7 Most Common Problems with Scag Patriot and Their Solutions

Patriot is one of the four zero turn mower models that come from the Scag brand. It is a great mower for residential and commercial use. Over time, this riding mower can build some problems that may entangle you if you don’t have any prior knowledge of such problems.

That’s why it is important to know some common problems of your mower that you may encounter. Starting issue, engine smoking issue, vibration issue, rough running- these are some common ones.

In this article, we will explain the most common Scag Patriot Problems and their troubleshooting. If you are a Scag Patriot user, you must know them.

Key Points:

  • The common problems of Scag Patriot mowers comprise engine problems and cutting problems. 
  • Damaged blades, misadjusted drive belt, unlevelled deck height can predominantly cause uneven cuts or other cutting problems. 
  • If you face issues with the engine such as starting issues, smoking – the problem is likely to be with the fuel or the filters. So maintain the components of your mower regularly.

Most Common Problems with Scag Patriot & their Solutions:

Check out these Scag patriot problems and solutions in detail below:

1. Mower Doesn’t Start

 This is the most common issue you are likely to encounter with any riding mower. First off, make sure that you have a properly functioning battery.  Check if the starter has gone bad and replace it. If the spark plugs are loose, disconnected or dirty, clean them off and connect them properly. The next important thing to check is the fuel tank. If the tank has any leak, you have to replace it with a new one. Besides, old stale fuel can also lead to starting issues. Change the fuel if it’s too old. 

Apart from these issues, your engine cannot start when it doesn’t get the required flow of fuel. And fuel cannot reach the engine when the fuel filter is clogged with dirt or damaged. So clean it or replace it. The carburetor and the air filter also need check and replacement if they are clogged.

2. Engine Is Smoking

It usually happens when your Scag Patriot’s oil tank is overfilled or the oil leaks into the exhaust muffle. Inspect the oil level and remove the excessive oil.  The problem should be solved once the extra oil gets burned off. But if still doesn’t get solved, you should seek help from someone professional as the it can be serious.

3. Mower Vibrates Unusually Or Excessively

In general, excessive vibration indicates to damaged components in your mower. Bent or damaged blades pulleys or spindles can cause the vibration. Don’t mow over any hard objects like rocks or roots. 

Twisted or worn drive belt can also be the reason. Make sure the belts are in good shape and properly installed. Other than these, loose or missing mounting bolts, running the engine slower than the recommended rpm, misadjusted deck can also cause vibration. So replace any damaged part and keep these factors in check to avoid such vibration.

4. Mower Engine Runs Roughly

If the engine runs rough, the carburetor is most commonly the culprit here. Check if the carburetor is clogged. It happens when you leave fuel in the tank for a long time. Some ingredients of the fuel get evaporated over time and those sticky parts clog the carburetor. Give it a good clean and it should solve the problem. If it is seriously damaged, get yourself a new one.

However, other components can also cause your engine to run rough. Inspect the spark plug and the fuel filter. If those components are clogged or damaged, your engine can run rough. So clean them or replace them.

5. Bad Or Uneven Cuts

Sometimes,  the mower will leave grass uncut or provide uneven cuts. A number of reasons can be responsible for this. 

To prevent this, the mowing blades must stay sharpened. A dull blade not only makes the cutting poor but also causes your engine to damage over time. Don’t run your mower too fast or too slow. If you are running too fast, your deck may not be able to keep up with the speed. So move slowly. Increase speed if you are doing the other way round.  Check whether the deck is plugged and need cleaning and let the grass dry if you are mowing the field when it is wet.

Another thing to check is the drive belt. This belt spins the blade to cut the grass. The blade won’t be able to work if the belt is misadjusted or damaged. So check the belt and overhaul. 

Uneven tire pressure and unlevelled deck height can also cause uneven cuts. If you still can’t find the reason, contact an expert mechanic. 

6. Bagging, Discharging Or Mulching Problem 

Scag Patriot mowers can face problems with bagging, discharging or mulching. It primarily occurs due to the engine speed.  The engine should function at full throttle to perform these works properly. The deck should be properly set up.  The deck should be kept lower by 3/8 inch in the front than the back. Finally,, sharpen the blade and clean the underside of the deck . 

7. Mower Creeps Backward In Neutral

This can be a serious problem. Adjust the shift lever and the neutral control to avoid such creeping.  If you are wondering how to adjust them, you will find it in the manual that your mower came with.

What Do The Users Think About Scag Patriot?

 Scag Patriot has gathered quite good reviews from the customers. It comes with Kawasaki 22 and 23hp engines which are powerful enough to get both residential and commercial jobs done. This is a great thing. 

 It also has a fairly good warranty that attracts the users to trust on this brand. However, we have to put this mower in the expensive category as it costs slightly more than the middle tire ones.

However, coming from a trusted brand with great features, it completely worth the money. Due to the quality components used in its construction, Scag Patriot mowers also hold their value better than many other ones. So you can resale them at a good price. 

Final Words

I have discussed some of the most common problems you can face with Scag Patriot mower in this article. However, some other problems may also appear at times.

If you face such problems, seek for expert’s suggestion. You can also look for suggestions on online platforms. But we recommend doing the previous one. Again, if you want to get the best out of your mower, the most important thing is maintenance. The oil level, fuel and air filter and the connections should be kept under regular check to avoid any issue.

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