4 Most Common Problems with Bobcat T590 and Troubleshooting

Bobcat is one of the major manufacturers of skid steer or track loader for the last 50 years. Bobcat t590 is one of the greatest additions of them. This compact track loader is exceptionally well designed and has impressive features. 

However, just like other machines, you can face some problems with this one also. Engine issues, hydraulic pump issues, contaminated fuel – all of these are the common problems.

This article will discuss how to troubleshoot the common Bobcat t590 problems.

Key Points:

  • Bobcat t590 can face issues with the engine, hydraulic pump, or joystick.  
  • Clogged oil or air filters and contaminated fuel can cause most of these problems. Hence, the loader should be in regular maintenance. 
  • The error codes help you to diagnose the problem easily. So, you should know how to decipher those codes.

4 Common Problems with Bobcat T590 and Troubleshooting:

Here are 4 common problems of bobcat t590. I have covered the possible solutions as well –

1. Engine Doesn’t Start

Whenever we talk about any skid steer problem, this engine issue always comes first. The bobcat t590 comes with a rear mount diesel-run engine. If the engine cranks but doesn’t start, either the fuel system or the glow plugs are at fault most of the time.

  • Fuel System 

The fuel system consists of fuel filters, a fuel line, and a fuel tank. The problem can lie in any of these components or even all of them can become faulty. So you need to check each of them.  

Your bobcat t590 skid steer filter needs to be replaced after a certain time. If you are working in a dusty ambiance, the replacement should be more frequent. If you fail to do this, the filter can get clogged and defective resulting in contaminated fuel and faulty engine performance. Check for any fuel leaks. Repair them if there are any. 

After checking the fuel filter, it‘s time to check the fuel tank. If the fuel cannot flow properly from the tank to the fuel injector, the engine will lose its ability to run powerfully. Refill the fuel tank with the right amount of diesel. If the fuel rail loses pressure due to a clogged filter or other reasons, the engine won’t get the fuel supply. So make sure it’s in good condition and the fuel injector is not clogged. 

If the situation is not that bad, cleaning these components will do the work. But sometimes you need to replace the whole system, which costs a lot.

  • Glow Plugs

If there is an open or short circuit in the glow plug, it can cause the engine to be defective. The switch or glow plug relay can need replacement too. If the problem is in the glow plug, it would need some professional inspection to diagnose the exact reason.

Apart from these two, make sure the engine’s throttle cable is secured to the throttle body all the wiring and connector pins are in good condition without any corrosion or damage.

2. Hydraulic Issues

The hydraulic system can be the source of a lot of issues in your Bobcat t590 compact track loader. 

The first thing to inspect is the hydraulic fluid level. If the fluid level is high or low, it won’t be able to provide the expected performance. Some people overfill it and think it will work better. Never do this. Always fill the tank to the recommended level.

Again, if the hydraulic fuel filter is full of dirt or clogged, the loader won’t get enough power. That’s because the fuel cannot flow due to the clogged filter eventually resulting in the power loss of the loader.

Then comes the hydraulic pump. It sits in front of the engine and is a crucial part of your loader. Make sure it is working as per the specs. If your model has a belt-driven pump, maintain that the belts are not worn or loose. If the belts become loose, it will cause the engine to lose power. 

Another necessary check is the leaks or poor fits in the hydraulic lines. Pressurize the hydraulic system and ensure the pump and engine are running before this check. Because the pinhole leaks are apparent when the system’s fluid is under pressure. So wear gloves and safety goggles while performing this check. Finally, check all the seals and fittings to the control valves. The valves should open and close fully.

3. Control Problems

 The joystick controls commonly breed some problems. Sometimes, the steer doesn’t respond at all. All connections should be secure properly for the steering to respond. 

If they still don’t respond, replace the joystick control circuit hoard. Make sure the wires from the joystick to the hydraulic pump and actuators are connected.

If they respond slowly, safety switches can be at fault. There are safety switches throughout various panels and the driver’s seat. If they malfunction, the steer responds late. So keep them under regular maintenance. Excessive battery drain can also cause this problem. Replace the battery in this case.

4. Black Or White Smoke

These two are some common symptoms of your bobcat t590 failures. Black smoke gets extracted when the engine doesn’t receive enough air. 

It happens when the air filter is dirty or gets completely clogged. If this is the case you just need to clean or replace the filter. 

On the other side, white smoke can indicate a blown head gasket. Replace the head gasket to solve this. It can happen when too much fuel gets injected into the combustion center. Lack of eater or coolant can also cause this.

What Are The Bobcat t590 Error Codes?

The error codes help you to identify the cause of the problem. For instance, E005324-04 ECU alludes to glow plug failure. When a technician sees the codes, they can identify the faulty circuits and know the main cause by further inspection.

So you should know them. You’ll get these error codes easily on the internet.

What Majority of the Users Feel About Bobcat t590?

According to most customers, the Bobcat T590 is a great compact track loader for loading and unloading tasks. It has the highest lifting height in the 500 series. 

It has made a balanced combination of design and weight distribution that lets it provide more horsepower and breakout forces. Ultimately, it enhances your site productivity. That’s why the users are also happy with this track loader. So if you have limited space but need maximum lift height, this is the one you should go for.

Final Words

Bobcat t590 is designed to be durable with minimal maintenance. You can maneuver it through tough terrain without thinking about overheating. Still, you may face some of the problems that I have discussed in the article. So keep the skid steer under regular maintenance and enjoy long-time service from it!

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