SCAG vs. BAD BOY: Which One Will Be Your Right Pick?

The experts always mention SCAG and Bad boy in the same breath for many reasons. But why are these two mowers so famous? Are they worth your penny?

Both SCAG and Bad boy mowers are renowned for their company experience, warranty details, deck manufacture, and outstanding performance. When it comes to delivery, these mowers have no match! But my research says SCAG wins for its innovative mower styles and build quality. 

However, Bad boy is no less than SCAG when it comes to ensuring quality on a budget. In this article, I’ll be comparing some of the essential attributes between SCAG and Bad Boy. So, without further explanations, let’s get going! 

SCAG vs. Bad Boy: Quick Comparison Table

There are many differences between SCAG and Bad Boy mowers. I’ve compiled some of them down below- 

Features  SCAGBad Boy Mower
Deck sizeLarge  Comparatively smaller  
Dealership availability  Not satisfactory  Prevalent  
Price  A bit more expensive but worth it  Budget-friendly
Brand Recognition  Industry-leading brand recognition. Comparatively less.   
Warranty  3 years (500 hours) of private warranty and 2 years of commercial warranty2 years or 200 hours  
Special features  Heavily padded seats and armrests.Weight-based adjustable seat and bottle holder.   

What’s The Difference Between SCAG and Bad Boy Based on Features?

1. Deck Size:

In a Bad Boy mower’s deck, there are many specifications. You can choose from various deck sizes, and the Scag turf tiger has a 61 and 72-inch deck.

However, the Bad Boy mower can be an astounding one to pick if you go for the 54″ one.  

On the other hand, Scag offers you various deck sizes. SCAG patriot has 52 and 61-inch decks, and you can also get a deck size of 52″ and 71″ in some of its mowers. 

A purchaser will find many mowers in the market with a big deck size. But a 60-inches of mower deck is considered a great one, and I believe SCAG mowers can be a better pick from my research as per deck sizes. 

2. Dealership Availability:

SCAG mowers are an A-1 piece to put your hands on. But their dealership issues are disturbing for some customers. And many of our clients have come up to us claiming its unavailability. 

Bad Boy mowers dealership availability is more prevalent comparatively, and thus, customers tend to purchase this brand more often.

According to statistics, the models of Bad boy mowers reside more in the yard of American mowers than other branded mowers. 

The popularity of Bad Boy mowers is more prevalent than the Scag. Dealership availability also offers assurance to the purchasers. 

3. Price:

Even though SCAG offers an alluring performance, it’s a bit pricey. However, there’s no doubt about its durability and worth mentioning manufacture.

Apart from the dealership variety, the price range starts from $4,800 to $21,000.

There’s no denying that Bad Boy mowers are the most budget-friendly mowers on business, and it’s the best pick for beginners. The price range of these mowers is in the field of $2,450 to $5,000.

Who doesn’t want to enjoy premium performance within a budget? In that case, Bad Boy mowers have to match!

It’s flattering price tags attract maximum customers, and the commercial ones are even less expensive than the residential ones. 

4. Brand Recognition:

Brand recognition increases a product’s familiarity among its customers. And SCAG proves to be the cream of the crop in this field. This brand has been its customers for a very long period. 

Compared to SCAG, Bad Boy mowers possess less of a brand image. Though it offers fantastic durability and workability, it’s less familiar among the lawnmowers.  

The brand recognition of SCAG gives the company a competitive edge. It’s more successful in spreading its marketability than Bad Boy mowers. SCAG offers its customers immense loyalty and works on buyer-seller relationships. 

5. Warranty:

You can enjoy a warranty on SCAG mowers only if purchased from a verified and original dealer. Usually, residential mowers offer a warranty of 3 years (500 hours) and 2 years on commercial mowers.

Contrarily, Bad Boy mowers offer a more limited period of warranty, and it ensures that customers get 2 years (200 hours) of warranty on every mower they manufacture.

Who doesn’t want a lawnmower offering an extended warranty period? And that’s where SCAG grabs the attention. If you’re looking for a better warranty assurance, SCAG is never the wrong choice. 

6. Special Features:

SCAG never fails to impress its customers with some extra features. You can enjoy heavily padded seats and armrests while operating your SCAG mower when it comes to comfort. This company never compromises!

SCAG or Bad Boy: Which One to Choose Finally?

My team and I have brainstormed for hours to understand which one of these two will be the best for you. SCAG mower has proved to be acing in every field where it works, and the Hydros of SCAG is far better.

However, for budget finders, Bad boy is the best. It provides outstanding service at a bit of expense, and the drawback of Bad boy is that it isn’t very serviceable. 

Are SCAG Zero-Turn Mowers Any Good?

SCAG zero turn mower is one of the best productions initiated. The hydros of SCAG zero-turn mowers make it one of the top listed zero-turn mowers. It can be a reasonable bid if taken from a reliable and right dealer.

Besides this specified quality, SCAG has a brand value, firm warranty policy, and more excellent resale value.

SCAG zero turns can be just the thing essential for your backyard. You can also learn about how to use SCAG zero-turn mowers here.  


Now that you know about the comparative differences between SCAG and Bad Boy, you can decide which one to pick. This article will help you calculate your choice according to your needs. 

SCAG ensures premium manufacture with a positive outcome and brand recognition. And Bad boy mowers can be the best thing for beginners and budget finders.

My suggestion would be to pick your desired brand according to your budget and necessity.  

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