Shade Trees

5 Best Shade Trees To Grow In Tulsa Oklahoma

There is something special about planting trees; they can remind us of our childhood, of a vacation we took or even of people we once knew. Regardless of how valuable they are, trees can suffer a weak growth and quick death if planted in unsuitable environments.

Thankfully, a few trees (and shrubs and other plants) in our local landscapes have proven themselves as outstanding performers. The plants we selected are also known as Oklahoma Proven and are selected every year by an expert team of horticulturists from Oklahoma State University’s Department of Horticulture and Landscape Architecture.

Shumard Oak (Quercus shumardii) reaches a height of 40-60 feet at a growth rate of 12-24 inches per year and spreads a canopy of shade 30-40 feet wide, making it one of our most beautiful native oaks. In its youth, it is pyramidal shaped, but when it matures, it becomes broad and open.

Upon reaching the age of 25 years, the tree is able to produce acorns. A deeply lobed, glossy green 6 inch leaf usually turns a tad deep red in autumn.

Crimson King Maple

Maples that are typically found in our backyards provide brilliant fall color…but maples that are commonly planted in our yard show off their beautiful purple leaves throughout the summer months.

It is also well known for its striking, rich violet foliage that can be seen in colder climates, making it one of a few trees that can give you outstanding color throughout the winter season.

No matter what type of soil you put your Crimson King Maple trees in, you will get beautiful colors from your trees regardless of where they are planted.

This tree is a great choice for those who want ultra-long-lasting leaf color that will last from spring until autumn, hassle-free. Also, you will have dense shade from the Crimson King Maple, protecting you from the scorching sun in the summer months.

Superior Hybrid Poplar Tree

It’s one of the fast-growing and most attractive shade trees you can find, and it’s a very attractive one as well. In the course of a few months, superior hybrid Poplar trees can become established in your yard and be a valuable addition to the value of your home.

Hybrid Poplars are also known for their attractive oval shape, which adds a pleasant perspective to any property.

Whenever you need instant shade or privacy, you simply need to plant these Poplars. During a single year, they’re known to grow up to almost 8 feet long.

So, your plant can be strategically planted to block direct sunlight, so that you can dramatically reduce your air-conditioning costs! As the winter sets in, they are going to drop their dense foliage, allowing sunlight to filter through at a time when it is needed the most.

Autumn Blaze® Red Maple Tree

The Autumn Blaze® Red Maple is a superior selection of one of the most popular red maple trees in the world. Enjoy flawless color and beauty year after year.

A dazzling autumn show is just a click away thanks to this fast-growing tree, with a growth rate of 3 to 5 feet per year or more, thanks to which it has achieved such rapid growth.

Why does the Autumn Blaze® stand out from the crowd? This tree is resistant to bugs and diseases, and it has a uniformia silhouette – leaving less mess behind after it drops its leaves in the fall.

The Autumn Blaze is an exceptional tree that stands out from the others.

Legacy Sugar Maple

It is a hardwood that reflects all of these characteristics – beauty, charm, strength, it has them all. Despite growing to great heights, the Sugar Maple’s grace extends out in all directions, spreading its unmatched leaves all over the ground.

I think it’s no wonder New York and Vermont have chosen this tree as their state trees, and the sugar maple has become a symbol for Canada on its national flag, as it has such an amazing leaf.

Also, your lights will shine brighter than any other show you’ve ever seen. The autumn foliage is truly one of the most distinguished elements of this landscape.

When this happens, the leaves change from a light green to a golden hue, then yellow, then orange, so vivid that it almost glows. There’s nothing like a deep, lustrous red at the end of a show of color to make you look forward to next fall even more.

Northern Red Oak

The Northern Red Oak is the perfect tree for you if you want to grow a monster shade tree that you won’t ever have to worry about. It is very durable, extremely hardy and most importantly, it is a fast-growing tree, therefore almost every American family can benefit from buying this tree.

Even under the worst conditions, it will continue to grow. The Northern Red Oak thrives in nearly every environment imaginable, including wide open pastures, dense forests, and even the sidewalks of highly populated cities.

The tree can be successfully grown even if you have poor soil, compact land, waterlogged sand, dry clay, or urban air quality.

It grows equally well whether you have perfect soil or pastures with plenty of space to spread out.

Bloodgood Japanese Maple

It is the Bloodgood Japanese Maple Tree, which stands out with its amazing color when it is in full bloom, and it is a focal point of any landscape.

The vibrant colors, its unique shape, and its potential for use as a landscape element have made it a favorite of landscape designers for years.

Nevertheless, what is the difference between the Japanese Maple and the rest of the trees?

For starters, this variety has foliage that stays scarlet for a longer period of time than many other varieties.

You can still enjoy months of stunning visual interest from this specimen, even though the color may fade in high heat.

The tree is also a small tree that you are able to plant around your home, on your patio, or in a tight space.