The Key Differences Between Cub Cadet vs. Gravely Zero-turn

You’ve restricted your choices down to Cub Cadet and Gravely zero-turn mowers. This can be due to their adaptability. As a result, the information in this article may be useful in deciding between these two tractor manufacturers.

Cub Cadet and Gravely zero-turn mowers both have the experience and proof to be the brands to trust when it comes to great features. Capacity, versatility, and dependability are only a few of the engine’s characteristics.

Throughout this piece, I’ll compare and contrast all of the characteristics of the two mower brands so you can make an informed decision. As a result, give the article a thorough look.

Cub Cadet vs. Gravely Zero-turn: Quick Comparison Table

The Cub Cadet and Gravely mowers have a few features in common. For a comparison, see the table below.

Cub Cadet vs. Gravely

FeaturesCub CadetGravely
Power22 HP to 24 HP22 to 38.5 HP
Seat AdjustabilityYesYes
Overall ComfortYesYes
Cost$3,599 to $8,999.$8,699 to $28,499
Warranty3 to 4 Years    4 to 5 Years
Fuel Tank22L22.7 L
Cutting HeightUp to 4.5 in.Up 5 in.
Deck ConstructionFabricatedFabricated

About the Brand: Cub Cadet vs. Gravely

Cub Cadet is an American manufacturer of outdoor power equipment and services, such as utility vehicles, handheld power tools, and zero-turn mowers.

In 1960, IH began producing Cub Cadet tractors at the Shed in Gloria Drive, Kentucky, which also produced International Cub and Cub Lo-Boy tractors.

Cub Cadet, however, manufactures five different zero-turn mower series; Ultima ZTS, Ultima Electric ZT, Ultima ZT, Ultima ZTX, and Z-Force SX.

Gravely, based in Brillion, Wisconsin, produces powered lawn and garden products such as walk-behind, zero-turn, and out-front mowers.

It began as a maker of two-wheel or walk-behind tractors.

In 1922, the Gravely firm was formed. Gravely decided to develop and sell tractors commercially in the mid-1920s.

However, Gravely offers six series of zero-turn mowers, Pro-Turn 200, Pro-Turn 400, Pro-Turn 600, ZT X, ZT HD, and Pro-Turn EV.

What are the Differences Between Cub Cadet Vs Gravely Based on Features?

1. Engine Power:

Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers come with a pleasing engine facility. The reason for this is that Cub Cadet engines have a horsepower range of 22 to 24.

Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers have a reputation for being dependable. These lawn mowers have a longstanding experience and are quite reliable.

Gravely zero-turn mower engines, on the other hand, typically range from 22 to 38.5 horsepower.

Gravely zero-turn mower engines provide outstanding dependability, longevity, adaptability, and serviceability for a wide range of heavy-duty applications.

They’re also designed to be easy to set up and maintain.

2. Reliability:

Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers with Synchro-Steer technology deliver unmatched stability and 4-wheel control for straight-line mowing on hillsides and slopes up to 20 degrees.

Additionally, two hydrostatic transmissions enable swift and effortless 7 MPH forward ground speeds, resulting in a professional-looking lawn.

The Ultima ZTX is an example of a natural addition to the Ultima Series of zero-turn mowers. It brings a premium residential zero-turn option to clients who mow several acres or more on a regular basis.

On the other hand, Gravely zero-turn mowers have a heavy-duty, 1.5-inch x 3-inch steel, single tubular frame with four engine frame isolation points.

They ensure a 45% reduction in cockpit vibration while reducing operator fatigue.

These mowers provide a straightforward and intuitive way to select a cutting option. It’s as simple as pressing the pedal to raise the deck and turning the dial to start your productivity.

In terms of dependability, both mower brands provide a wide range of possibilities, making it difficult to choose between them.

3. Total Comfort:

On Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers, a high-back seat with padded armrests and seat suspension options improves overall operator comfort.

Select versions include isolated front caster suspension, which provides a smooth and quiet ride up to 9 mph while reducing vibration compared to other zero-turns.

Moreover, dual hydrostatic transmissions enable swift and effortless 7 MPH forward ground speeds, resulting in a professional-looking lawn in no time.

The Gravely zero-turn mowers’ seating arrangement features a full-suspension seat for additional lateral stability and durability, as well as vibration reduction for all-day comfort.

A comfortable, high-back seat with armrests is also available in some series. It provides enhanced comfort for extended mowing sessions.

The Gravely Pro-Turn EV is an example of a transaxle that is powered by a brushless electric drive motor with a torque-increasing planetary gearbox.

Your ride will be similar to that of a gas-powered vehicle, but without the vibration, noise, or emissions.

4. Efficiency:

Cub Cadet offers 5 series of zero-turn mowers with excellent efficiency.

The Ultima Series ZT1 42E, for instance, is outfitted with the most up-to-date lithium-ion battery technology for quiet operation and long run times.

For uncompromising power, minimum maintenance, and the same cut quality as its gas equivalents, the function will be with rapid recharge and no power fade.

Users can create the ideal zero-turn with ZTX’s premium attachments to meet their specific demands.

You may also select LED lighting, standard rollover protection, and a rear tow hitch to ensure that your chores are completed flawlessly.

Gravely zero-turn mowers come with patented spindles that are developed to reduce blade impact and avoid motor damage.

They’re here to keep the machine safe from unwanted, unplanned conflicts with everyday objects.

Spindles are easily maintainable and can be rebuilt rather than replaced.

Moreover, FusionCore QuikSwap batteries are created with flexibility in mind, guaranteeing that you can keep cutting all day.

5. Cost:

Despite having superior functionality, Cub Cadet’s zero-turn mowers are less priced than Gravely’s. Tractors cost anywhere between $3,599 and $8,999.

The brand is reasonably trustworthy, depending on the price. It has been on the market for quite some time and has earned the trust of a large number of satisfied clients.

Gravely‘s zero-turn mowers are much more expensive than Cub Cadet’s, however, you won’t be disappointed with their features.

Depending on the series, mowers can cost anywhere from $8,699 to $28,499 dollars.

You can receive a comfortable operation and a variety of operations at these costs.

6. Warranty:

Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers come up with a 3 to 4-year warranty. Moreover, consumers get a lifetime warranty on the frame and fabricated deck shell of their mowers.

In contrast, Gravely offers an extra one-year warranty on their zero-turn mowers which goes 4 to 5 years of warranty.

Cub Cadet vs. Gravely Zero-turn: Which One to Choose Finally?

The features offered by Cub Cadet and Gravely zero-turn mowers make it difficult to choose between them.

Cub Cadet and Gravely both have excellent features in terms of ease of use, operator comfort, quality, reliability, and performance. You will receive exactly what you pay for.

However, if you are bound by a minimal budget, you can go with Cub Cadet as they appear at less expense than Gravely mowers.

On the other hand, if engine power is more important for you rather than the higher cost, Gravely can be your choice. They offer more engine power than Cub Cadet zero-turn mowers.

However, any homeowner who makes the switch to a zero-turn lawn mower from Cub Cadet can be pleased.

Their zero-turn mower should be on your list of possibilities if you’re wanting to upgrade from your existing mower.

In contrast, zero-turn mowers from Gravely outperform other mowers over years.

It’s no wonder, given that they’re built to withstand any torture your lawns can throw out while keeping you comfortable the entire time.


To decide between the Cub Cadet and Gravely zero-turn mowers, take into account all of the factors.

You can benefit in whatever way you wish with both manufacturers’ zero-turn mowers. So, what’s holding you back?

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