8 Most Common Problems with Cub Cadet i1046 (Easy Solutions)

The Cub Cadet i1046 is an excellent option when it comes to improving your lawn. There are many exclusive features in this unit. However, while working with this model, you may experience some issues. In fact, many users already experienced issues with this specific lawn mower.

There are several problems you may face with Cub Cadet i1046. For example, some common problems are engine fails to start, engine overheats, engine idles poorly, increased steering effort, steering jams, excessive vibration, etc.

Whatever problem you may face, there is a solution to this specific issue. In this article, we will show you how to fix some of the common Cub cadet i1046 problems. Without further ado, let’s begin.

What are the Common Cub Cadet i1046 Problems?

Without any doubt, Cub cadet is a great brand in the lawn mower industry. The i1046 model is one of the finest models of this brand.

That said, still you may encounter some issues while operating this machine. Some common Cub cadet i1046 issues are mentioned below.

  • Engine fails to start
  • Engine overheats
  • Engine idles poorly
  • Increased steering effort
  • Steering jams
  • Excessive vibration
  • Improper Mulching of Grass
  • Uneven Cut

8 Solutions for Cub Cadet i1046 Common Problems:

When you encounter any issue with the Cub cadet i1046, don’t panic. Because every problem of this model can be fixed easily.

All you have to do is take the right action to solve the issue. Below we will give you solutions for some specific cub cadet i1046 issues.

1. Engine Fails to Start: Find the Cause and Take the Right Action

When you face this issue, you must be careful to identify the causes. For instance, if PTO is engaged, the cub cadet i1046 engine will not start. In that case, you must place the PTO knob in a disengaged position.

Another reason for this problem is the disconnected wire of the spark plug. To troubleshoot, you must connect the spark plug wire.

The i1046 mower engine failure problem may also happen if the choke is not activated. In that case, you must pull out the CHOKE control.

You may also need to place the throttle control in the CHOKE position. If the spark plug is faulty, you must clean or adjust the gap.

If needed, don’t forget to replace it. The price of the new spark plugs can be anywhere in the range of $7-$15.

2. Engine Overheats: Add Adequate Oil or Encourage Proper Airflow in the Engine

Another issue many cub cadet i1046 users face is engine overheats. There are mainly two reasons for this. Firstly, the engine oil level is low. In that case, you will need to refill the crankcase with adequate oil.

Secondly, maybe airflow is restricted in the  i1046 lawn mower engine. If it is the issue, you must remove the restriction.

Eliminate any grass clippings or debris from the cooling fins of the engine. It should encourage proper airflow and the engine will not overheat anymore.

3. Engine Idles Poorly: Replace Spark Plug or Clean Air Cleaner Cartridge

There can be several reasons that may play a role in creating this issue. If cub cadet i1046’s spark plugs are fouled, faulty or there are too wide gaps in the spark plugs, the engine will idle poorly.

In that case, you must adjust the spark plug gap. You may also need to replace the spark plugs as well. Make a budget for $7- $15 for each new spark plug.

Besides, if the i1046’s air cleaner is dirty, the engine also idles poorly. To solve this issue, you will need to replace the air cleaner cartridge. If there is any pre-cleaner equipped, you must clean or eliminate it.

4. Increased Steering Effort: Lubricate the Steering and Clean Debris from the Steering

Sometimes you may experience increased steering effort on your cub cadet i1046. There are mainly two causes for this problem. The first one is lack of adequate lubrication. If it is the main cause, you should lubricate the steering.

Make sure to apply grease in the arms and axle pivot bar of the i1046 lawnmower’s steering. If the steering gets proper lubrication, the problem will be solved.

Besides, if there is debris in the gears of the steering, this issue may also happen. In that case, firstly, you will need to cover the steering gears and then clean the debris.

5. Steering Jams: Clean Steering Gears: Clean Gears

Another common issue with the steering of Cub cadet i1046 is steering jams or you may feel a tight spot in the steering. No wonder, this issue will definitely waste your valuable time. If debris gathers in the steering gears, this problem happens.

To solve this issue, you must remove the cover from the steering gears. Then, clean all debris from there and your problem will be solved.

6. Excessive Vibration: Tighten or Replace the Blade

When you are using an i1046 lawn mower, excessive vibration may cause inconvenience which may hamper the overall efficiency of this unit. Mainly two causes can create this vibration issue.

If the cutting blade is not properly balanced or loose, you might face this issue. To fix it, you should properly tighten the blade and spindle. The cutting blade should be properly balanced as well.

Besides, for any reason, if the cutting blade is bent or damaged, there will be too much vibration. In that case, you should go for a replacement of the blade.

You can easily buy a new cutting blade from any local or online shop. It may cost you $10-$40 to buy a new cutting blade.

7. Improper Mulching of Grass: Find the Cause and Take Correct Action

It is quite frustrating when the cub cadet i1046 lawn mower can’t mulch grass properly. Because it is the main purpose of this machine. There can be a couple of reasons for this problem.

For example, if the engine speed is too low, it will not mulch grass properly. To fix it, you should increase the overall speed of your lawn mower.

Another cause can be the grass is wet. You should always try to mow the lawn when the grass is dry. Because the machine cannot mulch wet grass properly.

Besides, excessively high grass can’t be mulched properly. So, you should set a height for the grass.

Then, you must mow the grass before it exceeds that height. In a nutshell, don’t let the grass exceed that specified height for better mowing performance.

Furthermore, a dull blade may cause the issue as well. In that case, you must sharpen or replace the blade. Make a budget of $10-$40 for a new cutting blade.

8. Uneven Cut: Adjust Deck, Sharpen or Replace Blade, Adjust Tire Pressure

The cub cadet i1046 lawn mower should not give you an uneven cut. There are several causes for this problem. For instance, the deck may be imbalanced. In that case, you should go for a deck adjustment from side to side.

If the blade is dull, you must replace or sharpen it. Otherwise, you will end up having uneven cuts.

Finally, there may be uneven tire pressure in the mower. To fix it, firstly, inspect the pressure in all of the tires. Make sure that all of the tires have the same pressure to prevent the uneven cut problem.


We already covered some effective solutions for the problems with this lawn mower. That said, you may still have some questions. If so, explore the FAQ section below to get answers to some commonly asked questions.

What would cause a Cub Cadet i1046 lawn mower not to start?

If your cub cadet i1046 is not starting, there can be several reasons. Possible reasons for this issue are PTO engagement, disconnected spark plug wire, empty fuel tank, stale fuel, blocked fuel line or faulty spark plug, etc.

Is Cub cadet i1046 a good commercial mower?

Of course, Cub cadet i1046 is a good commercial mower. It comes with a powerful engine and many exclusive features. If you want to mow lawns commercially, without any doubt, it can give you a decent performance.

How to fix steering jam issue in Cub cadet i1046?

This problem happens when there is debris in the steering gear. To fix this problem, you should clean the steering gears properly. However, make sure that you have removed the cover from the steering gears first.

Can you mulch taller grass with cub cadet i1046?

Cub cadet i1046 can be used for mulching grass. However, it shows a poor performance when mulching taller grass. That’s why you should not let the grass grow higher than a specified height.


It is quite undeniable that Cub Cadet i1046 is a great lawn mower. Many people use this unit to make their lawn better and beautiful. That said, users may face several issues while using this lawn mower.

If you are someone who is facing problems with this model, don’t panic. In this article, we have discussed the solutions for some common Cub Cadet i1046 problems.

we hope it was helpful and you will be able to fix any issue you may encounter in future. Just make sure that you have followed the instructions properly to get the job done successfully.

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