Common Problems with Cub Cadet Tank M60 and Easy Solutions

Like any other mowers, the cub cadet tank m60 has issues you may not experience before and might delay your landscape maintenance. No worries, facing such problems is rather apparent.

If you ask me for a reason, I can give you two. First, normal wear and tear occur after hours of mowing the lawn. Second, everything has a lifespan so does M60.

Here are a few potential problems that you could face: poor engine performance, clicking sound while attempting to start, Insufficient hydraulic fluid pressure, battery issues, and many more.

This article will address these problems in more detail and provide you with corresponding checkup tips you need to fix them.

Quick Table for Cub Cadet Tank M60 Problems, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions

Take a look at the table below. You will get a clear picture of the issues and their symptoms and possible solutions.

1. M60 Poor PerformanceReplace old or Dirt fuel with the fresh oneClean or change the filter
2. M60 Engine knocksUse the proper fuel and remove the contaminated oil Reduce the load of the engineCheck the oil levelCooling fan gets clogged
3. M60 Engine does not startReplace the contaminated fuel and add fresh fuelClean the filter or replace itFor wear and tear of any parts like the brake pedal, install a new oneClean the carburetor  
4. Hydraulic Issue with Cub Cadet M60Check the fluid level.Clean the oil filter If the hydraulic pump is defective, change or prepare itCheck the cylinder and repair it  
5. Cub Cadet Battery Keep DyingTight wearing connectionConnect the wiring harness as requiredIf necessary, change the terminalRecharge the battery  

Cub Cadet Tank M60 Problems, Reasons, Symptoms, and Solutions:

Problems with your cub cadet are a pretty obvious thing. Knowing about them ahead of time may assist you in preparing for a bad situation. Here, we have selected a few of them and discussed them. Let’s go on.

Problem 1: Cub Cadet M60 Poor Performance

The engine’s poor performance may have undesirable consequences, but it also has some drawbacks. That’s why it’s essential to diagnose and resolve the issue if you want m60 to run smoothly for a long time.


Knowing early signs and assessing them is crucial and prepares you for unavoidable circumstances. Here are a few of them:

  • Loss of power
  • Poor gas mileage and spattering noise
  • Bad Smell


As minor issues as improper octane and as major issues as clogging in the system can cause the engine’s poor performance. There are other reasons, too, and those are-

  • Old fuel or Dirt in the fuel system
  • The plugged fuel filter, and a faulty spark plug.
  • Loose wiring connection
  • Bad spark plug


Surprisingly a simple tune-up could solve this issue, or you might have to change or replace necessary parts. Let’s find out the possible solutions:

  • Replace old or Dirt fuel with fresh one
  • Sometimes suppliers blend fuel. By changing suppliers, you can avoid this issue.
  • Clean or change the filter

Problem 2: Cub Cadet M60 Engine knocks

Usually, when inaccurate combustion in the cylinder occurs, the cub cadet produces a knock, or even the uneven fuel burn leads to this problem. To help you solve this issue, we have discussed the reasons and solutions for this problem.

Symptoms: Engine knock produces a pretty unusual sound.


There are many reasons. One significant reason is that air or fuel mixture explodes outside of the regular combustion front, or maybe fuel ignites before it should. Other reasons include:

Stale fuel

  • If the oil level goes down
  • Engine overload
  • If damage occurs in the piston rings or cylinder bore
  • Sometimes engine overheating might produce this issue.


To solve the issue, you can do the following.

  • Use the proper fuel and remove the contaminated oil
  • Reduce the load of the engine
  • Check the oil level whether it gets too low
  • If the cooling fan gets clogged, it produces overheats and results in an engine knock.

Problem 3: Cub Cadet M60 Engine does not start.

If the engine does not start, it is a pretty shocking experience for you. No worries, we will have a detailed discussion on the issue. Let’s jump on it.

Symptoms: The engine does not start, or the ignition fails to send the spark to the combustion.


Engine failure or fail to start is quite a big issue. It might be caused by a simple reason as loose cables or as big reason as the damaged carburetor. Here are a few other reasons that you might look for-

  • Overlook reasons like an empty gas tank
  • Check the valve and compression system
  • Faulty spark plug
  • The clogged fuel filter and carburetor


Since there could be multiple reasons and finding the exact source could be challenging, solutions are not as obvious. However, the possible solutions you might consider:

  • Replace the contaminated fuel and add fresh fuel
  • Clean the filter or replace it
  • For wear and tear of any parts like the brake pedal, install a new one
  • Clean the carburetor

Problem 4: Hydraulic Issue with Cub Cadet M60

Hydraulic of your cub cadet has a wide variety of applications. Anything that happens to this system increases fluid pressure and other associated issues.

Symptoms: There are a few easily detectable symptoms that are

  • Spattering noise
  • High fluid temperature
  • Load-bearing capacity might reduce


The main culprit behind the hydraulic issue Is Insufficient hydraulic fluid. Dirty hydraulic fluid filters may also be responsible for this problem. Besides, there are other reasons those are

  • Leakage in the Hydraulic pipe
  • Malfunction in the Hydraulic cylinder
  • Incorrect fluid type
  • Clogged in the hydraulic filter element


You can try the following to solve the issue

  • Check the fluid level.
  • Clean the oil filter
  • If the hydraulic pump is defective, change or prepare it
  • Check the cylinder and repair it

Problem 5: Cub Cadet Battery Keep Dying

If the battery does not work correctly, there is a chance that your engine will become sluggish. So before it is too late, check the battery for the possible energy drain.


Symptoms that indicate battery problems are:

  • Backfiring
  • Light fails to illuminate properly
  • Turning the key on, you might hear the clicking sound.


Factors that might work for battery damage are given below

  • Corroded electrical wire connection
  • Low battery voltage, since the battery is drained
  • Improperly connected wiring
  • Corroded battery terminal


The following solutions may help you resolve the issue

  • Make sure wiring connections are tightened
  • Connect the wiring harness as required
  • If necessary, change the terminal
  • Recharge the battery


How long does Cub Cadet M60 last?

The answer to this question greatly depends on how you have taken care of your mower. Regular maintenance increases the mower's lifespan, while lack of maintenance makes your m60 vulnerable to premature wear and tear. On average, M60 lasts for 800-1000 machine hours.

Is Cub Cadet M60 a good investment?

Yes, it is a good investment. With a durable Kawasaki engine the M60 will give goo dperformance at an affordable price.


It is rather usual for machines to develop issues. So does m60. It might have problems after many years of use. Many of them are easy to solve on your own, while others necessitate the use of unique skills.

If you have basic repairing knowledge of how to troubleshoot and fix problems, you might efficiently resolve minor issues without experts’ help, consequently saving money and time. In addition, such knowledge will make you feel more empowered in your vehicle.

Above all, do regular checks for wire and tear. And of course, now you have our description of common Cub Cadet Tank M60 issues, along with symptoms and causes. We hope you’ve gained a lot of knowledge from our writing.

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