Flower Garden In The Backyard

For many years now, one of the most pleasant hobbies that evoke positive emotions in many people is gardening. And not only because of the fabulous feeling of having a garden planted and grown with your own hands turned into a charming floral landscape. You’ll get incredibly nice praise from family members, friends, and people who live nearby. If you improve the appearance of your backyard, you can also give your property a more presentable look, and therefore increase the value of your home.

Self-insulation in the fresh air is the best option of all, especially if you are surrounded by a garden created with your own hands. People really enjoy spending time gardening these days, and most of them also want to relax in their own flower garden in the backyard.

For most people, the garden is a place to get away from the general anxieties of city life. Whether it’s a tiny porch, a garden with a small fountain, a small patio garden, an area with individual shrubs, or an expansive yard with a shed, lawn, and vegetable garden, you’ll want your garden to look as attractive as possible and strive to get the most out of it.

Flower Gardening in the backyard
Flower Gardening in the backyard by Frank Kelsey

Before you start setting up or improving your garden, you should start by developing a complete design. Not only will this minimize your efforts, but it potentially means that when the garden is ready, you and your loved ones can spend more time outdoors enjoying every corner of the garden.

How to Create Flower Garden in the Backyard With Different Styles

Do you dream of having your own flower garden in the backyard? Flowers add color and dimension to your landscape and make your borders much more attractive. They are also easier to work with than you think. Gardening is a skill just like any other, and you’ll definitely put in the effort, but with a little care, patience and creativity, you can create a flower garden you’ll enjoy for years to come. 

Create a Plan

First, make a plan, and study the site (soil features, sun, and shade sides).  Mark all objects: trees, buildings, fences, streams, and utilities. After that, a project for the future garden is created. Decide on the style and preferences, and think about what this garden will be used for. In the project, it is important to consider the scheme of drainage and stormwater drainage, the scheme of irrigation (if necessary), lighting and planting plan of trees, shrubs, and flower beds. However, for a small garden, such a complicated scheme will not be needed.

In order to implement the plan, you need to be charged with ideas for creating gardens in the world’s best traditions.

Backyard garden plan
Backyard garden plan

Choose a Style

Classic English Garden in the backyard – This garden is called a landscape garden. It is pleasing to the eye and emphasizes the natural beauty of nature. An English garden uses several types of plants that match in color. It should not be too variegated, so it is better to choose certain shades of colors. Only cool (white, light pink, blue, lettuce, lilac) or only warm (orange, maroon, yellow, red).

The layout is dictated by the landscape itself. Paths with irregular borders, floral arches, and many ornamental shrubs that grow as if they were given complete freedom. There is no need for strict angles and straight lines, the guests of the garden should create a feeling of simplicity and serenity.

Such a garden is convenient to create on an already established site, adding bright accents. Everything that is beautiful should be emphasized, everything that is not to your liking – cover it with flowering plants. When planning, it is worth combining flowers and shrubs that are adapted to the area. Use annuals by the paths and perennials to decorate the porch and house.

Pathways for such a garden to create from improvised natural materials, suitable brick, gravel, and paving tiles. If the path leads to a secluded place, it should be narrowed, if it follows the open space – it becomes wider. In an English garden, you can put wooden benches where it will be nice to relax or read a book. Around it is better to plant climbing roses or rose hips. The atmosphere of this garden is imbued with romance and classicism.

climbing roses
Climbing roses

Prepare the Ground

Whether you decide to create a flower bed from seed or are going to start with plants already established, you need to prepare your garden for the upcoming blooms. Use a shovel to remove all grass from where your garden will grow, including its roots. Then use a cassette to break up the dirt. This is an important step, as you want the soil to be primed to include the extra topsoil you will add later.

Buy Flowers

Many people don’t know what to do when they start planting a flower bed. You can plant hundreds of different kinds of flowers and while not all of them are ideal for every climate, you will certainly have a long list of flower varieties to choose from. What you decide depends largely on individual preferences and your design plan, although other key factors matter as well.

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Flower Garden in the Backyard in Japanese Style

It is a garden with a special philosophy, created for those who love solitude, harmony, and peace. A garden for one person, immersed in his inner world. In this place, you will not see noisy feasts and parties. As a rule, it is not even acceptable to walk here. This garden is created for contemplation. It looks beautiful in different seasons, for this planting plants and shrubs, with different terms of flowering and beautiful foliage. Evergreen trees are often used.

