Husqvarna Self Propelled Lawn Mower Troubleshooting (Detailed Guide)

Since 1620, Husqvarna has been prevailing in the industry. And in the year of 1995, the Husqvarna self-propelled lawnmower has emerged. Many of us choose this mower for its good features. 

However, it can also grow some problems with time, just like any other machine. Steering problems, vibration issues, power issues – these can be seen. 

Here in this article, I am going to discuss the Husqvarna self-propelled lawn mower troubleshooting. Let’s see the most common problems users face with it and their probable solutions.

7 Most Common Problems and Solution of Husqvarna Self Propelled Lawn Mower

1. Mower Does Not Start

A number of factors can cause your mower not to start. The very first reason can be an empty fuel tank. The mower can’t propel without fuel. So, fill the tank in that case. 

Besides old or bad fuel, water mixed fuel can cause damage to the fuel system and prevent your mower from starting. If that is the reason, empty the fuel tank first and then fill it with fresh, clean fuel.

Apart from the fuel thing, a plugged air filter can prevent airflow, eventually resulting in this problem. Clean the air filter or replace it if it is in bad condition. 

The mower can’t start if the spark plug is excessively dirty and damaged or the spark plug wire is not connected properly. Replace the spark plug and connect it securely with the proper gap according to the manufacturer’s specifications. 

The other reasons can be a loosened blade or broken blade adapter. Tighten the blade bolt and replace the adapter if it is broken. 

If the battery and charging system doesn’t work properly, your mower won’t get power to start. Hence, you need to keep them in check. 

Finally, if the control bar is defected or the fuse is blown, replace them.

If you can’t identify the specific failed component, take help from the local Husqvarna dealer.

2. Poor or Uneven Cut

Most of the time, it happens due to mower deck failure. The Clogged or unlevelled mower deck or damaged deck shell can cause an uneven cut.

Clean the deck or replace it when necessary. But it’s not always about the deck. Worn, bent, or loose blades can cause poor cuts. Replace the blade and tighten the blade bolt.  

Always set all wheels at the same height, keep the pressure the same in both tires and operate the mower properly to prevent unusual cuttings. 

3. Excessive Vibration

Sometimes your Husqvarna mower shakes, and it can happen due to having some broken parts or because of the debris stuck under the pulleys or around the spindle. 

Replace the damaged blades if there are any and tighten the blade and engine bolts and replace the missing ones. 

Remove all debris from the mentioned components and replace them if necessary. 

Replace the clutch if it is damaged. If the reason is a bent engine crankshaft, you need to contact Husqvarna or other qualified service centers. 

4. Loss of Power

Your Husqvarna mower can die while mowing when the fuel system or the air filtration system is clogged.

If the reason is bad fuel, refill the fuel tank with fresh fuel after draining it. 

Check the air filter and clean or replace it. Dirty carburetors and dirty or broken cooling fins can also cause this. 

Clean all related components with carburetor and cooling fins and replace them if they are broken. If the fuel line is clogged, use a carb cleaner and compressed air to clear it. 

5. Mower Won’t Steer Correctly 

Sometimes the mower cannot drive straight and veer off to the right or left. Several reasons can be behind it. In most cases, incorrect tire pressure is the culprit. 

So, check the tire pressure and keep them filled to the manufacturers’ specs. 

Always keep the pressure equal in both tires. Worn components in the steering system should be replaced. 

If one tire is moving faster than the other, adjust the speed adjustment bolts to change the rotation speed of the tire. Follow the manual for this. 

6. Mower Is Smoking

This is an alarming problem when you see smoke coming from your mower. It happens when your engine runs too rich that it burns off more fuel than air. 

Oil leaks, insufficient engine oil, and internal engine problem can also cause smoke.

If the engine oil level is too low or too much, make it to the recommended level. 

If it is related to an internal engine problem, take your mower to a nearby service store. Don’t forget to check whether the air filter is clean or not.

7. Mower Is Not Moving 

This is a very common problem that most users face. The mower won’t self-propel for various reasons. One probable reason can be worn drive belt. 

The mower cannot move if the drive pump belt is fallen off or worn. 

So, make sure the belt is in good condition and properly secured around the pulleys. 

Sometimes mower doesn’t move if it is in the wrong position. The bearing in the tensioner pulley may also fail. Replace it if it is the reason.  

Some Husqvarna mowers have a small key in the axle. If it falls out of place, the mower won’t move. Replace the missing key in the axle. The same goes for a missing or broken idler spring. 

Besides, low or old hydraulic oil, hot hydraulic fluid, and air in the hydraulic system can also be behind this problem. 

Take the respective measures to fix it; change the oil regularly, let it become cool, and follow Husqvarna’s procedures for changing the hydraulic fluid and bleeding air from the system in your owner’s manual. 

These reasons are related to hydraulic transmission. That’s why they can cause weak hydraulic transmission too. The remedies are the same.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

Why Does My Husqvarna Mower Sputter Then Die?

If it happens, then either the carburetor is ditty or the gas is bad.  So clean the carburetor and fill the fuel tank with clean gas. Make sure the gas is not old or stale.

Will A Normal Husqvarna Mower Smoke?

No, if your mower is in good condition, its engine won’t smoke. Black smoke gets emitted when the engine is getting too much gas. Clean or replace the air filter to fix that. If the smoke is blue or white, there is excessive oil in the engine. Refill the oil to the recommended level. 

Why Isn’t My Mower Self Propelling?

The reason for this can be manifold. Check the V-belt if is worn or not adjusted well. Worn drive pulley, gear box or defective transmission can also be the culprit. Also, don’t forget to check the self propel cable. Once you’ve figured out the failed component, repair it or fix it. 

Final Words

With proper maintenance, you can spend a lot of time with your Husqvarna self-propelled mower. And if you have gone through this article well, you’ll be able to troubleshoot most of the problems you may find. 

However, there can be some other problems too in rare cases. I recommend you to contact the nearest service center or a mechanic in that case.

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