5 Most Common Problems with Kubota L3560 and Their Fixes

The Kubota l3560 is one of the most desired tractors in the market. It is highly reliable with a Kubota E-TVC engine that can leave you stunned with its outstanding performance. The model has a PTO rating of 29 horsepower. It has a lift capacity of 2646lbs which is incredible in its perspective.

However, even the best tractors can have problems from time to time. The problems can slow your tractor down and break it completely. Some issues are – colored exhaust fume, starting issue, insufficient engine power, lack of friction in steering wheels, etc.

If you are facing these problems with your Kubota L3560 mower, then let me tell you there could be a few basic problems hampering its functions. This article will you find out what’s wrong with it and provide you with the best solutions. 

5 Common Problems with Kubota L3560 and Solutions:

There are several problems you face while working with the Kubota l3560. However, here we will talk about the most common problems you may face while using the zero-turn tractor.

1. Having troubles starting or stopping the engine

Most of the clients complain about the difficulty to start or stop the engine. It can because of several issues alternatively to cause the problem. It is important to also keep in mind when you were facing this problem to identify the cause. If it happened this winter, then it is because during winter the oil viscosity increase which ultimately results in slowing the engine. 

If the problems do not revolve around the season, then it could be because of a few causes which include, lack of fuel flow due to air or water stuck in the fuel system. Perhaps, it could be due to a weak battery that takes time to run the engine. To solve these problems we must:

Checking the fuel system:

Lack of fuel flow could be quite a hassle. For solving this problem, we can follow the following countermeasures:

  • Checking the fuel tank and filter for any issues.
  • Checking the fuel bolt and nut to see whether it is tight.
  • Bleeding the fuel system if necessary.

Changing oil viscosity:

Viscosity change in oil could be a big issue because of temporal change. In this case, all there is left to do is to change the oil. Using an oil different viscosity that is suitable for ambient temperature may help in rectifying the problem. If you want, you can use an engine heater to solve your problem as well.

Taking care of the battery:

So, how do you take off your battery for better performance? Here are some tips to help you out in this case:

  • Clean the battery cables as well as their terminals properly.
  • If necessary, change the battery.
  • In the winter, remove the battery from the tractor.
  • Charge and store it in the garage.
  • Install the battery only when you will use it.

2. Colored exhaust fumes

Your tractor is showing colored fumes. We know, it’s worrisome each time you think about running it. Well, there is nothing to panic about. We can determine the problem based on the color of the fume and solve it accordingly.

If the color is black, it could be because of either low quality of fuel, a full tank is full, or due to the air cleaner being clogged. On the other hand, if the fume is blue-white then it could be due to either the exhaust mutter being damp with fuel or an injection nozzle problem.

Solution for black fumes:

When your tractor extracts black fumes, you do the following:

  • Change the fuel and fuel filter and upgrade to better options.
  • Keep the fuel amount in mind and do not overflow it.
  • If possible, clean the air cleaner or replace it.

Solution for blue-white fumes:

For blue-white fumes, you can consider these tips:

  • Try heating the muffler by applying sufficient load to the engine.
  • Check the fuel injection nozzle for any problems.

3. Insufficient engine power

Using insufficient fuel or dirty fuel may cause the engine power to slow down. This will not allow the tractor to work properly like it is supposed to. You can also check for air cleaner clogging if you do not find any problem hovering over your fuel system. However, it is not hard to get the performance back. With proper maintenance, you can get your tractor to its full potential again.

Checking the engine:

Here are a few tips you can follow to get the engine at its prime. 

  • Check the engine the fuel amount in the tank whether it overflowing or not.
  • Try checking for uneven injection nozzle and replace if necessary.
  • Place the valve correctly.
  • If it is an issue of air cleaner clog, clean it otherwise replace with a new one.

4. Engine overheating

An overheating engine is a mishap that could happen at any time. Even, the most incredible tractors can suffer from this not just the Kubota L3560. However, this problem does not have only reason to make an appearance. It could be due to a series of reasons tangled together to get to this stage. An overloaded engine and a dirty radiator core may cause this. It could also be related to a defective fan belt or coolant system that prevents the engine to overheat.

Taking care of the engine parts:

Some tips to prevent an overheating engine is as follows:

  • Reduce the load on the engine by shifting to the lower gears.
  • Properly cleaning the parts.
  • Fill the coolant to the optimum level.
  • Check for any loose radiator or hose connections.
  • Flush the cooling system
  • Changing the fan belt.

5. Lack of friction in steering wheels

Lack of friction in steering wheels can lead to a lot of problems. It can cause accidents as a steering wheel is linked to controlling the tractor. A low friction steering wheel will be caused due to a defective part in the steering system, the pump being defective and the low fuel amount could be responsible for this.

Check the steering system:

We can follow these solutions for getting rid of this problem:

  • Checking the fuel tank for fuel updates.
  • Keeping the fuel tank at optimum level.
  • Replacing any defective part in the steering system.
  • Changing the steering pump if necessary.

Final Words

All these Kubota L3560 problems don’t mean that your tractor is defective in any way. The tractor has great features that could impress you. After all, the Kubota l3560 is one of the best tractors out there. It can give you a usage hour of 4500-5500 which means it could last for a long time. However, it is necessary to properly clean and take care of the tractor to get the best results.

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