6 Most Common Problems with Scag Liberty Z and Solutions

The Scag Liberty Z mower is a residential-grade machine that is ideal for lawns up to two acres in size. It’s made with a commercially inspired design and a well-known brand. 

Fancy buying the mower? Do you know what the most common Scag Liberty Z problems are? Curious about the solutions? What do the users feel about the mower?

Starting issues, engine surging, and a broken fuel gauge are some problems, to begin with. But the solution may not be as easy as you think!  

Confused? Don’t worry! I have summarized all the information for you in this article. Reading this, you will be equipped with a better opinion to help you decide on this Sunday morning bliss! 

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Scag Liberty Z ProblemsSolutions
1. Scag Gas Tank LeakStop using the defective model. 
2. Starting IssuesReplacement of starter, fixing other issues. 
3. Engine SurgingReplace fuel filter, clean carb. 
4. Peeling DeckReplace the High Lift blade with the normal lift blade. 
5. Dust Cloud In Drier WeatherChange blade type, install baffle by Scag. 
6. Fuel Gauge BrokenReplace gauge. 

6 Most Common Problems with Scag Liberty Z and Their Solutions:

You may experience a few troubles if you use the Scag Liberty Z for an extended period. Here are a few frequent problems and how to solve them.

1. Gas Tank Leak

Back in 2015, Scag had issued a recall for around 4,400 of its Liberty Z zero-turn mowers. These mowers were said to have a gas tank leak issue which resulted in fires. However, no injuries were reported. 

Two models of the Scag Liberty-Z zero-turn lawn mowers were recalled. Although these aren’t available in the market, be aware of second-hand purchases.

The serial numbers K7100001 through K7102353 were assigned to one of the recalled models, the SZL48-22KT. 

Serial numbers K7200001 through K7202020 were assigned to the alternative model, the SZL52-24KT. 

The Fix:

If you are looking for buying it, avoid these serial numbers in general. Ask your dealer for the serial numbers and model. 

In the rare case, if you already own one, stop using these recalled mowers right away. Contact Scag Power Equipment or an authorized dealer for a free repair. 

You may feel relieved that there were no gas leaks in your mower all these years. But it’s better to be safe than sorry. 

2. Starting Issues

The Scag Liberty Z features a Kawasaki 791DFI engine. Whether you are using it with this engine or any other one (such as Kohler 7000), Scag Liberty Z starting issue is common. 

It may continue even after a trim and clean-up. In cold or hot extreme weather, the problem may increase. The solenoid or Scag’s wiring may be the problem. 

The battery of these mowers quickly depletes. Bouncing may occur frequently. So, check if it is still in good condition and is able to maintain a consistent voltage. 

It’s possible that a safety switch isn’t operating properly. Similarly, the PTO switch may be broken. The ground may also be terrible. 

The Fix:

As there is a multitude of possible reasons, there is a multitude of solutions. For starters, replace the starter with a brand new one.  

Check the ground between the battery and the engine with the dealer. Secure the starter mounting nuts with lock washers to ensure that the starter is properly grounded. 

Look for a loose or filthy connection. Change the battery if it is too old or lacks voltage. Stop leaving your key in the ignition for the health of the battery. 

Check the PTO switch and the safety switch too. Replace them if nothing else is working. 

3. Engine Surging

Another common Scag Liberty Z problem is engine surging. Many reports have been found about engine surging. The problem arises at a low rpm followed by normal rpm. Even after adding a gasoline stabilizer to the tank, the problem can persist. 

You may notice the engine surging/idling only while the blades are engaged. The problem may not go away even after cleaning the mower to ensure there is no grass on or in it, particularly under the seat. 

The Fix:

You can replace any dirty carbs or dirty fuel filters that are blocking the engine fuel. Because it could be a fuel delivery issue or a problem with the plugs, all the way to the coils and push rods. Check with the dealer if the problem persists. 

4. Peeling Deck

Some users notice peeled plastic laying around below their new Scag Liberty Z. These usually have the texture of thin plastic. Huge sections of the deck may be dangling from beneath the mower.  

The Fix:

This happens due to the Scag High Lift blade. With the normal lift blade on an Advantage deck, you’ll get greater results. Especially when you’re working on northern grasses.

5. Dust Cloud in Drier Weather

The Scag Liberty Z mowers are some of the fastest mowers out there. However, you may find that every time you drive over bare ground or even dry grass, the dust blows out the front of the deck.

The problem with this is that you are always traveling in a cloud of dust. And when you mow, you are completely covered in dust.

The Fix:

The dust cloud is caused by the Scag’s quicker blade speed and a large amount of dry soil present in the dry weather. It’s simple physics. 

Moreover, when you use high lift blades, you get a lot of dust, so maybe changing the blade type might help.

Again, Scag sells a baffle that will greatly decrease this issue. So you may buy and install that too. 

6. Fuel Gauge Broken

Many instances have been reported by users where they had a problem with the fuel gauge. The fuel gauge indicates that the tank is empty. Even if you put gallons of fuel, it still reads empty.

The Fix:

The mechanical fuel gauge is located in a grommet at the top of the fuel tank. It has a float that is directed to keep it in the proper vertical position. The middle of the float has a twisted metal strip running through it. 

This metal strip is directly attached to the gauge needle, and it spins the gauge needle when the float travels up or down, indicating the fuel level.

By carefully removing the gasoline gauge assembly out of the grommet, it may be removed from the tank. The float can then be moved to test if it moves the gauge needle.

The float could be trapped at the bottom of its journey or it could be absent entirely. When reinstalling the gauge assembly, the grommet may need to be lubricated. I recommend using motor oil. Take care not to damage the gauge’s clear top.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Scag Liberty Z?

The Scag Liberty Z mower’s design features, ergonomics, appearance, performance, cutting capability, motor power, and durability is amazing. The homeowners find it perfect for their 2-5 acre land. 

But, there have been reported more than 5 incidents of gas tank leaks. This is questionable to the safety maintenance of the company. And the users question it to this day.

Luckily the company has since recalled these products. Hopefully, users will enjoy the all-year round smooth mowing service by Scag Liberty Z soon!

Final Thoughts

Scag Liberty Z is a wonderful tractor. Many people use it year after year and they absolutely love it. 

The common Scag Liberty Z problems can be easily fixed. I hope this article acts as an addition to your pursuit of owning a good mower!

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