Fishnure 8-pound Odorless Organic Humus Compost Review

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Are you one of those who just got into gardening and don’t know the best way to care for your plants? Then let us help you with at least one of your questions: What is the best product I can use for my garden? In this entry, we will review a product of Fishnure for you and will help you decide on whether it is worth purchasing or not.

About Fishnure

Fishnure is a fish manure-based organic fertilizer and soil conditioning humus compost. Humus compost comprises organic matter combined with clay, which is then broken down by microbes and polymerized into humus. The clay provides the structure required for the polymers to form. The fish manure used in the process is the solid waste from a high protein diet excreted by fish in a raceway, where the solid waste can be captured and removed from the water quickly before nutrients leach.

Humus is made up of decomposing organic cells. Plant growth is supported by the dark organic matter found in rich soil. You can grow plants in water, sand, or other non-humus-containing materials by artificially supplying the nutrients that plants require. This process, however, is not natural or sustainable. This is where Fishnure Humus Compost comes in handy. To create humus that contains aquatic microbes, we compost fish manure with a carbon source and a special clay.

Fishnure Humus

It is odorless, so it should make your care for your garden easier.
Even though it is expensive, it lasts longer than other products.
It is organic, which provides many benefits for your garden and plants.
Because it has a high concentration, it might make you spend less money on composts, as with even just a little amount, you will be able to care for a bigger area.
As mentioned above, composts are usually expensive, so you should be wary of that.
Beware that the effects of composting do not happen overnight. Working out requires perseverance.
You should also remember that composting necessitates a significant effort, such as moving the compost at least a few times per week to ensure proper air circulation. Not only that, but depending on the amount of compost, a lot of specific physical work can add up over time.
The last con we can provide you both specific to this product and composting is that composting is a process that requires a lot of space. So it may not be suitable for everyone, especially those with limited space. It is much better to carry out the composting process if you live in a house with plenty of space, or perhaps a large flat with a balcony.

How Can You Use Fishnure Humus Compost?

Fishnure Compost

For Planting in Pots

To make a potting mixture, combine ONE (1) part Fishnure Humus Compost and FIVE (5) parts topsoils. Water the plant thoroughly after application to ensure maximum absorption.

For Plants That Have Been Established

Apply a QUARTER (1/4) pound of Fishnure Humus Compost to the base of large, already established plants. Apply ONE (1) pound per 50 square feet of plants to smaller plants in rows or beds. The application should be made twice a year. Water thoroughly after application to ensure maximum absorption.

Vegetable Gardening

Add ONE (1) pound of Fishnure Humus Compost per 25 feet of row length. The application should be made twice a year. Water thoroughly after application to ensure maximum absorption.

The Features of Fishnure 8-pound Odorless Organic Humus

1- Organic


Fishnure 8-pound Odorless Organic Humus is an organic, living fish manure fertilizer and soil conditioner humus for indoor and outdoor plants.

Because composts are usually organic, they have a lot of benefits for your garden. First, it enriches the soil, aiding in moisture retention and suppressing plant diseases and pests.

The product also reduces the need for chemical fertilizers. It encourages the growth of beneficial bacteria and fungi that makes organic matter break down to form humus, a nutrient-rich material. In addition, Composting reduces landfill methane emissions and lowers your carbon footprint.

2- High Concentration

High Concentration

A single pound of the Fishnure treats up to 60 square feet, allowing you to cover a large area with an 8-pound bag. The product having a high concentration is a nice feature for it to have because composts and fertilizers are usually expensive. So, you might not want to purchase a bag just for it to end very quickly and make you have to buy it again in a short time.

3- Long-Lasting


Organic matter in Fishnure humus is bound to the microscopic clay particles. It will not decompose further, remaining in the soil and increasing total organic matter. This feature is also important for you to be careful when purchasing a humus compost. For your garden and plants to be at their healthiest, the product you buy must have a long-lasting effect.

4- Odorless


Fishnure Humus compost has no fishy odor and instead smells like freshly tilled soil, keeping your shed or garage fresh. This one might be one of the best features that the product has. Because as you might know, gardening can be messy and sometimes smelly. But with this product, you will at least have one of the downsides of gardening fixed.

An Alternative: 64 oz. Fish Manure Humus Compost Tea Sustainably Sourced Odorless Organic Humus Compost Tea

Fishnure compost tea is a water-based extraction of high-quality Fishnure humus compost’s soluble minerals, humic substances, and microbes. Fishnure tea is usually applied directly to the soil or as a foliar spray to the leaves. When applied to the leaves, the tea’s diverse microbial profile aids the plant’s leaves to absorb nutrients from the air. Likewise, microbes help the plant’s root system extract nutrients from the soil when applied to the soil.

You might consider this product of Fishnure as an alternative if you don’t want to mess with soil that much.


In this entry, we reviewed one of the best options you can choose if you want to use compost but don’t know if the product is good. The Fishnure 8-pound Odorless Organic Humus Compost is one of the best products you can purchase. Even if it has a few cons, we think this product’s pros have surpassed them. This product sure will make your garden more beautiful and healthier than ever.

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