A miniature Japanese garden can be placed anywhere, better in the backyard, where it is easy to hide from prying eyes. From different corners opens up a new view, along the perimeter of the garden make wooden terraces, where you can sit.

The main thing here is the philosophy and composition. All elements are endowed with a special meaning, the essential will be a combination of water and stone, the symbols of male and female origin. The Japanese garden is asymmetric, the center is dominant, which represents creation – the energy of Yang. It is important to use plants that are appropriate for the area. The landscape should not be the same elements, all stones and plants should differ in shape and size. It is worth avoiding the same distances, otherwise, the garden will not look natural.

Flower Garden in the Backyard in the Provence Style

This garden is built on the principles of geometry. In a classic French garden, there is necessarily a single axis. All elements are located on the same plane, there are no differences in relief. In such a garden, ornamental shrubs are planted, which hold their shape, thanks to the crown. If there is not too much space on the plot, you can make a composition in the style of Provence next to the house.

Lavender is the main symbol of the region, which is sure to be in a French garden. In the backyard, you can plant flowers of purple and pastel colors, lush greenery, and unpretentious shrubs with small inflorescences. For this style, you need old things: stools and chairs, ceramic dishes, and knitted plaids. This garden should have a dining area for guests because the meaning of eating for the French is to communicate with friends and family.

Provence style garden
Provence style by Marc BERGBAUER

Take Care of your Flower Garden in the Backyard

Planting your garden is probably the most time-consuming part, but it will still require a lot of care as it grows. Make sure you know what each of your flowers requires in terms of watering and fertilizing, and check your garden regularly to make sure everything in it is healthy and stable.

Properly selected decorative elements attract attention and, thus, distract from the small size of the site. And this is the main task of design in this case. Original sculptures, sundials, arches, drinkers, and houses for birds, and plants – they can be originally combined with each other and create your own unique flower garden in the backyard, even on a few square meters.


It’s not an easy thing to make your own plot of land and create a flower garden in it. It requires special knowledge and experience. However, if you put in diligence, ingenuity, and industriousness, you can do it yourself, especially since the services of a landscaper cost a lot of money. Examine the area where you plan to lay out your flower garden, in the daytime. Take pictures of it from different sides and mark its perimeter on a piece of paper, noting the exact size. 

At the planning stage, you must also decide how much time and how often you are willing to devote to the care of the garden. This directly affects the choice of all the elements. If you want a flower garden in the backyard, which does not require much effort and time – allocate most of the space for gravel paths and backfills. And if you can’t imagine the backyard design without bright flowers, and beautiful shrubs, and like to work with the earth – then prepare a spacious space for planting plants.

Having a garden is only the first step to creating a beautiful backyard. After choosing the layout and the plants you will grow, you need to add the final decorative elements. 

Decorating the backyard adds character and personality. Some garden decorating ideas look pretty, some are artistic, and others are elegant and modern. What you choose for your garden will depend on your personality and what you want your garden to say about you and your home.


What are the main rules of planting?

If you live in a region with a temperate climate, planting is done in the spring, before the buds swell on the trees. In hot regions, planting is done in autumn, when the leaves begin to fall. Before you start planting it is necessary to prepare the soil: dig it and make the necessary fertilizers. Keep in mind that it is better to buy planting material from a local nursery – it will take root better. 
When choosing plants, pay attention to their quality.  The sapling should have a leading shoot and at least three branches, the roots of the shoot should be white in section. Proceeding to plant, trim the roots with a garden knife, and shorten the crown by 1/3 of its branches. Dig holes appropriate for the size of the plant – the roots should fit freely in the hole. 

How to create a flower garden in the backyard?

Examine your site very carefully, create your color palette and add potted plants. You can decorate the garden and plants planted in different containers: vases, containers, pots, bowls, and bathtubs of different sizes. For example, you can plant spirillum in a huge container, and in the fall it can be replanted because it perfectly sprouts even in darkened areas.

How to protect my flower garden?

Add a few inches of mulch to the soil to help keep weeds out and moisture in. You won’t need to water as frequently, and by shielding the soil from sunlight, you’ll stop weed seeds from sprouting. Choose from a wide range of mulches, each with its own advantages, such as river rock, straw, and chopped-up bark. 
The soil will be nourished as the organic mulch, such as bark, compost, or cocoa bean shells (which also smell good), decomposes. Choose a mulch that breaks down in a few months for a vegetable garden or a bed of annual plants. Use a mulch that will last longer, such as bark chips, for perennial plants.

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