Most Common Problems with Kubota B3350 Tractors

To all you suburb people who dream of owning a tractor, I have one for you! The Kubota B3350, from the Kubota B series. This is one tractor with one of the unique mowers.

However, to make your purchase accurate, this blog is written to remind you some of the most common problems with Kubota B3350 tractors. Based on customers all over the country, I have collected a list of issues to look out for.

1. Regeneration System Issue:

This is the most common issue with this tractor. Many of the customers accounted that the tractor stopped working suddenly in the middle of a busy road.

This mainly occurred due to an issue in DPF or the regeneration system. It fails repeatedly even after repairing many times.  The Diesel Particulate Filter or DPF regenerates too often. It needs to be parked too.

The DPF empties itself through the passive regeneration but cannot do so in active regeneration. The active regeneration occurs in the case of shorter trips. This can cause blockages. You have to drive for another 15 minutes at 40 mph speed limit to clear that out.

Moreover, the DPF cannot be removed either. Rather customers have to spend a lot of time in parking regen.

The problem occurs due to failing sensors. Another prominent reason is short-distance drives, repeatedly! Which is ridiculous. Because not everyone has a whole forest to roam around in a medium-size tractor (for a forest).

Additionally, cleaning the DPF filters repeatedly might be quite irritating.

Unfortunately, it seems that B3350 ones are the only ones with this problem. Even after a long time, there is no considerable solution from Kubota.

2. Engine Issues

The Kubota B3350 has the Emission-three vortex combustion system (TVCS) engine. The tractor has 33 horsepower.

The Tier 4 regulations are effective as of 2015 created issues for common 4 tier engines. Kubota B3350 is one alike. The issue with these engines is the merging of existing specs with new engine equipment.

Kubota B3360’s engines with the emissions equipment and the ECM are used in a zero-turn. This is more suitable for warmer months. So, you may face issues in the winter months.

3. Electrical Problems and Faulty Spark Plugs

Not using the tractor for over a week runs the risk of battery damage! Although recharging the battery can avoid this.

Faulty spark plugs in the engine are the main cause of the vehicle running down. Those get damaged due to fouling or dirt accumulation.

Moreover, carburetors get damaged when clogged. The clog removal can be quite strenuous.

4. Large Built and Oil Tank:

The B3350 is a big tractor! You can mow grass with the attached mower but you can also use it to clean snow during winter. But the tractor is not suitable if you have only 2 acres of land.

Its panel has optimum built for an average height person but not enough for a 6-foot guy or taller. Large people will probably get cramps using it.  

Moreover, the oil container is way back at the rear of the tractor. It is sometimes hard to reach there. This might be an issue as you need to use enough oil to fight the regeneration. (This is one of the tricks to avoid regeneration).

5. Shutting Down and Stalling

Now, the Kubota B3350 has a problem of shutting down often even when the regen light does not flash. This means other issues are at play here.

One of these includes fuel flow issues. Usually, the fuel lines, fuel filter gets clogged. In this case, high-powered airflow can relieve the situation. However, if you find muddy textures in the fuel filter then you need to replace it.

Airflow problems can cause stalling. Excess air or lack of air along with air filter clogging can also be the culprit. Cleaning sometimes would demand expertise which is not always available.

Excessive heat can cause the tractor to shut down too. This happens because, with excessive heat, the Fuel solenoid gets disengaged. Wires on the back of the ignition may get loose because of the same reason and cause stalling.

6. Problematic Software

The original software of Kubota B3350 came with a range of problems. The software was upgraded but many problems still exist.

Because of the faulty software, you cannot remove the DPF from the tractor. It will turn your tractor useless.

The reason is, the engine ECU not being properly updated with that software.

So, removing DPF and the sensors will require a change in the software to get the tractor running. A simple case of compatibility issue.

What Do the Customers Say?

The regeneration problem is a big issue, troubleshooting it can be done with oil refilling and cleaning the DPF. Customers had to take the tractor repeatedly to servicing. Sometimes the tractor would even shut down 3 times a day.

Moreover, depending on your dealer, the price of the tractor ranges from $23,000 to $33,000. For this huge price, taking the tractor to the service center repeatedly is a major no-no for many customers.

However, many customers enjoy the hydrostatic control of the tractor while driving it. It means no shifting gears. It is very easy to use.

The tractor is also big and bulky enough for bush-hogging. It also offers good weight support (around 900-1000 kg approximately).

The tractor serves multiple functions and is a strong powerful tractor. Many customers enjoy this tractor.  

Final Thoughts

Although Kubota had stopped taking orders of this model, it is a good tractor. The powerful tractor is preferred by farmers and landowners alike.

The DPF engine is also a good technological addition. It was a step ahead towards a cleaner environment.

Looking past the problems, you can still go for the middle-sized tractor. Many customers still give it a very nice review and are overall happy!

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