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Charlie’s Compost is organically made from local chicken manure, and the state of Kentucky has certified it as an organic product. It is a concentrated plant food that will get your soil’s bioactivity and nutrient content right away, and it’s easy to use. Charlie’s Compost is for you if you want your plants or vegetables to be beautiful, healthy, and full of life. Our compost is very concentrated, so only a small amount is needed to feed even the poorest soils. It is left to dry in the air and turned several times for better composting.

It has good microorganisms that plants need more of. A plant needs about 52 different kinds of nutrients, both small and big. Before planting season starts, adding about 4 inches of compost is best. This gives it time to start doing its job, making the soil better.

Can I Use Charlie’s Compost For Container Gardening?

Yes, you can. If you use tap water, let it sit for a few hours to let the chlorine evaporate. In this case, a 1- or 2-inch layer should be enough to prepare the soil for your plants or vegetables. Be careful not to use too much. Charlie’s Compost seems very strong and can hurt young plants if you use too much.

Synthetic fertilizer dumps chemicals into the soil to treat the “signs” of soil deficiency. Charlie’s Compost “heals” soil earth is missing nutrients and, more importantly, the microorganisms and organic matter important for soil health. 

Charlie’s Compost Is Eco-Friendly

Most of the things in Charlie’s Compost are good for the environment, and composts without peat are made of wood fibers, bark, and garden waste, all of which are organic, break down easily, and don’t add to the bad effects of climate change.

Wood fibers, old bark, and garden waste are all things that would normally be thrown away but can be used as ingredients.

charlie's compost

Instead, Charlie’s Compost is used to feed plants in gardens and trees. You don’t have to disturb or destroy any natural habitats or biomes like you do to get peat to get these ingredients.

Perlite is an inorganic material often used in compost that doesn’t have peat and is better for the environment than peat. This material can be mined without much or any damage to the environment, unlike peat.

Features of Charlie’s Compost

1- Has Gradual Nutrient Allontmants

Has Gradual Nutrient Allontmants

Charlie’s compost is good for the environment and tries to offer the same great benefits as peat compost. Charlie’s compost also helps plants keep water and get nutrients slowly, steamed daily.

People e like peat because it can hold a lot of water, but the ingredients in Charlie’s compost can have just as much water as peat.

By adding perlite or sharp sand to the mix, Charlie’s compost also has good drainage, which is important for a healthy system. Charlie’s compost is good for your plants, including good for the environment.

2- Can Help Cut Down The Food Waste

Can Help Cut Down The Food Waste

Organizations that plan to compost small amounts of discarded food can do so onsite. Composting with Charlie’s Compost can help cut down on the part of food thrown away. Onsite composting is possible for yard trimmings and modest amounts of food waste. Animal products and substantial quantities of food leftovers should not be composted on site.

Changes in the weather and seasons will have little impact on onsite composting. Little adjustments might be made when things change, such as when the rainy season approaches.

Food scraps must be managed carefully to avoid odors or the attraction of unwanted insects or animals.

3- Can Give Longer Results

Can Give Longer Results

Composting on-site requires very little time and equipment. The key is education. Local groups may host demonstrations and seminars to encourage households and businesses to compost on their sites.

Composting with Charlie’s Compost can take up to two years. Howeveitsits manual turning can be sped up to three to six months cause of weed and grass seeds; compost should not be used as potting soil for houseplants.

Grass cuttings can be left on the lawn, a practice known as “grasscycling.” Similar to composting, these cuttings will disintegrate naturally and restore some nutrients to the soil. Leaves can be saved and used as mulch around trees and shrubs to help retain moisture.

Some Alternatives Of Charlie’s Compost

According to several companies, peat-free compost is made from various components such as coir, bark, vegetable compost, charcoal, wool, and even chicken dung. Sylvagrow is a great compost for potted plants because it’s mostly made of coir, bark, and wood fibers, which are all great alternatives to peat.

Happy Compost takes an alternative approach, relying on vegetable waste and other plant components that don’t need to be harvested from their natural habitat to make their compost. Petersfield is at the top of the peat-free composting brands.

You can buy peat-free compost for your garden, but it can be expensive, especially if it has coir, which takes a lot of work to process. If you don’t want to buy peat-free compost, you can make it yourself. With just garden waste, loam, and leaf litter, you can make a great compost mix that is good for the environment.


Charlie’s Compost is used for composting a famous public gar for composting excellent mixture. Charlie’s Compost is made from the best composting materials, such as chicken manure from chickens that don’t get antibiotics, biochar, organic grasses, and crop waste from organic farming.

Our organic certification shows that our product is all-natural, safe, and can be used to grow organic fruits, vegetables, and plants.

Charlie’s Compost is made without peat and is much better for the environment than compost made with peat. When peat is used to make compost, it leads to the destruction of natural habitats and the release of carbon dioxide into the air.

By choosing Charlie’s Compost, you support gardening that is good for the environment and helps fight the bad effects of climate change. There are many good ways to get compost that doesn’t contain peat, but one of the best is to make it yourself. You can do your part to make the world a better place.

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