Shade Trees

Best 5 Shade Trees To Grow In Phoenix

Phoenix might not be the first city that comes to mind when you think of trees as a city. However, this highly populated metropolitan area, with a population of 5 million, does maintain a reasonable number of trees that grow quite well. A small canopy of boughs can create a shady, cool atmosphere inside your Phoenix home if you create it with a little thought and planning.

A place that gets as much sunshine on average every year as any major city would find important, since it’s one of the sunniest places on earth.

The key to success is selecting the right trees, avoiding the wrong ones, and planting them in the right place.

We have already discussed the myriad benefits trees provide in previous posts: they remove pollutants, decrease stress, improve health, prevent storm runoff, provide food and shelter for wildlife, etc.

There is one reason in particular that we love trees in the greater Phoenix and Anthem areas: shade.

By virtue of the transpiration process, trees actually lower the ambient air temperature much more effectively than man-made shade structures.

In this way, building a structure rather than planting a tree is a way to reduce the total temperature in an area. Especially in Phoenix where the average annual temperature seems to rise year after year, this is essential.

White Oak

For generations to come, invest in a durable tree that will bring timeless beauty to your family. There’s something nostalgic and familiar about a White Oak tree…a tree that will grow for generations with your family.

There is no wonder people across the country have cherished this tree for centuries. Almost any soil condition and environment is suitable for the White Oak.

Strong, sturdy and with a wide canopy when mature, this tree presents itself as an outstanding specimen. As well as its looks, it is just as durable in both urban and rural environments. In Minnesota, it thrives, while in Florida it thrives as well.

Wildfire Black Gum

The Wildfire Black Gum’s spring growth is reddish-pink, while its summer foliage is rich green. Black Gums are famous for their fiery autumnal colors, but Wildfire Black Gum Trees don’t just display those colors. Wildfire Black Gum’s leaves stand out in ruby red, when the world comes alive with green in spring.

Fall is also a season of brilliant colors. The leaves of this tree can be crimson, orange, or even purple. It is always a surprise to see the abundance of colors on a Black Gum, and it is always a treat to see the familiar, nostalgic colors of autumn on one tree.

Shumard Oak Tree

The gift of a long-lasting, durable tree will make your family happy. It is a tree that is familiar to Americans.

The tree will stay strong through every imaginable condition and live with your family for generations.

You can plant the Shumard Oak as one of the more resilient trees in your yard.

The tree has the ability to withstand flooding, droughts, and strong winds.

With Shumard Oak, you won’t have to worry about inclement weather damaging the trees.

Because of this tree’s strength, it is often used for furniture, floors, and carpentry in American homes.

Lacebark Chinese Elm Tree

Lacebark Chinese Elms are a sure bet. It has everything you could ask for. There is truly nothing better for any yard than this tree.

In addition to growing in almost every condition, this Elm adds incredible ornamental value to your landscape.

Lacebark Chinese Elms thrive in every type of environment, from the urban streets to open country air.

Where it grows doesn’t matter to this tree. Its typical locations include the edges of busy sidewalks and large, open landscapes.

A favorite of homeowners as well as city planners, the Lacebark Elm tolerates every type of soil conditions.

Sawtooth Oak Tree

Do you want the majestic coverage and presence of an Oak without waiting 50 years to plant one? Sawtooth Oaks, Asian oaks grown in the U.S.

since the mid 1800s, are perfect for this project. One to three feet of growth occur every year, and 30 feet can be reached in 15 years.

Its spreading habit creates a cooling canopy. The tree starts out pyramidal, but matures to a broad, round canopy with lush leaves that provide effortless shade.

Leaves emerge yellow-green in the spring, darken to a lustrous mid green by summer, then turn rich gold and russet in autumn.

Green Gable™ Tupelo

The fiery red leaves in autumn are the most notable feature. With its bright scarlet red leaves appearing in autumn, your Green Gable Black Gum is sure to please. Its fall colors are known throughout the world.

You can enhance the nostalgia, freshness, and comfort of autumn by installing a Green Gable in your yard.

During the fall, this tree isn’t the only one to catch attention. Green Gable Black Gums produce exceptionally dark green leaves during the spring and summer, highlighting their pyramidal shapes, which look amazing in the winter.

Green Gable Black Gums can live up to 250 years – imagine the memories your family can make playing under this remarkable tree for centuries to come.