8 Most Common Problems with KUBOTA BX2200

The KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor is an excellent machine for homeowners and farmers alike. Its features make it a powerful workhorse that can get the job done quickly and efficiently.

However, like any other machine, there are always going to be problems that you will have to deal with eventually. In this post, we will go over some of the most common problems that people experience with a KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor and offer solutions on how to fix them!

Most Common Problems With KUBOTA BX2200:

It’s natural to face several major & minor problems throughout the lifespan of a lawn tractor, you just need to detect the cause and solve it accordingly. Here are some probable case scenarios that may occur to your KUBOTA BX2200-

1. Engine Problems

The engine of a KUBOTA BX2200 is one of the first things you should look into when the machine’s not working properly, after all the engine goes through a lot. A faulty engine can rise to many problems, such as-

Problem 1: The KUBOTA BX2200 Isn’t Starting

This is the most common problem with a KUBOTA BX2200. It can be caused by several factors, but it’s usually related to these reasons-

The main reason that your lawn tractor isn’t starting is because the battery isn’t working. Check if the connections are tight and your alternator belt is in good condition. And check the acid level to see if your battery needs a refill.

Also, there might be an air bubble trapped inside the fuel line (try running some petrol through). If this doesn’t work try pressing on the gas tank filter (or making sure it’s not blocked). Check for any other problems before assuming that you need a new carburetor.

Another reason your lawn tractor isn’t starting/ having trouble to start is that the thermostat is stuck. You can try to reset it by disconnecting the battery then taking off the air filter, starter motor, and radiator cap (if your lawn tractor has a water hose) before turning on the ignition again – or you could just replace it with a new one!

If your lawn tractor won’t run at all, see if you can find any fuel coming from the carburetor or gas tank filter. If not, check to see if there’s a spark first. If yes, it might be time to call up the repair shop.

If any of them doesn’t fix things, you might have an issue with the distributor or spark plugs. Check the spark plug wires for fraying or wear and make sure that the distributor cap is secure.

Problem 2: Engine Stalling/Running Roughly

The engine will stall when there’s no sufficient oil supply coming from what we call the “lubing system”. Check the oil level in the engine and refill it to the max level if necessary. If there’s no oil at all, you might have a damaged pump or broken drive belt that may cause this problem. Make sure to change them along with the oil filter.

The engine will run roughly when you have dirt in your fuel or if there’s too much air coming from an incorrect carburetor adjustment. You might also need to replace or repair your spark plugs, distributor cap, and/or ignition coil.

Problem 3: The Engine Won’t Stop

One of the most serious problems with the KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor is the engine won’t turn off. You can manually use the stop solenoid or the stop engine button found on the tractor, near the injection pump.

Basically, the solenoid kills off the engine by shutting off the fuel, it is regulated by a computer that applies power to turn it off. When it doesn’t happen, the engine doesn’t want to shut off. So you’ll have to turn it off manually.

You can use the key switch or even stroke it out with your finger to kill the engine. You won’t have to do anything to restart your tractor engine, it’ll start as it should be.

Problem 4: Lawn Tractor Engine Dies After Starting It Up

Many of you might have faced this problem, the engine starts as usual but then dies after mowing for a few minutes! If you happen to face this, don’t worry, sometimes it’s just a loose wire!

Check them with a visual inspection (remove that plastic cover) then carefully follow their path until you find one that seems unattached from its harness connection point under-hood. If it is not attached, reattach securely.

Go on checking other wires till you find which one seemed disconnected during your search process. Make sure they are securely connected and your lawn tractor should be back to its normal state.

2. Hydraulic Problems

The KUBOTA BX2200 has some known hydraulic issues that can be solved pretty easily. Here are some common hydraulic problems that the KUBOTA owners complained about-

Problem 1: The Tractor Lost Hydraulic Action

Your tractor may lose its hydraulic action which will cause the tractor to stop. The hydraulic pump can be easily checked by checking the fluid level in the reservoir tank and turning on your tractor’s ignition with no key inserted to see if it runs. Check your hydraulic fluid level and make sure it’s sufficient. If not, you’ll have to put more in the reservoir tank or even refill it if necessary.

