The Key Differences Between Gravely And Scag Zero-Turn Mowers

You’ve narrowed down your choice to Gravely and Scag zero-turn mowers. The information in this article may be useful in deciding between these two lawn mower brands.

We’ll compare and contrast the major features of the two mower brands so you can make an informed decision.

Gravely Vs. Scag Zero-Turn Mowers: Quick Comparison Table

In terms of features, there are several similarities between the Gravely and Scag zero-turn mowers. See the table below for a comparison.

Gravely vs. Scag

Power22 to 38.5 HP18 to 40 HP
Seat AdjustabilityYesYes
Overall ComfortYesYes
Cost$8,699 to $28,499$5,599 to $23,999
Warranty4 to 5 Years2 to 5 Years
Fuel TankUp to 22.7 LUp to 45.4 L
Cutting HeightUp to 5 in.Up to 6 in.
Reverse Ground Speed6 mph  6 mph

About the Brand: Gravely Vs Scag

Gravely, located in Brillion, Wisconsin, manufactures walk-behind, zero-turn, and out-front mowers.

It originated as a two-wheel or walk-behind tractor manufacturer.

The Gravely business was founded in 1922. In the mid-1920s, Gravely started to build and sell tractors commercially.

The Pro-Turn 200, Pro-Turn 400, Pro-Turn 600, ZT X, ZT HD, and Pro-Turn EV Gravely’s six zero-turn mower series.

Metalcraft of Mayville, Inc. created Scag Power Equipment in 1983 as a division.

Metalcraft acquired Scag Power Equipment in 1986, launching the company into an era of rapid expansion.

Scag provides the Turf Tiger II, Cheetah II, Tiger Cat II, Patriot, Freedom Z, Liberty Z, and EVZ line of zero-turn mowers.

What are the Differences Between Gravely Vs. Scag Based on Features?

1. Engine Power:

Gravely zero-turn mower engines normally have a horsepower range of 22 to 38.5.

For a wide range of heavy-duty applications, Gravely zero-turn mower engines deliver remarkable dependability, lifespan, adaptability, and serviceability.

They’re also made to be simple to install and maintain.

Scag zero-turn mowers are equipped with engines ranging from 18 to 40 horsepower.

Scag zero-turn mowers are known for their dependability. These lawn mowers are really dependable.

2. Reliability:

Gravely zero-turn mowers have a single tubular frame made of 1.5-inch x 3-inch steel with four engine frame isolation points.

They reduce cockpit vibration by 45% while minimizing operator fatigue.

The selection of a cutting option on these mowers is simple. It’s as easy as pressing the pedal to elevate the deck and rotating the dial to get started.

The Scag zero-turn mower, on the other hand, is a machine that can handle whatever job you throw at it. Designed to be more durable, productive, and comfortable.

Each series offers you an advantage against whatever the situation throws at you while also preparing you for the next battle.

To save the deck and landscaping from grinding and impact damage, the trim-side wear pad can also be replaced.

Both mower brands offer a wide range of options in terms of dependability, making it tough to select between them.

3. Flexibility:

The sitting position on Gravely zero-turn mowers includes a full-suspension seat for added lateral stability and durability, as well as vibration reduction for all-day comfort.

In some series, a comfortable, high-back seat with armrests is also offered. It gives you more comfort when you’re mowing for long periods of time.

The Gravely Pro-Turn EV is an example of a transaxle with a torque-increasing planetary gearbox that is powered by a brushless electric drive motor.

You’ll have a similar ride to a gas-powered vehicle, but without the vibration, noise, or pollution.

Scag zero-turn mowers, on the other hand, have the Velocity Plus, which can cut everything from fine grass to difficult weeds.

The Custom-Cut Front Baffle System allows you to tailor the deck to your specific needs, resulting in increased efficiency and performance.

Furthermore, the mowers have a machined pulley that is heavy-duty.

Stronger pulleys are more resistant to damage from harsh environments and survive longer than stamped designs.

4. Efficiency:

Gravely zero-turn mowers have innovative spindles that limit blade impact and prevent motor damage.

They’re here to protect the machine against unintended, unexpected collisions with commonplace objects.

Furthermore, FusionCore QuikSwap batteries are designed for versatility, ensuring that you can keep cutting all day.

However, Scag cutter decks on the zero-turn mowers have long caused considerable deck envy among competitors.

Scag’s robust cutter-blade spindles and Tri-Plate construction provide long life and reliable performance.

The deck is protected from damage with a replaceable trim-side wear pad.

The Turbo Baffle, in combination with the extra-large discharge hole on the mowers, improves discharge for even clipping dissemination.

5. Cost:

Although Gravely’s zero-turn mowers are more expensive than Scag’s, their features will not disappoint you.

Mowers range in price from $8,699 to $28,499, depending on the series.

At these prices, you can get satisfying outcomes as well as a range of operations.

Scag’s zero-turn mowers are less expensive than Gravely’s, although having higher functionality. Tractors range in price from $5,599 to $23,999.

6. Warranty:

Gravely comparatively offers extra years of warranty on their zero-turn mowers which goes 4 to 5-year warranty.

On the other hand, Scag’s zero-turn mowers come up with a 2 to 5-year warranty depending on the features of the mowers.

Gravely Vs. Scag Zero-turn: Which One to Choose Finally?

Gravely and Scag zero-turn mowers have similar features, making it tough to select between them.

In terms of ease of use, operator comfort, quality, reliability, and performance, both Gravely and Scag go beyond your expectations.

If you have a limited budget, Scag mowers are less expensive than Gravely mowers.

Gravely zero-turn mowers, on the other hand, outperform other mowers over time.

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