Like adding a sprinkle of sparkle to your curb appeal! It’s easy peasy, and instantly makes the room more interesting.

Why Spartan Junipers?

The tough yet attractive Spartan Juniper is a fast-growing, highly durable evergreen. In fact, it’s now considered by most growers to be the most popular upright juniper on the market.

Plus, the Spartan’s fantastic tolerance to heat, cold, drought, and salt make it one of the hardiest junipers you can find. That means it’s extremely easy to grow, no matter where you live, especially since it thrives in virtually all soil types.

And it grows in a columnar shape with very dense branches, making it a good selection for those desiring a privacy hedge or wind barrier. So, whether you plant it along streets, fences or even as a standalone, it thrives without effort.

Willow Hybrid

  • Willow hybrids thrive in a wide range of soils and weather conditions, from Florida to Canada.
  • Trees that grow rapidly thrive under harsh conditions.
  • Even at -20 degrees, it thrives.

Growing upwards of 6 feet every year, the Willow Hybrid creates a wall of green. The advantage of this green screen is that it thrives in any climate or condition, making it an excellent, trouble-free option.

It’s easy to create your own privacy fence online. The Austree Willow Hybrid grows up to 6 feet each year, filling out to create a solid green wall. And it’s an excellent, trouble-free green screen because it thrives across the country, no matter the climate or conditions.

What’s better than that? Temperature extremes are not an issue since it’s disease-resistant. Austree Willow hybrids can flourish anywhere, from Florida to Canada. Landscape developers across the country love this particular variety of Willow Hybrid due to its flexibility and adaptability.

White Spruce Tree

  • No matter how young or how old, beautiful form can be seen
  • High-Growth
  • Lived a long time
  • Hardy
  • Needles that are soft and bluish-green
  • Resin-tipped, beautiful, large cones make great holiday decorations
  • Deer Rarely Causes Serious Damage

This tree is simply perfect. As an evergreen, the White Spruce is both beautiful and practical. In colder climates, this tree provides both ornamental and functional value, making it the perfect tree for zones 2 to 6.

No matter what, the White Spruce will grow. It is drought tolerant, cold tolerant, and can be grown in most soil conditions, including wet, acidic soils and polluted soils. A lot has been said about how beautiful this tree is. A big tree with large, pyramidal needles and a grand shape, it’s easy to see why it’s so popular.