Most Common Problems with Cub Cadet EX3200 (Easy Solutions)

Cub Cadet Ex3200 is one of the most popular compact tractors that many people are still using to date for its price, even though people face many problems while working with it. So, the question arises of how I can fix it.

Some common Cub Cadet Ex3200 problems involve engine-related issues (air filter), three-point hitch problems, machine problems, and breaking problems. It is not necessary to go to an expert to fix this problem. Almost all of these can be fixed easily if you follow the proper steps with your garage tools.

So how can you fix it? It is a little complex mechanism, but if you find the cause and follow the proper steps, the problems can be solved. Read the rest of the article to learn about the solutions.

What Are The Common Cub Cadet Ex3200 Problems?

The Cub Cadet ex3200 models have issues related to brakes and steering, but they seem rare.

The common problem people face during work is that they don’t check their engine and find the reason because finding the problem will make the solving much more straightforward.

A few very familiar problems that can occur while using or working with the Cub Cadet Ex3200 are:

1. Engine-Related Problems

  1. The engine doesn’t start
  2. It starts perfectly but stops suddenly
  3. Blackish and Pale Bluish exhaust
  4. Engine overheating

2. Machine-Related Problems

  1. Excessive Vibration
  2. 3-point hitch problems
  3. It doesn’t rise at all
  4. Lowers too slowly
  5. Lowers too fast
  6. It does not lower at all

3. Break-Related Problem

  1. The break doesn’t operate properly

Solutions For Cub Cadet EX3200 Common Problems:

Designers claimed that the purpose of this tractor is minimizing the size while maximizing the power.

Although this design causes issues like every other type of machinery, Cub Cadet Ex3200 also has solutions to the problems. Some solutions are described here:

1. Engine-Related Problems Solutions

Engine-related problems are the most common problems everyone faces. If you can find the cause, then the solution becomes more accessible.

A. Check the Fuel and Replace the Filter

There can be several reasons why fuel is creating trouble in your engine. Most compact tractors run on diesel fuel.

The problem can happen because fuel is not flowing to the engine properly, air or water is trapped in the fuel, or even cold weather can increase resistance. We recommend checking the fuel filter and replacing it if necessary.

The price of replacing the fuel depends on the cost of diesel and filter. To date, the price of diesel is $3.88 per liter, and a single fuel filter costs $15.84.

Here is the step-by-step guide:

  • Step 01:  Check the fuel tank and filter whether it is clogged. If it is blocked, then replace it with the new fuel filter.
  • Step 02: The fuel line can be loosened. Check the line and tighten it properly.
  • Step 03: Remove water from the fuel and refill the diesel.

Note: Use a less viscous engine oil ( consult a local dealer).

B. Replace Air-Filter and Battery

The air filter can be blocked and become an obstacle, as well as a low-powered battery. Both of these happen after long-term usage primarily, and experts suggest replacing them after some time.

They can cause sudden stops of a cub cadet ex3200. So, replacing these both are necessary.

An air filter can cost up to $27.92, and battery replacement can be expensive, around $160. Here’s how to do it:

  • Step 01: Unscrew the clogged air filter and replace it with the new one. Before replacing, make sure to clean up.
  • Step 02: Check the battery terminals and measure the voltage. If the voltage is 11V or lower, replace it with a newer one.
  • Step 03: To replace the battery, unplug the nuts from the main cable and pull up the old battery. Then put in the new battery and plug in properly.

Note: Make sure to recycle the old battery in the correct spot.

C. Exhaust and Crankcase Fixing

Exhaust problems can cause blackish or bluish smoke, which indicates the cub cadet ex3200 is not in good condition, which can cause sudden stops.

Meanwhile, another problem occurs because of the crankcase below the tractor.  Exhaust problems can be solved by replacing the air filter with good fuel.

But even if it doesn’t work, try changing the exhaust manifold gasket, which costs around $10, and the crankcase seal can cost from $35 up to $40 (both front and rear).

Instructions are given below:

  • Step 01: Find the problem with the exhaust system. Replacing it can be a little complex, so we suggest contacting a nearby professional.
  • Step 02: Do not put poor-quality diesel fuel in the tank. After refilling, do not leave the seal cap loosened.
  • Step 03: Check the crankcase condition. It might be just loosened and can be retightened with a hand. If the condition is terrible, unscrew it properly and replace it with the new one.

Note: Professionals might be needed, so don’t try to do it yourself, which might worsen the condition.

D. Fix Fan Belt or Replace

Overheating is a big problem for any compact tractors out there. This can happen because of cooling fan problems or overloading.

Sometimes it occurs from radiator leakage. Fix the tension belt of the fan to reduce heat from the engine and avoid overloading.

