6 Most Common Problems With John Deere 4066R

Leading brands can make mistakes while developing & manufacturing their products. The John Deere brand isn’t an expectation. Their 4066R is one of the latest & greatest tractors of the industry.

Like every other tractor, this also has some common issues that you might face or are facing now. In this article, I’ll be pointing out the six most common problems along with fixes of John Deere 4066R.

Six Most Common Problems With John Deere 4066R & Their Fixes

1. The Malfunctioning Air Ride Seat

At about 100 to 400 hours of working, the air ride seat might malfunction. Generally speaking, the pump doesn’t turn on effectively.

However, it’s not a severe problem & you don’t have to replace the entire air seat system to fix this issue.

The Fix: Hire a mechanic to find the error in wirings. Most of the time, a broken wire causes this malfunction. Just by replacing the wire, you’ll be good to go with your 4066R’s air ride seat.

2. The Low Performing Cab’s Built-in AC

This is a region-based problem & almost every driver is familiar with this issue. John Deere 4066R doesn’t come with a window panel which makes it a lot hotter than usual.

On top of that, the AC isn’t powerful enough to make the cab cooler in summer.

If you’re from the southern part of the USA, you won’t face this problem as that’s a much cooler region.

The Fix: To be honest, you can’t do much to the air conditioner of your tractor. What you can do is – install window tint to ensure healthy airflow inside the cab.

It’s not a do-it-yourself (DIY) type of work & you should hire an experienced mechanic for this installation.

3. The Cab’s Poor Noise Isolation Problem

I’ve bad news for you if you’re upgrading from Kubota to John Deere & it’s the heavy noise problem.

The powerful engine of 4066R is much louder than any other tractor of this budget range.

The sound directly goes inside the cab & it might feel intolerable for those who worked with quiet tractors.

Note: This irritating noise problem occurs only while the motor’s warm-up. It stays relatively quiet the rest of the time.

The Fix: If you’re working alone, just put on a soundproof earmuff & you’ll be fine.

If you’re working together with your co-workers, then sorry – you’ll have to tolerate the noise while trying to cope with the situation.

4. Navigating Through Exterior Mirror is Difficult

The pillars of the cab typically block the driver’s vision while looking through a mirror.

You’ll have to constantly look around the pillar to see objects via the exterior mirror.

It won’t be very pleasant for someone working on long shifts. Don’t worry; this problem also has a fix.

The Fix: Inspect your tractor thoroughly & you might notice the brackets are installed incorrectly. Just swap the brackets from side to side to fix this issue.

But the question is, how will you know if the brackets are installed incorrectly? Well, follow the next segment to identify correct & incorrect bracket placement:

  • Correctly Installed Bracket: If the mirror bracket’s bolts are angled towards the tractor’s back, they are installed correctly.
  • Incorrectly Installed Bracket: If the mirror bracket’s bolts are angled towards the tractor’s front, they are installed incorrectly.

5. Unstable Joystick Lock Of John Deere 4066R

You’ll notice the joystick being finicky if you lock it while the loader is disconnected.

Also, the loader lock doesn’t work well in some cases. These are solely internal problems 4066R’s & require professional attention.

The Fix: Just have to be aware of the problem & act accordingly to bypass it. You can utilize the left/right motion to operate the lock to allow the joystick to function normally.

If this problem occurs constantly, call your dealer or any professional for the fix.

6. Too Low Steering System Causes Axle Component Damage

One of the selling points of John Deere 4066R is the steering system is behind the axle & it’s true.

But the problem is – the steering system is located at a shallow height from the ground.

If you’re a person who does lots of logging, you’ll be hitting either the steering cylinder or the axle component.

The Fix: Go & buy ? inch steel plate, cut it accordingly & heat it with a torch to use it as your axle component’s guard.

You can also do this to protect your steering system. Later on, paint the metal plates, so it looks good as well.

Customer Comments On John Deere 4066R

“If I were designing the JD 4066R, The sunroof would be only about a foot right at the front with a shade to block it out if needed. A foot would be more than enough to see what I’m doing.”

– Nicholas Lacovara

“I broke the hydraulic fitting on my power steering ram running over a log. The steering completely failed & it was a very tough fix in the field. Maybe it’s a design flaw, not sure.”

– Keith Baver, Jr

“I love my 4066R & wish I could have a mid-mount PTO for belly mower. I ended up buying another 3R just to mow grass.”

– John Kovac

Final Thoughts

John Deere is one of the industry’s leading brands & they are continuously developing their products to hold their popularity. The authorities can quickly fix these problems mentioned above if they try to do so.

I’m hopeful with the John Deere 4066R as it comes with minimal disadvantages compared to the plus points. Remember, there’s a fit (tractor) for every field & you’ve to find that precise fit before spending a fortune.

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