Common Cub Cadet Mower Steering Problems and Easy Solutions

The steering is a primary source of control in your cub cadet mower. Any problem to this unit is likely to disrupt the overall control significantly. And, the sudden loss of control in the middle of the mowing could lead to injuries or valuable property damage.

Unfortunately, Even the best lawn mower could experience problems with the steering. So, it is crucial to troubleshoot your steering mechanism and fix it.

A variety of problems could arise with Cub Cadet steering, including stiff steering, loose steering wheel, misaligned Cub Cadet steering arms, and many more.

This article will guide you through the problems you could have with your cub cadet steering and how to solve them. Keep reading.

Quick Table for Cub Cadet Steering Problems and Solutions

Here is a single table that gives all the possible problems, symptoms, and solutions for cub cadet steering.

Hard to Turn the Steering Wheel? lubricate the shaft and pay special attention to worn parts
? Clean dirt or grass from any connection
? Remove steering bushing
Loose Steering Wheel? Examine each steering connection
? Tighten steering gear
Misaligned Cub Cadet Steering ArmsStep by step process
? Turn it off.
? Unscrew the bolts
? adjusting each arm
? Tighten the bolts.
Power steering problems? Do not operated at all low on fluid.
? Repair the leak  
Vibration in the Steering? Replace the bent rims
? Check the wheel alignment.  

Cub Cadet Steering Problems, Symptoms, and Solutions:

We have researched many forums to identify the possible problems you could face with cub cadet steering and find possible solutions.

Problem-1: Hard to Turn the Steering Wheel

You have a difficult time turning the steering wheel properly. It happens for a variety of reasons.


The steering wheel gets stiff. You cannot move it right or left.


There are possible reasons your cub cadet mower has a “hard to turn” steering issue. We have listed them below.

  • Lack of enough fluid in the system could lead to this problem.
  • The steering rack or gear gets damaged, Due to outside debris and internal temperature.
  • Damage in inner bushings can cause the steering wheel to stiff.
  • Lack of pressure from the power steering pump.


You cannot move your mower one inch farther without solving this issue. We have identified potential solutions for this problem.

  • Properly lubricate the shaft and pay special attention to worn parts or bushings along the steering shaft.
  • Usually, the steering arms are connected to the shaft. Make sure nothing prevents them from turning, such as dirt or grass.
  • Ensure there is no steering bushing, which may be worn out, where the wheels attach to the steering arms and axles.

Finally, if you can ensure nothing is binding the steering, you properly lubricate the system and change all worn-out parts. You should not face any steering issues.

Problem-2: Loose Steering Wheel

The steering wheel gets loose. As a result, you are unable to move the wheel correctly. It does not matter how hard you try wheel turn a small amount.


When you have loose steering, the first thing you’ll notice is overturning, which occurs when you spin the steering wheel a bit further than you intended.


There could be multiple reasons for Steer loosening, and by knowing them, you can very well know how to solve this problem.

  • Steering gear get loosed
  • Loose of wheel bearing
  • The linkage that connects the steering box to the wheel may be damaged.
  • Also, examine the links that click the steering box to the rack.


Solutions for the loose steering wheel are given below.

  • Examine each steering connection for any signs of wear and tear. To do so, you must first examine the steering box.
  • Tighten steering gear.
  • Maybe Adjusting or replacing wheel bearings could solve the problem.

Problem-3: Misaligned Cub Cadet Steering Arms

Another issue with the steering is misalignment. As a result, you are unable to steer your cub cadet correctly.


A possible sign of misalignment could be as a mirror as noise and as significant as trembling. All the misalignment signs are given below.

  • Your steering wheel is slightly off-center when you’re traveling straight.
  • Your steering wheel is trembling.
  • Steering that makes a lot of noise.
  • Pulling to one side or the other.


There are a few reasons for wheel misalignment, these are:

  • Heavy use or as your cub cadet ages, resulting in Worn parts.
  • While driving, you collide with anything that has a significant impact and causes misalignment.
  • If the suspension height is not adjusted


Well, there is a step by step solutions for the misalignment problems that are given below. By following them, you may fix the steering problem.

  • If the mower is turned on, turn it off.
  • Unscrew the bolts on your Cub Cadet’s left and right control arms using a wrench.
  • You might need to move the steering arm right to left. after adjusting each arm as it is supposed to be re-tighten the bolt
  • Finally, make sure the steering arms are adjusted from front to back, then tighten the remaining bolts.

Problem-4: Power steering problems

This is one of the most common problems. It happens due to a leak in the power steering systems. You can solve the issue and get back to work in no time.


There are symptoms that we write them below. You will be able to identify whether your mower has any power steering problems.

  • The steering needs far too much effort.
  • The pump buzzes as if it’s working hard.
  • Squealing Noise upon Starting Your mower


For the power steering issue, lack of flued is the main problem, but we have identified more reasons.

  • Poor quality fluid
  • It could be that clogged filters sucking air into the system
  • Low power steering fluid
  • Power steering fluid leak


By the way, the solution for the steering problems is relatively easy to follow. Possible solutions are given below.

  • First, your cub cadet should not be operated on low fluid.
  • You may buy a new Cub filter and 2 gallons of Hy-Trans from Cub Cadet.
  • If there is a leak, repair the seals to stop the leak.

Problem-5: Vibration in the Steering

Vibration in the steering is a common form of a steering problem. Well, symptoms are pronounced, but there could be multiple reasons and many solutions.


Usually, when you start the engine, the steering wheel vibrates. Also, vibration can occur when you brake.


There could be several reasons for steering vibration. And it is not true that only steering components are responsible for vibration. There could be so many system parts that are responsible for steering vibration. A few common reasons for steering vibration are given below.

  • Imbalance wheel assemblies might send vibration the steering
  • Damaged rims. If snow or dirt gets stuck into the rim.
  • Damaged tires
  • Worn steering or suspension components


Well, we have identified the potential reasons. Now let’s see the solutions for the vibration problems.

  • Begin by inspecting all four wheels, and if you notice any bent rims, replace them. Also, check for any uneven tread wire.
  • Driving on rocky terrain results in an imbalance in wheel alignment. So double-check the wheel alignment.
  • After checking the wheel alignment, look for any damaged rims and replace or repair them if necessary.


Which Cub Cadet mower has power steering?

The GSX model of cub cadet has power steering. It has many benefits: it reduces driver fatigue, lowers the torque, and allows continuous steering function.

How long do Cub Cadet riding mowers last?

It depends on the maintenance. If you maintain the mower properly, it will last longer. On average, Cub Cadet lawn mowers have a lifespan of 1000 hours of operation.


A steering problem is common in almost all vehicles. And it is likely that your cub cube mower will develop a steering problem at some point. So, understanding how to troubleshoot and solve the gearing issues are crucial.

In this article, we have addressed five potential steering issues that you might encounter. We have also discussed the possible solutions for these problems. We believe you will be able to diagnose the problems and repair them to make yourself happy and safe.

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