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Best 5 Shade Trees To Grow In Eastern Washington

The east coast of Washington receives a very low amount of precipitation in comparison with the west coast of Washington, the traditional line that divides the two halves of the state.

It should be noted that east of the Cascades, many of the shade trees that grow well in Western Washington will not thrive. If you are planning to develop an area east of the Cascades, make sure you select shade trees carefully.

Many people view it as a dry, dusty environment where it is impossible to grow many trees that provide shade. USDA Climate Zones do however cover large sections of the region including most of it.

Because of this, a large number of excellent shade trees can be grown in the region. One thing to keep in mind is that supplemental water may be necessary during dry seasons or periods of drought, so you should keep this in mind.

Camphor Laurel Tree

Camphor Laurel Trees are known for their fast-growing, long-lived shade, and for their bright, lush growth that is perfect for the Golden State. A glossy oval leaf offers visual interest from year to year, from rusty red tones to dark greens and yellows near the end.

There is nothing like a classic shade. Growing quickly and easily for years to come, it’s an enduring variety you can count on. This allows you to create timeless, classic shades in your own landscape quickly and easily.

The best part? As soon as it is established, it is drought-tolerant. With the Camphor Laurel, you can expect hassle-free upkeep.

Chinese Pistache Tree

If you’re looking for the deep reds, oranges, and yellows of autumn, you won’t be disappointed: the Chinese Pistache Tree is an ornamental shade tree that will provide you with absolutely dazzling tones. Best of all, because it grows right in California, it makes a great addition to your landscape.

In your yard, you can admire the beautiful displays of the Chinese Pistaches foliage, which will last until the end of December.

Early in April, new leaves emerge with lustrous green hues in upright, rounded shapes, with new leaves emerging in late March or early April.

With the passing of time, your tree’s bark begins to develop deep fissures, creating a focal point and providing visual interest.

West Coast Live Oak

It is not only aesthetically pleasing because of its beautiful evergreen foliage, it also provides beautiful blooms in the spring and the most graceful wildlife show in the form of birds and butterflies.

Furthermore, because it is native to California, it goes right into your landscape because it was grown specifically for California.

Live oak trees are known as one of the most beautiful trees on the West Coast. You’ll love the way it blends no-hassle care with a unique look that can be planted in any location you choose.

Due to its slow-growing characteristics but consistent growth patterns, it is easy to adapt it to any area, especially since it does not require fertilizing or watering after the first few seasons.

Southern Red Oak

With a tree like this, you simply cannot go wrong. The Southern Red Oak tree is one of the best shade trees that you can choose when you are searching for a large shade tree. This tree is not only long-lasting, incredibly hardy, but it also grows quickly, which makes it the ideal investment for virtually every American family.

Southern Red Oaks are not just confined to the southern United States. Red oaks typically grow in areas that are warm, humid, and with plenty of sunlight.

But they can also grow in other zones 6 to 10, and anywhere in between. You can find this tree growing in the wild all the way from New York to South Florida, and since it thrives in even the most adverse conditions, you can have it in your backyard.

Eucalyptus Plant

Eucalyptus is second to none when it comes to its amazing aroma and its ability to grow quickly and easily.

This plant grows upwards of 6 feet in height each year, providing an unrivalled aroma, as well as an iconic good look that is unmatched.

Among the most aromatic Eucalyptus plants you can find is one that has a fragrant scent to it.

This Eucalyptus never fails to please with its scent, like a perfume for your garden or indoor space.

This Eucalyptus differs from other varieties because its scent is strong. The best part is that since it’s drought-tolerant and thrives indoors or outdoors, you can grow it anywhere. It can be grown indoors or outdoors, so you are not restricted by geographical limitations.

In flower arrangements or in potpourri, you probably have smelled the leaves of this plant. The dusty blue-green leaves of this Eucalyptus have a fresh, enveloping scent – so strong that you will find yourself enjoying a walk outside just so that you can smell and see it.

Southern Live Oak

Alive oak trees are among the most iconic and awe-inspiring trees in the world. This is an easy-to-grow, large plant that can reach heights of 80 to 100 feet and has a wide spread.

Moss draping over its long branches and dancing with each breeze gives it one of the most distinctive appearances of any tree, as it thrives in soil rich in coastal nutrients and along the banks of streams and rivers.

Additionally, the item is capable of lasting for a long period of time. Strong wood, like that of the Live Oak, holds up to strong winds and coastal storms like a champ.

This house is aptly named, as it is adorned with a lush, evergreen interior with foliage that shines during the summer heat and during the harsh winters (even keeping the air conditioning costs low).

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