5 Most Common Kubota L3400 Problems (Solutions Included)

Kubota is one of the most reliable agricultural vehicles to choose from. It is a multipurpose tractor that you can use in various ways.

Though it is a renowned brand, unfortunately, there are some problems you may face. But what is the problem which can appear in front of you? Can it be solved at home?

Not starting, shutting off after some time, POT not turning on, and RPM slowing down are the common kubota l3400 problems. And yes, some of them can be solved at home.

I am going to talk about it elaborately in this article. To know in detail, read on.

5 Common Kubota L3400 Problems You Can Face and Their Fix:

Kubota is a brand of tractor that is very much reliable for many kinds of agricultural work.

As it is a motor device, having problems from time to time is not uncommon. Here are some of them you can face with the solution with it.

1. Shutting of Suddenly Arter Working for a While

Fuel flow issues are the most common reason for Kubota L3400 to stop working after running for a while.

If the tractor starts off good, works for some time, and suddenly stops while in use, the most common reason is fuel starvation.

The Fix:

There are several ways to solve this problem.

Firstly, check the fuel line. Disconnect the line which connects the fuel filter and the fuel pump. If the diesel fuel pours as it leaves the line, there may be something clogged in the line.

Use an air compressor to flush out if anything is clogged. If the actual problem is this, it should be solved by this method. If not try the second one.

Secondly, check and inspect the fuel filter. if it’s filled with dirt and thick mud-like object, you need to replace the filter.

Thirdly, the problem can be in the fuel injector pump. What this does is, it pulls the fuel and takes it to the engine from the fuel tank.

So, if there is any link of blockage in it, it can also create a problem.

2. Trouble Getting Started

Another common problem in Kubota is not getting started at all but just clicking. It generally happens if there are any battery issues.

So, you need to check the battery first if you are facing this kind of problem.

The Fix:

Fix all the connections battery has with other parts of the vehicle. Tight and clean them if necessary.

After that, check the voltage of the battery. This way you will get to know if the battery is dead. If it is, you need to replace it. Or if there is any faulty safety switch, it needs to replace too.

3. PTO not turning off

PTO is also known as Power Take-Off enables the driver or operator to use the tractor for multiple uses. It drives power from the tractor to the PTO-driven machine. Overall, it increases the productivity of the tractor.

You can face problems like the PTO not turning off even when the PTO lever is shifted to disengage. It happens when the spring load is seized up and does not slide properly.

The Fix:

Disconnect the two small wires you will find in the PTO lever. If it’s still on, check for the cable which runs from the PTO shift and goes into the transmission case under the seat.

Spray DW40 on the rubberboot and work the PTO shift back and forth. You will find the downside of the cable. Do it for at least fine munities. Do it again if you feel needed. It should solve the problem.

4. Slow RPM When Loads Heavier

This problem occurs mostly with heavier loads. When you load heavier the RPM shows down to an almost shiftless situation. After that, it will pick it up in about a minute or so.

After some time, this cycle will start all over again.

The Fix:

It generally happens when algae grow inside the fuel bowl. To fix this problem, you need to lean the fuel bowl first.

If the problem does not solve yet, replace the fuel filter. it should do the work.

You can also do a Biocide treatment and set it for overnight. You will feel like this is a new vehicle you are running.

5. Gear Transmission Issue

Not being able to use any particular gear is not a common problem, but it occurs sometimes.

What happens here is, that every other gear works fine and when you try to use that particular gear. It just stuck.

People need to turn off the vehicle to operate it again.

The Fix:

Check the gear compartment if something like stone or dried mud had stuck there. Mostly this creates the problem.

If not, try to see a professional who can fix the problem for you.


Why is Kubota L3400 losing its power?

The air cleaner can be clogged or an unadjusted engine valve can cause this problem.

Why is my diesel engine stalling in Kubota L3400?

If there is any water mixed with the oil then the engine can stall. Replace the oil with some light oil.

Why is the steering wheel spinning very easily?

There can be a malfunctioning steering hydraulic cylinder that can cause the problem.

Can steering be completely stopped?

Yes, if the air was formed in the hydraulic system, it can be stopped completely.


Kubota L3400 is a farmer’s tractor which is a very vital part for some of them. It needs to be properly functioned to do all the tasks is supposed to do. Unfortunately, not all tractor is perfect.

It will have issues over time as it is made for heavy-duty work. If you are facing any of those, do not worry. Try to understand what is the problem first. Then start with the battery. Check if it is dead or have any other problem. I hope this article has given you a solid idea of where to start.

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