A cooling fan costs $33.89, and a tension belt price starts from $5.49 up to $35.99, depending on the material quality. Here’s how to replace it:

  • Step 01: Open the engine trunk, unscrew the fan and pull out the tension belt. Replace the fan, then put the new belt back in.
  • Step 02: Do not take extra weight more than the written (900 lbs).
  • Step 03: If you notice any leakage on the radiator, call the nearby Cub Cadet Service center.

2. Machine-Related Problems Solutions

Mechanical issues can cause extreme vibration and sudden breaking of the machine while working. It also troubles the 3-point hitch. There are few useful solutions to the problems.

A. Suspension and Valve Spring Fixing

Excessive vibration can happen because of many reasons which require an expert to analyze thoroughly.

But the most common cause is suspension is not working, or the valve spring is loosened and needs to be fixed or replaced.

Loosen crankcase can also be a reason which we already discussed above.

Valve springs are not very expensive. They will cost you around $8.95, and suspensions can be very expensive, about $400, but they can be repaired but a professional. Below we will see how to fix the vibration issue:

  • Step 01: To figure out the problem, first, run the vehicle at full speed and find the origin.
  • Step 02: If the origin is behind, then the problem is with the valve spring. Replace it properly with a new one.
  • Step 03: Disconnect the power take-off (PTO)  and reconnect it. If it still doesn’t go away, then immediately contact your nearby mechanic.

Note: Suspension changing cannot be done alone, so do not take an attempt by yourself.

B. Transmission oil and hydraulic pressure

3-point hitch problems happen because of inappropriate transmission oil and insufficient hydraulic pressure in the pressure valve.

Before starting the engine, you should check the amount and quality of the transmission oil. Then warm up the engine before using it.

The needed parts to repair the hydraulic pressure cost $89 and $29 for the hydraulic screen and spin-on filter. The processes are below:

  • Step 01: Check if there is any leakage at the hydraulic pump. If there is, then you will notice less pressure in the chamber.
  • Step 02: Open the hydraulic screen and filter, then replace it with the new one.
  • Step 03: Close the pressure valve in the proper position. Also, make sure that there is no blockage too.

Note: If you can’t figure out the hydraulic leakage, don’t take any risk and call an expert.

3. Brake-Related Problems Solutions

This is a rare issue because brakes on tractors don’t wear off even though excessive brake usage can make the brake disks lose and result in faulty braking.

Cub Cadet Ex3200 can do heavy work, which leads to using the brake more often than usual and makes the brake insecure.

Brake disks for cub cadet ex3200 cost around $45, and the servicing cost around $15. Brake problems can be avoided by following a particular step written below.

  • Step 01: Check the brake pedals and adjust them if necessary.
  • Step 02: Keep the tire and brake disk clean from dust and rust.
  • Step 03: If the brake disk is very old, buy them and call a mechanic to replace it with the right tools.


Cub Cadet Ex3200 is one of the best compact tractors out there, but because of its minimized size, its users face various problems and frequently ask questions beneath.

Why did my Cub Cadet Ex3200 Suddenly Stop?

Our research found that most of the cub cadet ex3200 stop during work because of engine problems.

The majority is the crankcase untightened issue and fuel filter blockage. Fixing these two solves most of the sudden stop problems.

Where can I find replacement parts for my Cub Cadet Ex3200?

The replacement parts for this specific model are very tough to find. However, you can find spare parts on eBay and Hoye tractor parts website quickly.

You can try calling your nearby Cub Cadet dealer to learn where the retail shops are for the replacement parts.

Is Cub Cadet Ex3200 worth buying?

The answer is yes. It is one of the most popular and affordable compact tractors on the market and is capable of heavy lifting.

There are very few models in this price range. So we can say you won’t regret it if you buy it.

Can I fix the Cub Cadet Ex3200 crankcase by myself?

Yes, it is possible to repair it by yourself. If you look under the tractor, you will find the crankcase. First, let it cool down, then put your hand in the crankcase. You will find a bolt that can be tightened with bare hands.

Why did my Cub Cadet Ex3200 stop while mowing my lawn?

You should check your grass cutting blades under the machine. The machine sometimes stops working or jams because of excessive grass on the edges.

Clean the grass off the blades and check the crankcase and fuel tank. It should start working again.


Cub Cadet Ex3200 is a handy machine because it is flexible with attachments. You can attach a mowing machine for your lawn or a backhoe that can do the decent heavy lifting.

In order to stand and raise as much as it can, the front loader has pillars and is also movable. The problems mostly happen because of the user’s carelessness or long-term usage. If the users inspect the machine and engine before or after using it, they will come to know about the problem before it gets more intense.

You can solve some problems yourself, but we prefer contacting experts for complex issues. Do not take any attempts unless you are sure about it. That can make the condition worse.

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