5 Most Common Problems with Bobcat CRZ and Their Solutions

One of the most popular mowers on the market is the Bobcat CRZ. If you already own one of these for your lawn, you may have encountered some of the Bobcat CRZ’s regular issues.

Bobcat CRZ models have been known to have starting issues, bearing failure, jammed filters, failing hydraulics, and engine misfires. These are some of the most typical problems you could run into when utilizing one.

The majority of issues, however, may be resolved by following correct instructions or consulting an expert. Let’s take a closer look at those issues and how to address them.

1. Starting IssueInspect the head gasket and intake valve
2. Bearing FailureReplace the bearings
3. Jammed FiltersChange the casing drainage filter
4. Failing HydraulicsService the hydraulics
5. Engine MisfiresAdjust or replace the filter

5 Most Common Problems with Bobcat CRZ and Their Solutions:

Below are five frequent bobcat CRZ issues:

1. Starting Issue

It’s a regular problem with Bobcat 873. Frozen or poor gasoline, head gaskets, or a clogged intake valve can all cause problems starting a Bobcat 873. The head gasket will not be accessible to supply the sealing if it becomes damaged or broken.

As a result, oil and lubricant will seep into the cylinders regularly. As a consequence, everything will become dirty, since these bits of oil and lubricant aren’t allowed to get inside the cylinders.

If the ventilation is enough and the fuel is in good condition, you should have no problem starting the vehicle. However, if any of these two components fails, such as freezing air or contaminated fuel, things can quickly go awry.

The sole purpose of an intake valve is to deliver air and fuel mixture passage to the cylinders. Whenever the intake valve becomes jammed, everything gets tough for the engine. There will be no fuel or airflow to the cylinders if this occurs.

The Fix:

If there is a problem with the head gasket, you have to repair or replace it with a new one. Also, you have to keep an eye on the ventilation and fuel supply. If the fuel becomes contaminated, you have to clean the chamber.

If the intake valve becomes clogged, the engine might suffer badly. So, be sure to always check the valve so it never gets clogged. You might need to change the valve if it does.

2. Bearing Failure

Bearings have a low survival rate, however, there are methods for extending it. One of the most common causes of early bearing failure in Bobcat motors is the inability to recognize or even check the bearing fluid for the central hub.

Dirt and dust usually cover one of two hub-bearing drainage lines and therefore estimate that many final drive customers are ignorant of their existence.

The lubricant in the hub bearings must be inspected and replenished every 400 hours. If the levels drop below a specific threshold, the failed bearings may cause the engine to fail quickly. Whenever you change the oil, it should appear sparkly indicating that the bearing is already starting to break down.

The Fix:

A leak in the main seal, which allows bearing fluid to escape, is the most likely source of the main bearing breakdown. Once the hub bearing oil is inadequate, the bearings start to fail.

The damage has a cascade effect, and your whole engine might be irreversibly damaged as a result. Replacement of the bearings is the only option to resolve this issue.

3. Jammed Filters

One important source of problems for Bobcat is a jammed casing drainage filter. Once the filter blocks, hydraulic fluid strengthens the motor. As an outcome, there is a great deal of stress.

As a result of the blocked filter stopping drain flow, the pressure continues to rise. Hydraulic fluid and gear oil blend when the oil sealing fails.

A blocked casing drainage filter might cause serious harm as pressure rises. Blown-up rotator groups, broken-off bearings, and a missing or damaged covering plate are all common occurrences.

The Fix:

This may be prevented by simply replacing the filter anytime the others are changed. A new case casing drainage filter is bronze in color. If it is black or unclean, it must be replaced. It is not recommended to attempt to wash a casing drainage filter; if you have any worries, change it.

It’s a good time to change the casing drainage filter as a precaution if your engine or pump fails.

4. Failing Hydraulics

Another issue is a hydraulic breakdown on the Bobcat CRZ. The Bobcat starts and functions normally, although the tilt and lift functionality often don’t. It may not seem to be disconnecting.

By holding down on the bar, you may release the pedal. The motor will start loading but not operate if you attempt to tilt or raise it.

The Fix: 

It’s most likely a hydraulic failure. This might also suggest a malfunctioning controller or that the solenoid for the main control valve has been withdrawn from the wiring.

In this scenario, you must take it to a service center to figure out what’s wrong. It’s possible that the controller has to be replaced. And if it’s due to a connectivity issue, it’s rather simple to resolve.

5. Engine Misfire

You’re especially prone to have occasional engine malfunctions if your fuel filter is broken or obstructed, particularly if you’re carrying a heavy load, which demands more fuel.

A clogged filter is blocking the passage of adequate fuel to the engine due to dirt and grime.

Early versions are more prone to misfires, which can occur when the vehicle is moving or idling. The mower may stall or shudder at varying speeds because the amount of fuel reaching the engine varies substantially as a result of the restriction. 

The Fix:

The defective sieve must be removed from the machine and inspected for deterioration. Dependent on the extent of damage, we must adjust the filter, such as by replacing it.

Therefore, filtering the net is the best choice. The design might prevent particles from blocking the strainer and causing engine harm.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Bobcat CRZ?

The Bobcat CRZ is a modern and highly sophisticated piece of machinery for small or medium-sized jobs.

It improves the efficiency of your farm if it needs mowing. As a result, users are pleased with this model. So, if you’re short on space, this is the one to choose.

Even yet, a few unsatisfied customers have complained about problems with their Bobcat CRZ. The hydraulics was a problem for one client on the Lawn Site forum.

Final Thoughts

The Bobcat CRZ is fantastic equipment that can assist you with your farming and production needs regularly. If you decide to purchase it, I will welcome you and tell you to take good care of it so that it will provide you with the finest results.

The Bobcat CRZ is built to last and consume less power. It can be maneuvered across difficult terrain without overheating.

But there are certain drawbacks that you may encounter when using one. You could run into some of the issues I outlined in the post. So, keep your mower in good working order and you’ll get a lot of use out of it.

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