4 Most-Common Problems With John Deere X320

John Deere X320 is the first lineup of JD’s X300 series with two-wheel steering. This lawn tractor is all you need when it comes to mowing the lawn smoothly & effectively. 

Like every other lawn tractor, this tractor has some common issues that you may face in the future. Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. In this article, I’ll be stating four common problems along with solutions of JD X320.

Common John Deere X320 Problems:

1. John Deere X320 Low RPM Problem

Some users of John Deere X320 faced low RPM problems at wide-open throttle (WOT). The motor revs up for sure, but not like you would expect it to be. It acts more like a weak motor. 

Please keep in mind; you’ll still have a functioning mower even if you face this problem. So, don’t let your dealer fool you by saying it’s totally fine. Fixing this problem is simple & you can do it yourself.

The Fix:

Low RPMs problems can happen for several reasons, such as – Bad Fuel & Fuel Filter, Defective Coil, Defective plugs, and so on. 

First of all, check if your coil is powerful enough to produce heat to withstand a hot spark & a weak spark. If it’s not, then replace the coil & you’ll be fine. 

If the previous method doesn’t solve your problem, try changing your Oil, Air Cleaner, Fuel Filter & Greasing. Don’t forget to properly orient the fuel filter for the best result. 

You’re sure to see a positive outcome if you follow along. If you face an error again, get professional help from your dealer or other auto part stores. 

2. No Spark Issue On Both Plugs

Don’t be surprised if your tractor’s two plugs lose their sparks. In other words, the engine won’t start if you fall victim to this problem.

Spark helps the engine to start. It’s more like the engine is absorbing plug sparks’ heat to get into work.That’s why if the plugs fail to produce sparks – your engine won’t start either. 

The Fix:

You’ll need to test whether your control module is okay or not. Most of the time, this lost spark issue happens due to a faulty or unresponsive control module.

Losing the controller module is one of the most common problems of John Deere X320. Replace the controller module & this problem should be fixed. 

3. John Deere X320 Transmission Problem: Scenario 1

The transmission is one of the vulnerable parts of any tractor. JD X320 isn’t an exception. You may notice your tractor is either moving forward or backward only. 

Most of the time, users get into trouble with their reverse paddles that don’t seem to have pressure on them. As a result, paddles won’t engage the wheels.

These problems mentioned above occur due to transmission problems. Excess oil in the carburetor is the main culprit that’s damaging the transmission. 

The Fix:

You’ve to check for oil in your carburetor. Remove the dipstick & search (smell) for oil. You may detect the smell of gasoline while inspecting. Now, drain the oil if possible. 

Chances are, you won’t be able to drain the oil entirely. What you can do is replace the carburetor with a new one & groom it well. You can install an in-line shut-off valve that will make your carburetor fuel-proof (in the future).  

4. John Deere X320 Transmission Problem: Scenario 2

Almost every user will face this transmission problem sooner or later. You may find your transmission dead after mowing for 700 to 900 hours. 

This scenario is a common death of transmission & you shouldn’t be worried about it. You can either fix or replace the transmission if you face this problem. 

The Fix:

John Deere X320 comes with the Tuff-Torq K58 transmission. This transmission is slightly better than the K46 that has a life of 900 hours. So, you can imagine why your transmission went dead. 

Now you’ve two options. First, rebuild & repair the K46 transmission with this 72 pages guide: TuffTorq K46 Repair Guide with Pictures – TractorByNet

Secondly, try changing the oil with 5W50 synthetic motor oil – 2Qts. If it doesn’t help, just sand out the scratches on the internal parts & hope for the best. 

Customer Comments On John Deere X320

“I bought an X320 in 2007 and I love it. I’m still on the original battery after 600 hours. Not just the battery, all the parts of this mower are original – never needed any replacement. It’s truly a value for money product.”

–Carl Butler

“My John Deere x320 was having a deck problem, it randomly doesn’t engage and I had to kill it and start it again before it engages. But also it randomly would not kick in at all. After contacting the dealer, they’ve fixed the issue.”

–Miguel Angel

“I bought the X320 back in 2006 and it’s been great, not too bad for issues, and starts up every spring. Only complaint is the slow-leak prone wheels/tires. I’ve had three JD’s plus a trailer and had slow leaks in almost every tire. JOverall quality is worth the small irritation.”

–Dan Morgan

Final Thoughts

JD X320 has some issues that need to be addressed by John Deere themselves. But, they are not as severe as dealbreakers. People have been using & enjoying John Deere X320 for decades with minor complaints. 

If you’re looking for a tractor to mow your 1 to 5 acres of lawn, then JD X320 should be your go-to option. It’s one of the best tractors from the X300 series & you can bet on it with confidence.

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