What Are The Differences Between Ford 8n Vs. Ford Jubilee?

Ford is a great company that builds various types of vehicles. It even made tractors for many farmers.

One of the most popular tractors they made is the Ford 8n. It has various kinds of features which people have liked very much.

The successor of the N series is the Ford Jubilee which is very similar in features to 8n.

However, if you need to pick the one you have to know the differences. In this article, you will know the differences between Ford 8n and Ford Jubilee.

Ford 8n vs. Ford Jubilee: Quick Comparison Table

FeaturesFord 8nFord Jubilee
Engine Power27.32 hp30 hp
Cutting Width64 inches64 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward and reverse
Tire28 and 19 inches28 and 16 inches
Weight2410 lbs.2550 lbs.
Charging Capacity6 volts, 20 amps6 volts, 20 amps
Transmissionconstant mesh and hydraulicgear
Fuel Capacity10 gallons11 gallons

What Is the Difference Between Ford 8n vs. Ford Jubilee on Features?

1. Engine Power:

Engines are a strong suit for both Ford 8n and Jubilee. Four-cylinder, eight-valve, liquid-cooled 134 ci of Ford gasoline engine power the Ford Jubilee. Because it has a Ford engine, you don’t have to worry about it running out of gas mid-mow.

The Ford 8n has a Ford gasoline 4-cylinder 8-valve liquid-cooled 119.7 ci engine which provides easy and strong driving.

Hence, Ford Jubilee as a successor to the Ford 8n is slightly better although the changes won’t be visible at daily work.

2. Wheel Drive:

The mower’s driving speed is the most critical factor. In a short period of time, a sluggish mower will not be able to clear the field of all the grasses.

It’s still possible to get up to 20 miles per hour out of an ancient Ford Jubilee even if it’s an older model.

And 96 mph is the highest speed of the Ford 8n! It’s the quickest lawnmower you’ll find on the market right now.

As long as you have a vehicle that can reach this kind of top speed, you’re better off having it. On the other hand, other individuals believe that mowers should not go at speeds of more than 12 mph.

However, 8n has a quicker drive speed, making it a preferable option.

3. Tire:

Tires have a significant impact on a vehicle’s speed and how much weight it can carry. The mower will move more quickly thanks to the use of smaller standard tires. But heavy-duty tires are designed for heavy-duty applications.

The Ford Jubilee had 28-inch rear tires and 16-inch front tires. The Ford 8n, on the other hand, had 28-inch rear tires and 19-inch front tires.

Clearly, the Ford Jubilee has smaller tires than the Ford 8n, but the Ford 8n is both quicker and more convenient.

4. Price:

The items manufactured by Ford have a high price tag because they have a very slick design, a fantastic engine, and a superb manufacturing quality.

Because the Ford 8n and the Ford Jubilee are such vintage vehicles, you won’t be able to get a brand-new version of any one of them. As a result, you may purchase a pre-owned one for a variety of pricing points based on the quality of the mowers.

However, the prices are often rather expensive because of how excellent they continue to be even to this day.

5. Cutting Width:

The entire area that your blades are able to cover is partially determined by the cutting width, which is a component in the overall calculation.

Now, if you check the specifications, the Ford 8n and the Ford Jubilee tractors both have cutting widths of 64 inches. It is really large, and you may traverse a significant amount of territory in a single run.

6. Weight:

The total weight of a mower may be estimated based on the kinds of parts that go into its construction. Mowers that are heavier are better suited to a range of arduous jobs because of their increased capacity.

The weight of the Ford Jubilee is a respectable 2,550 pounds when none of its attachments are included. And Ford 8n weights 2410 lbs.

Ford 8n is a wiser option, in my opinion, despite the fact that there is some controversy about which is better in terms of the weight.

7. Charging Capacity:

The battery in the Ford Jubilee is recharged using a generator. It has a voltage of 6 volts and a current of 20 amps.

20 amps of power may be found in the Ford 8n’s 6-volt battery that is charged by a generator, as well.

Both have the same charging capacity and battery volts and this makes them tie in this section.

8. Transmission:

Both Ford Jubilee and Ford 8n have constant mesh gear with 4 forward and 1 backward gear. This gear transmission helps the mower move forward and backward smoothly and fast.

There is also a hydraulic transmission version available in Ford 8n. For having more options, I would say 8n has a slight advantage.

9. Fuel Capacity:

You may cut for longer periods of time without worrying about running out of petrol if the tank has a larger capacity. Because of this, a tractor with a larger fuel capacity is better than one with a lesser capacity.

Now, Ford 8n has a 10-gal fuel capacity whereas Jubilee has an 11-gal capacity. Although the difference is very little Jubilee is better in fuel capacity.

10. Starter:

A mower’s starter is critical. Starting problems are inevitable if your starter isn’t up to snuff.

Fortunately, the quality of the starters for Ford 8n and Ford Jubilee electric starts is excellent.

11. Warranty:

When making a purchase, it’s essential to consider the warranty. Having a guarantee on a device and its components will provide a worry-free experience for the user.

As a result, both the Ford Jubilee and Ford 8n mowers received a three-year guarantee from Ford Motor Company. With either the Ford 8n or Ford Jubilee mowers, it is hard to get a new one, therefore warranties may be difficult to come by.

But Ford Jubilee will be a better choice as it has a lifetime powertrain warranty with it.

Ford 8n vs. Ford Jubilee: Which One to Choose Finally?

It is always hard to pick one over another when it comes to comparing two Ford mowers.

Both the Ford 8n and Jubilee are a great addition to tractor markets. They both have very similar kinds of features with just some small changes here and there.

Ford Jubilee has better horsepower than 8n but that doesn’t say the real picture.

Users who have used 8n are satisfied with the engine and many did not even upgrade to Jubilee. However, the Jubilee users also said that this tractor is amazing. Hence, it is quite difficult to actually say which one is better.

Both have some kind of transmission and cutting width. For some people, the design of 8n seemed better than Jubilee.

But if you want to buy one from these two then you should be better off buying the newer model than the older one. Hence, go for Ford Jubilee.


If you are struggling to pick one from Ford 8n and Ford Jubilee then this article may have helped you to decide.

Some people may want to buy the 8n over Jubilee for their own preferences. However, if you pick one based on the specs then Jubilee is the right tractor for you.

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