If you’ve verified that there is sufficient fluid, check for blockages or other items stuck inside of the engine where the hydraulic parts are located like wiring harnesses, cables, etc. If this doesn’t fix your problem then you may want to replace a few hoses and make sure they’re connected properly.

Problem 2: The Tractor Won’t Shift into Gear

Your tractor won’t shift gears which can be a problem when trying to complete tasks such as mowing grass or doing other lawn work. To solve this, check for any debris that may have gotten lodged between the control knob and its linkage; also clean up anything blocking movement of cables from disengaging with gear shifter pins on transmission shafts.

Problem 3: The Hydraulics Are Noisy

Hydraulic fluid is what powers the hydraulic system on your tractor. If you notice that there’s more noise coming from it, then this could be an indication that air has built up in the system and needs to escape before it can operate again properly.

To release pressure and say goodbye to that annoying sound, turn off the pump switch or stop the engine for a few minutes; also make sure all connections are tight when refilling with new oil as well as checking hoses for any damage before starting back up.

3. Steering Isn’t Working

One of the most common problems in a KUBOTA BX2200 is when the steering is not working. First of all, check to see if you have sufficient fluid in your reservoir and that it’s properly attached to a functioning pump.

Next, make sure there are no foreign objects blocking the wheels from turning as well as checking for loose connections or bent parts where cables attach to levers; while on this note also inspect any broken brake lines because these too can be causes of problems when the steering isn’t working with KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor.

4. Mower Blade Won’t Cut Grass

If you notice that your blade just won’t cut grass under certain conditions (such as heavier grass) then troubleshooting starts by making sure everything else is alright – such as the air filter is clean and the blade is sharp.

If all those are fine then it might be a tooth issue with KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor and that’s a relatively easy fix: just replace your blades and you should notice an improvement in performance!

5. Uneven Cuts

If you notice that your lawn is starting to look like a minefield – with various lengths of grass in seemingly random locations then KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor might be having an issue cutting the grass evenly.

One potential cause for this problem could be when mowing at too steep of an angle, so make sure you’re not going upwards or downwards as well during each pass over the lawn.

Another possible culprit could be something much simpler: improper blade height setting! Make sure that your blades are set to cut about one inch above the ground level and don’t have any more than two inches on either side touching.

6. Lawn Tractor Is Overheating

Overheating is quite a common issue for every lawn tractor,  and the KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor is no exception. It can be caused by a number of things, including an engine that’s running too hot or not enough coolant in the system.

If you find yourself with this problem and it doesn’t seem to go away after some time has passed, one way to help bring down your tractor’s temperature is turning on your air-conditioner dashboard fan so it’ll blow over all of the machine cooling systems – which will hopefully provide relief from any overheating!

Another way to help your tractor cool down is by shutting off the engine and letting it sit for a few minutes. The KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor also includes an automatic shut-off system, which shuts off the engine when there’s too much heat being generated in order to avoid any damage from overheating. This is especially important if you’re working on mowing sensitive landscaping or doing anything else that requires precision work!

7. Sloppy Belt

Your KUBOTA BX2200 may be experiencing a sloppy belt due to being worn out, which may be caused by the pulley getting too much dirt and debris on it.

Another cause for this problem could be that the drive belts have become cracked or frayed. You’ll want to check both of these issues before installing any new belts in order to get your tractor up and running again.

8. Lawn Tractor Won’t Move Forward Or Reverse

This might sound like a complicated issue, but it is actually quite simple! If you find that the mower isn’t moving either forwards or backwards, this could have multiple causes including grass clogging the blades, the safety pin not being pushed in all the way, or a simple push-button operator error.

If you find that grass is clogging your lawn mower’s blade and preventing it from moving forward or backwards, be sure to remove any excess debris before continuing with use. If this doesn’t solve the problem for you, then the next step is to check the safety pin.

If your lawn tractor won’t move either forwards or backwards, and you have pushed in the safety pin all the way, the next step is to check the push-button operator error. Check and fix the push button operator properly.

Bottom Line

There you go, troubleshooting the common problems of the KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor and solving them. I hope this guide above has helped you enough to keep your KUBOTA BX2200 Lawn Tractor running. Happy mowing!

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