What are the Solutions of Kubota BX2660 Problems?

The Kubota BX2660 tractor is one of the greatest on the market. But this model, like everything else, isn’t perfect. As a result, after a few years of use, you may encounter certain issues.

Tractor not starting, overheating of diesel, transmission problem, engine stopping abruptly, insufficient power, and slipping of throttle lever are several common problems the users face.

That is not an issue to be concerned about because you can easily correct them using the appropriate guidelines. So, whether you’re in the market for a new Kubota BX2660 or already own one, I’ll walk you through the most prevalent issues with this tractor and offer solutions.

Starting IssueTroubleshoot the wiring and fuel
OverheatingCleanse filter and blades
Transmission ProblemFix the clutch and wires
Engine Stopping AbruptlyClean air and fuel filter
Insufficient PowerInspect compressor and fuel pump
Slipping of Throttle LeverTighten the throttle handle

6 Problems with Kubota BX2660 and Their Solutions:

Here are some difficulties regarding the Kubota BX2660:

1. Starting Issue:

The problem of a tractor not starting is a typical one. It is primarily due to a shortage of gasoline. If this is not the case, the problem might be caused by a dead battery, defective cables, or the cold temperature.

When the engine’s health is low, the problem continues to recur. A filthy or rusted cable, a faulty safety switch, or a dead battery is all possibilities. Check to ensure the battery is clean and charged properly.

The Fix:

You must first troubleshoot the wiring connections to repair this problem. The problem would be solved if the wiring connections were weak or damaged.

If that’s not the case, you should examine the fuel; there might be liquid in the fuel or fuel that is too thick for cooler temperatures. Allow it to warm up to solve the issue.

If the battery wires appear to be unclean or broken, they should be replaced. An Ohm meter may be used to check the voltage of your Kubota BX2660 safety switch to verify that your battery is receiving enough voltage.

2. Overheating:

Overheating is a problem for consumers. It might be due to a clogged air filter. The engine will be unable to provide sufficient power due to the breakdown of the fuel supply to the engine.

Furthermore, cooling fins might be a substantial contributor to this issue. Overloaded engines, incorrect gears, and defective or unbalanced belt tension might also be contributing factors. 

Many factors might cause your tractor’s diesel to overheat, one being a defective cooling system. It is extremely hazardous to the tractor as well as its surroundings.

The Fix:

If you want to fix the problem of overheating, lower the engine load by slowing down your tractor velocity while operating. You get the most out of your Kubota BX2660 tractor, be sure to set the gear and belt tightness.

Fins that are clogged will not be able to fix the situation. You should also inspect and cleanse the filters and blades regularly.

3. Transmission Problem:

This is the issue in the transmission shift if your Kubota BX2660’s clutch seems stronger than usual. While trying to reverse, transmissions may change erratically.

This issue typically arises when you lose control of your clutch. As a result, the clutches or links may be defective.

The Fix:

You should investigate this issue and determine the root cause. If the problem is caused by a malfunctioning clutch, you’ll need to fix or change the clutches. 

But, if the connection is faulty, you’ll need to fix the wires.

4. Engine Stopping Abruptly:

Many Kubota tractor owners have claimed that the tractor begins but then abruptly stops after some time. It might be that they are in the process of mowing their grass, causing a disruption.

Whenever the fuel or air filter is jammed or congested, this occurs. If you can’t get your engine to start, the gas may have been combined with diesel fuel.

If two fuels have been combined, you must empty and then cleanse the fuel system to get your Kubota engine back up and running.

The Fix:

Make that the fuel filter, nozzles, and pipe are all clear of any dirt. Also, double-check that the fuel nozzles and pipe are attached to the correct fuel source.

Disconnect and clean the air filter. If you discover that the filters are irreparably damaged, you may have to spend money on new filters.

If there is air in the fuel system, tighten each component attached to the fuel line to eliminate the air and prevent any future air from entering the system.

5. Insufficient Power:

If you think your Kubota BX2660 isn’t producing enough power, it’s quite improbable. Due to a lack of power, the tractor moves slowly or stutters.

It’s possible that the needle and needle body aren’t linked properly. This is a typical reason for your tractor’s loss of power. Another cause of this issue is incorrect fuel pump pressing.

The Fix:

You should examine the compressor and nozzles to resolve this issue. This issue is caused by low compression and insufficient automation in the nozzle. If this occurs, you may have to get your tractor serviced.

If the needle and needle body are not properly attached, they may need to be fixed or changed. This frequently results in low power.

Check the fuel pump for any broken or damaged parts. Any parts that have been damaged will need to be changed.

6. Slipping of Throttle Lever:

Some customers may find the throttle design bothersome since the throttle lever slides sometimes when operating the tractor. It’s possible that if you push the throttle down and place it elsewhere, it’ll return.

The pressure on the notched lever is controlled by the two jam nuts on the bottom half of the throttle. However, it seems to inevitably wear down over the years.

The Fix:

This may be fixed by tightening the throttle handle using a tool. Then spin it a few times until the throttle cord responds properly.

One might argue that it isn’t a huge concern because it is readily fixed. However, some buyers would agree that they do not anticipate such defects from a high-end brand like Kubota.

What Majority of the Users Feel About?

Kubota produces some of the top compact and subcompact tractors available. Their diesel engines are some of the most powerful and dependable on the market. You may learn more about how people feel about the tractor by visiting this forum.

According to forum users, a well-managed Kubota BX2660 should last around 4500 to 5500 hours. Many tractor users say that they only utilize their tractor for 100-200 hours each year, which can add up to years of use.

However, there are some drawbacks with Kubota that you may not be aware of. You look at TractorByNet to know about a few problems the users face.

Final Thoughts

Generally, Kubota tractor models have a solid reputation as some of the best agricultural gear on the market. Kubota has built a strong reputation for listening to and responding to consumer comments and complaints over the years.

But, sooner or later, every tractor will have issues. As I previously stated, there are a few issues that individuals regularly face which can be resolved.

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