4 Common Problems with Cub Cadet Pro Z500 (Easy Solutions)

Cub Cadet is a well-established brand that manufactures some of the best tractors on the current market. Among them, the Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 stands out as an all time favorite tractor for users.

Aging causes some common issues with Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 tractors. The common problems for this tractor include vibration problems, improper mower mulching, engine start failure, etc.

It’s important that you know how to identify these problems and repair your tractor in due time. You’re bound to come across these problems as they have a high rate of occurrence. Read on to learn the solutions.

What Are The Common Cub Cadet Pro Z500 Problems?

The Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 has many problems, starting from its various engine problems to the low-life battery. Usually, these problems can occur on every pro Z series tractor.

The most common problems that happen to this tractor are compiled and provided below:

  1. Engine Not Starting
  2. Mower Mulching Failure
  3. Uneven Grass Cutting
  4. Unexpected Vibrations

4 Solutions For Cub Cadet Pro z500 Common Problems:

After reading reviews from users all over the world and durability testing the Cub Cadet Pro Z 500, these four problems come out on top.

By following the instructions given below, you’ll be able to fix the 4 problems or hire an expert as soon as you identify the problem.

1. Engine Not Starting: Refill And Inspect

In order to identify the root of the problem, you’ll need to know about the basic engine infos.

Cub Cadet pro z 500 has a Kawasaki FX850V 852cc engine which has a horsepower of 27hp with a torque of 56 lb.-ft.

This engine is prone to ignition coil and bad fuel processing. If you’re having trouble starting the engine and your fuel meter shows that the engine has enough fuel, your tractor is affected by this problem.

  • Start the engine a few more times. Sometimes, fuel tends to freeze up inside machines due to cold weather.
  • Inspect the ignition coil for bad parts or broken parts. Test the coil using a voltage tester and replace it if you find it damaged.
  • Open the two 28-liter fuel tanks, drain the fuel, and insert premium fuel.
  • The engine might require some time to process the new fuel. Don’t start using the tractor immediately, let the fuel start circulating first.

The problem of the engine not starting for the Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 should be fixed after following these steps.

Don’t panic if the tank appears full but the engine isn’t starting, just call an expert and tell him about the issue.

2. Mower Mulching Failure: Inspect And Replace/Repair

A mower mulching kit is an additional tool that is compatible with the Cub Cadet Pro Z 500. However, mulching failure occurs due to both mechanical and environmental errors.

Wet grass, broken or bent blade, and tall grass will cause mulching failure in a few minutes.

Unless you have mechanical expertise and understand mechanical terms, calling an expert is highly recommended to fix your cub cadet pro z 500 tractor’s mulching problem.

  • If your tractor’s engine speed is too low, you need to place the throttle in a rabbit position.
  • Check the sharpness of the blade. If it’s dull, sharpen it or replace the blade if it’s old and rusty.
  • Mulching won’t work on very tall grass, so the next best thing is to adjust the cutting height. Mow once in the highest mowing height and then use a narrow cutting swath.
  • Keep in mind that grass cannot be mulched when it is wet.  Wait for the grass to dry.

The full checkup for the mulching kit will require around $500, including the expert’s payment.

However, this price can increase to $1000 or more if most parts of your tractor need replacing.

3. Uneven Grass Cutting: Requires A Few Readjustments

This problem is noticeable when you pay attention to the grass on your lawn after you think you’ve done a great job. Such problems can be agitating and occur commonly on Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 tractors.

Many stakeholders, such as a blunt blade, lack of sufficient power, and improper adjustment of the seat, are responsible for uneven grass cutting.

Note that, you can fix this problem by yourself or hire an expert for simple repairs/replacements.

This issue is simply repairable without having any prior knowledge of how tractors work, but you can hire a professional, which will cost you about $360, give or take $200.

The parts that require readjustments are provided below for manual repair:

  • If the blade is dull or old, sharpen it or replace it with a compatible one accordingly.
  • Your deck might not be properly level. Performing a level adjustment from side to side should fix the problem.
  • Check for low air pressure in any of the four tires and fill it with air once you find it. To make things easier, fill all tires with adequate air.

These adjustments are bound to fix this common problem, and you will be ready to mow smoothly in no time.

Note: Check every time by starting your tractor and mowing for a while after you readjust any of the mechanisms to identify the root of the problem.

4. Unexpected Vibrations: Repair or Replace The Cutting Blade

The Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 has a powerful Kawasaki engine that has superior durability, so there’s no chance for parts to break down and vibrate.

Even a brand-new Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 might exhibit this issue, which is purely connected to the cutting blade.

If the cutting blade is defective from the beginning, you can use your warranty to get it changed or repaired.

If your tractor has gone through a lot of work and aged, you need to simply repair the cutting blade.

Once you experience any unbearable vibration from your tractor that is more than usual, check the blade using the method provided below:

  • Turn off your Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 tractor and tilt it to the side.
  • Check the blade of the tractor for any dirt and clean it accordingly.
  • Next, inspect all the blades and make repairs if any of them have bent.
  • Additionally, check if any of the blades have rust or broken off.
  • Finally, replace the blade cutter with a new one if repairs don’t fix the issue.

The price of blade cutters compatible with the Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 ranges from $60-$120. Anyway, you can always hire an expert to do the job for you.


The Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 has been on the market for quite some time now and its problems are being reported regularly. Amid these common problems, there are some intricate and common questions asked frequently by users online.

How to cut tall grass using a Cub Cadet Pro Z 500?

You need to readjust your deck to a higher level and mow through the tall grass. Once it has been mown to a smaller size, readjust your deck back to the normal level.

Why is my cub cadet pro z 500 consuming too much fuel?

The tractor requires some downtime after 5-6hours of continuous usage. It’s best that you give the tractor mower some rest and let it cool down.

Does the battery of a Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 last for 5 years?

No, most Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 batteries have a mediocre battery that is expected to last 3 years. The cost of the cub cadet battery is $1,400 each.

Can I drive my Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 by filling one tank?

Yes, as long as there is fuel in any of the tanks, the tractor will move and work with mediocre productivity. However, it is recommended that you fill both tanks for the best results.

Why does my Cub Cadet Pro Z 500 keep losing power frequently?

The root of this problem is a dirty carburetor that’s causing issues in processing the fuel. Drain your tractor’s fuel and clean the tanks and carburetor properly to solve the problem.


Lawn mowers are of utmost necessity for anyone with a background. Nothing provides the comfort of a lawn mower and cub cadet pro z 500 enhances that experience with its zero-turn feature.

All in all, cub cadets will face some problems from time to time but the good news is that the expense behind these fixes is pretty cheap. This specific tractor is a worthwhile machine and has additional features as well as aftermarket upgrades.

So now that you know about the 4 most common problems with Cub Cadet Pro Z 500, you can identify and deal with them as soon as they strike. Have a wonderful day and thank you for your time.

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