Can Ducks Eat Green Beans?

If you’ve ever wondered if ducks can eat green beans, you’re not alone! This is one of the most frequently asked questions in the poultry industry because many people keep ducks as pets and want to make sure that they are giving them healthy food. While there are some differences between birds and mammals when it comes to what kind of food they can eat, these green beans are safe for them to eat and will provide your ducks with important nutrients like Vitamin K and lutein that help promote their health!

What do ducks eat?

We get asked this question a lot: Can ducks eat green beans? The answer is yes! Ducks are omnivores and they love eating most vegetables that we do. But as with any animal, feeding them different food could have an effect on their health. That’s why it is important that you consult a veterinarian before feeding your duck anything new. 

Some other vegetables that are safe for your duck are leafy greens (for example spinach and kale), berries (for example blueberries and cranberries), cucumber, carrots, tomato, and potato. However, don’t feed them too much fruit as it is not only full of sugar but also high in acidity which can irritate their stomach and throw off their pH balance. And while they enjoy eating cabbage, broccoli, or cauliflower in moderation it may cause diarrhea so try to avoid feeding them these more often than not.

Can ducks eat green beans?

Ducks are a part of the poultry family and they are closely related to geese and chickens, which means they are omnivores and will eat both vegetables and animals like worms or snails. That being said, it is best not to feed them too many vegetables as they should mainly be given animal feed but here’s a list of some vegetables that ducks can eat: 

lettucecelery – radishes – cucumbersbroccoli (the stems)

The bottom line is that yes, ducks can eat green beans but only in moderation.

can ducks eat green beans
Can ducks eat green beans

What else can ducks eat?

Ducks are omnivores which means they will not only eat a wide range of vegetables but also meat and even some fruits. 

Ducks enjoy eating both cooked and raw vegetables so it is important to feed them the correct proportions of each in order to keep them healthy. 

Some vegetables that work well for this are carrots, kale, broccoli, and cauliflower while others like cabbage or corn should be avoided as they could cause digestion problems or other health issues. 

Raw vegetables such as tomatoes or potatoes should always be chopped into smaller pieces before feeding them to your duck otherwise they will not digest properly and may give them an upset stomach.

How often should I feed my duck?

Ducks will eat small amounts of green beans daily, on the hour, so be sure to keep a close eye on their feeding schedule. They will reject food if they are sick or not happy with it. So always take the time to check their droppings before offering them another meal, and make sure that you change their food every day to keep them healthy!

Unlike many other birds, ducks do not graze, which means that they need to eat only small amounts of food at a time. Even though ducks are a bit finicky when it comes to what they eat they are still quite adaptable and can easily adapt to your feeding schedule so just be sure to offer them small amounts of different foods every day.

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Can ducks eat green beans with the skins on?

Some people have the misconception that they can’t feed their duck green beans because they have the “beans on a string” and that there is a skin in the middle. While it is true that green beans often come packaged with their skins on, these don’t contain any health or nutritional benefits so feel free to feed them to your ducks without hesitation! 

Most vegetables grow naturally without any protective layer and thicken during storage so it is best for your duck to eat them raw as these will be much healthier for them and won’t contain chemicals, preservatives, or waxes that would harm their digestion. However, if you have the beans on a string you can simply cut them off before feeding them to your duck. 


While beans are a great food for your ducks, there are some vegetables that you should avoid feeding them to prevent them from getting sick. As with any new food it is best to consult with a vet before feeding it to your duck so they can properly assess it and tell you what is or isn’t good for their health.