3 Must Know Gravely Zero Turn Mowers Hydraulic Problems (Solution Added!)

Gravely, as a successful brand has been serving the tractor industry for a long time. But consumers do face some obvious problems and issues, which can be a bit technical. You might think how hard that will be?

There is not much to worry about. I have gathered some of the problems and briefly described the solution in the article accordingly. 

Here I have decided to discuss some of the common issues that you might face with Gravely zero turn hydraulic mowers. 

1. Hydrostatic Transmission Problem:

Hydrostatic transmission is a serious concern for zero-turn mowers. But it’s not so vicious if you notice it before the harm is done. 

It basically happens when the air takes the place over oil. If the machine is full of air instead of oil, it cannot provide the power the engine needs.

This is one of the general issues along the way. But you must warm it up before starting a new season. 

So, better sort it out or you are going to have a sluggish starting of the season. 

I have explained below some steps to get rid of the transmission issue:

Check the Tires

You must check the tires if they are aired perfectly as per the specs. The correct air pressure level is an important concern for your safety that cannot be overlooked. Mostly, when you ride a Hydraulic mower. 

The Correct Fluid

Try to use the branded fluid recommended by your manufacturer. Standard hydraulic oil works for some mowers but it is always suggested to use the branded one. It can make a big difference. 

Must Check Tips

There are some certain places of the mower that need to be checked quite in a while. For the betterment, do it periodically. 

Checking the oil levels: Check if the oil level is at the recommended level by your expert. Add or lose if needed. 

Looking for leaks: This can be really hazardous for the health of the engine. Check for leaks or damages and repair them as necessary. 

Checking the air filter: Check if the filter is dirty with dust or other things. If so, then clean or change it as required. 

2. Tough to Operate on Wet Ground

It’s really difficult to operate a zero-turn mower in sloppy or wet grounds. 

But there are some precautions you might want to check out before getting yourself stuck- 

  • Start with an easy manner and a gentle speed while driving over the grass.
  • Look out for bumpy areas like medium-sized stones.
  • Adding some weights to the tires can do a good job.
  • Check out the tire air pressure and keep it at the recommended PSI level.
  • If it’s too muddy then avoid mowing for the day.

Well, besides these, follow the instructions that are given by your manufacturer. It can be wearing protection for your head. 

3. Emission Problems

Emission problems can be a bit tricky but you can solve them by following some tricks- 

  • Try to go with the new models, they have the lower smog feature added. 
  • Mow at a lower speed. 
  • Make sure that the mower is in tiptop condition

Besides them, you can also change the blades for a better outcome. Here is how to change the blades of a zero-turn mower:

N.B.: Before starting, wear thick gardening gloves to keep your hands safe. 

Step 01: Disconnect the plug wires. Then park your mower on level ground, now you are all set to remove the blade belt. 

Step 02: By removing the blade belt, it gives you access to the blades. Lower the ZT’s deck to the lowest setting. 

Step 03: Now it’s your turn to remove the cutting deck. First, you have to disconnect the mounting pins. 

Then you must release the hanging brackets from the deck. 

Finally, to pull the deck out, you have to push the mower deck a bit forward and now you can release the deck from the front bracket.

Step 04: Next, you need to remove the mower cutting blades. You will have to turn over the mower deck to access the cutting blades. 

Then, to avoid the blade turning while you are working with the bolt, place a block of wood (preferable size) between the deck and the cutting blade. 

Remove the bolt setting up the cutting blade with a wrench. Rotate it anti-clockwise and execute the cutting blade. Don’t forget the bolt/nut, you will need it to fit back the deck. 

Step 05: It’s time to set up the new blades. Position the new blade (it should be marked which side to go first) on the shaft and put back the bolt. 

Then squeeze it with your wrench until the blade is placed properly. 

Step 06: Now to put the mower deck back in its place. Flip the mower deck and place it back in. 

Before reconnecting the mounting pins to secure the deck, reinstall the front bracket and the hanging brackets properly. 

Step 07: The final step is to reconnect the blade belt. You have to reconnect the drive belt onto your unit’s electric clutch. 

Then push back your blade belt in its place over the blade pulley on the left side. Organize the pulley cover as it was before.

Now that the new blades are set, plug the mower in and test it to see if it’s satisfying or not. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

 Is a gravely zero turn mower good? 

Gravely holds a noticeable place in the tractor business. They are proudly providing the consumers the best mowers yet at a reasonable price. If you are new at this, Gravely ZT mowers are the best ones to start with. 

When should I change the hydraulic fuel on my zero-turn mower? 

It is suggested by the experts to change the hydraulic fuel and the filter after the first 75 hours of performance and then every 400 hours after. But do check the filter frequently to prevent the dust blockage. Replace it if required. 


Gravely always tries to deliver the best features within a really good budget. They are quite popular for the quality products they offer. But there are always limitations to the technical products. You never know what’s coming for you. 

However, some problems are pretty basic and can easily be resolved. I have discussed some of them in the article. You can also contact the gravely support teams, they have a good response rate on that too.

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