What Are The Key Differences Between Exmark Vs. Toro?

Toro is a very old company which has been making mowers till today. The mowers are excellent and very easy to use.

Exmark is also a prominent mower maker which is a sub-company of Toro. Thus, both Toro and Exmark are actually Toro mowers.

But there are some differences in these mowers. Exmark is mainly made for professional use. On the other hand, Toro makes residential lawn mowers and other small-type mowers.

In this article, you will know about the key differences between these two mowers and know which one will fit your need.

Exmark Vs Toro: Quick Comparison Table

Engine Power23-27 HP20 – 60 HP
Cutting Width48-60 inches50 inches
Wheel DrivePower Forward and ReversePower Forward
Price4,800 to 21,000 USD5,000 to 30,000 USD
Charging Capacity12 volts, 35 ah12 volts, 35 ah

About the Brand: Exmark Vs. Toro

Exmark is a sub-company of Toro. Founded in May 1982, Exmark Manufacturing is a maker of commercial lawn management equipment. It is a leader in professional, commercial mowers.

Initially, the company employed seven people in a small garage-style structure south of Beatrice to begin production.

In 1997, Toro Company acquired Exmark and made it a branch of their corporation. The company’s headquarters are located in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The additional resources provided by the Toro Company assisted in ensuring the financial and operational stability of Exmark.

Toro Motor Company was the original name of the business when it was founded in 1914 with the purpose of manufacturing tractor engines for The Bull Tractor Company.  

After acquiring Whirlwind Corporation in 1948, Toro made its debut in the push mower industry. Under this brand name, they were in the business of selling push mowers for several years.

Some big brands like Exmark, Ditch Witch, Spartan Mowers are under Toro company.

What Is the Difference Between Exmark Vs Toro Mowers on Features?

1. Engine Power

For a lawnmower, engine power is essential. It’s easy to mow a field with a powerful mower that has appropriate engine power.

The Exmark mower features 23-27 HP engine that is used to power the mower and cut the lawn. If you’re looking for a mower that provides you with a lot of power, this one is for you.

Engine in Toro mowers can get between 20 and 60 HP based on different models.

2. Wheel Drive

Exmark mowers go forward and backward at a speed of 12-14 mph and 5-6 mph respectively. This is a professional-grade mower.

Toro, on the other hand, have variety of mowers which can run at 10- 30 mph.

3. Price

There are several features and high-end specifications in Exmark’s premium and commercial mowers. As the price can be between 4,800 and 21,000 USD.

Toro mowers have similar price tags. The price range is 3,000 to 30,000 USD.

4. Reliability

The Exmark brand is known for producing some of the most dependable mowers available on the market. It has a solid body construction that is constructed with high-quality materials all the way through.

The engines that are used in Exmark mowers have been subjected to rigorous testing and are often easy to maintain and repair.

There are a handful of these engines, like the Kawasaki and the Kohler, and it is thought that every one of those engines seems to have a life span of at least 3,500 hours.

Toro also makes reliable mowers. It is known for manufacturing some of the most dependable and durable lawn care equipment in the whole business.

In addition, Toro mowers come with a variety of amazing warranty choices and provide exceptional customer service.

It is also important to mention that repair parts are easily accessible, which is an advantage that many other manufacturers of lawn mowers do not have.

5. Cutting Width

Toro’s 50-72 inch cutting breadth is somewhat better than Exmark’s 48-60 inches.  In terms of cutting width, Toro is clearly the winner here, although Exmark is capable of the work at hand.

6. Warranty

If you want a hassle-free existence, you need to have a warranty. No warranty means you’ll be on the hook for a lot of money in the event that anything goes wrong with the device.

Because of this, Exmark offers a 5-year guarantee, which is exceptional in the lawnmower industry. It will shield you from any additional expenses.

Toro’s warranty is just 3 years.

Exmark Vs Toro: Which One to Choose?

Well, if you are trying to mow a large field with a heavy-duty mower there are no questions about Exmark. With a nice engine power and heavy-made body, this is the right one. You will get enough fuel capacity to mow a large area.

But if you want to mow your own lawn or a small field then go for Toro.


Exmark and Toro serve different purposes. One is a professional-type mower for a large area and another one is for daily use on your lawn. But there is no doubt that both are excellent for those purposes.

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