6 Most Common Problem with Kubota Z421 Mower

Kubota Z421 is a pretty popular semi-commercial zero turn mower. Has the ability to mow a large amount of grass (a big yard). 

Using the mower is also pretty easy and comfortable. 

That being said, every mower comes with problems, some are big and some aren’t.

Likewise, the Kubota Z421 mower also comes with a bunch of problems. 

In this very article, I am going to walk you through the 6 most common problems with the Kubota Z421 mower and possible fixes. 

So buckle up and let’s jump right in! 

Common Problem with Kubota Z421 Mower and Possible Fixes:

1. Issue with the Center Blade Pulley

The first problem that a lot of users have experienced is the center pulley of the mower.

Few people had to change the center belt twice in a week since that has sheared off.

Apart from this, there are few other problems as well which people have experienced over time with this Kubota Z421 zero turn mower’s pulley.

And those are…

  • Frozen pulley. 
  • Very noisy pulley.

Possible Fix:

All these problems are connected to each other in some ways. However, check the possible solution to these problems.

Possible reasons for the belt shearing off or wearing off early are the following…

Check if the belt tension is very low or not. When the belt has very low tension that can slip over to the pulley which can make the belt wear pretty fast. 

Adjust the belt tension, do not make it too tight or too loose. Keep it moderate and check if it is slipping off from its position or not. 

Sometimes gritty materials or particles get stuck between the pulley and belt. That could be another reason for the belt shearing off or wearing off faster. 

Take a clean brush and clean the face of the pulley and then brush the side of the belt. 

Splicing fastener also can be a reason behind the belt wearing off or slipping off from its position. Try tightening the fasteners. In some cases, you might even need to replace that. 

Possible Reasons for Frozen Pulley 

There are mainly two things that cause sluggish or frozen pulley. And the first one is Defective bearing. 

If the bearings are old and rusty then all you can expect from that is trouble. It can cause a frozen pulley. And the second problem is a bent shaft. 

Check if the shaft is okay and is in its position. When the shaft gets bent, it is obvious that it will cause a sluggish pulley. 

If you find the shaft bent even a little bit, get rid of that and install a new one. 

Possible Reasons for Pulley Being Very Noisy…

If the belt is loose, it will slip onto the pulley face which will cause noise. Loose mounting is a very common reason behind it.

Check if the mounting alignment is on point and also make sure that the pulley mounting is tight enough.  

2. Deck Engagement Power Loss

Many people experience this in zero-turn lawn mowers but to be honest, very few people have experienced power loss on deck engagement in Kubota Z421 mowers. 

And among those, some have experienced the issue because of their mistakes.

However, here I’ll be listing all the possible reasons that might cause the mower to stop at deck engagements.

And will try to give a solution as well. 

Possible Fix:

A very common reason for power loss at deck engagement is too much dirt. Excessive dirt clogs the air filters and the cooling fins.

And when the engine cannot take inhale the needed amount of air and cannot cool the engine that causes power loss. 

Sometimes dirt reaches the fuel system as well. Plus, water on the fuel system will also cause the engine to stop. 

So keep an eye out for checking these. 

The second common reason for power loss is improper oil level. 

The crankcase oil level can cause the engine to stop suddenly. The oil level of both the low and high crankcase matters. 

If the oil level is very low, then there wouldn’t be much oil left for the engine moving parts lubrication which can cause power loss. 

And if the oil level is very high then there will be more air on the lubricating system which will lead to power loss. 

A clogged muffler could be another reason why your Kubota Z421 mower might lose power at deck engagement. 

The muffler is the way out for the burned gas and all the vapors. If somehow the muffler is clogged (most of the time different liquids, oil, and debris clogs the muffler), then it will lead to power loss. 

3. Ignition Switch Issue

The Kubota Z421 comes with plastic made ignition. Plus, the mower key is also pretty short.

I have seen a user complaining that, after a while of using the mower, the key doesn’t stay on the ignition keyhole. 

Since it is plastic made, due to use when the plastic wears out even a little bit, that no longer be able to keep the key in place. 

It is actually a flaw, and there is nothing much you can do. 

A DIY trick to not lose when riding is, use a rope, tie one end to the back of the key and tie the other end somewhere that needs the ignition switch. 

In that way, you wouldn’t lose the key. 

4. Hard Deck Removal

Deck removal in Kubota Z421 is a challenge. Kubota could have made the deck removal a little easier.

However, as I said, it is a little tough to remove the deck from this mower. And it is also a little different from other mowers. 

Here is how you remove the deck.

Possible Fix:

The very first thing you would want to do is positioning the cutting height control dial, adjust that to 1-inch.

Then do the same with the anti-scalp rollers, position it to 1-inch. 

Now pick a 0.55-inch x 6-inch shaft (it should come with the mower) and put that onto the back right side lift link hole. 

After doing that, remove the mower belt. And then remove the deck mounting clevis pins, there should be 4 of them. 

Remove all 4 pins. 

Now time to push the mower lift pedal in the seat direction and take the shaft off from the back right side lift link hole. 

After that the mower will slowly move the lift pedal to a full-up position, this will be a slow process. 

And the last step, slide the deck towards the right from under the mower. 

That should remove the deck! 

However, if you have no experience at all, I suggest you seek expert help and do everything under an expert’s watch.

5. Weak Pipe Line

Few people have complained about the pipeline of the fuel system of the Kubota Z421 zero-turn mower.

At some point, the fuel system pipeline leaks a bit. And due to that, the engine sucks air which causes the machine to lose power. 

This could be a reason why your Kubota Z421 mower is losing power all of a sudden. 

Possible Fix:

There is nothing else to do except changing the pipe. Try to install a better quality fuel line that will last long. 

6. Carburator Clogging

Not only in Kubota Z421, but carburetor clogging could also happen in any machine if not maintained well.

But carburetor clogging tends to happen a little bit more on Z421 because of their weak pipeline. 

When the pipe wears out, the particles reach the carburetor and end up clogging it. 

Possible fix:

You will have to make sure the fuel pipe doesn’t wear out or leaks soon. If that requires you to replace the entire fuel line, do it. 

Good-quality fuel lines will last long. And if every week you do a manual health checkup of the mower, that should be enough to keep the machine away from a lot of trouble. 

What Majority of the Users Feel About this Z421 Mower?

Well. The majority of Kubota Z421 users seem to be pretty happy with this zero-turn mower.

Why won’t they be? This mower has a large coverage capacity, you can mow a large yard easily. Plus, operating this machine is pretty comfortable and easy as well. 

Having that said, yes, there are few users who are a little upset regarding the issues of Kubota Z421 that I just have mentioned above. 

Some people are having trouble with the fuel lines, some with carburetor clogging, etc.

But still, the incredible power of mowing high-density grassy lawns, good cutting quality, high efficiency, ease of use, and durability seem to outweigh those little issues. 

Final Thoughts 

These are the 6 most common problems with the Kubota Z421 mower that users have experienced so far.

But since these problems have easy fixes and this machine performs incredibly well, users are pretty happy with this mower. 

If you are a Kubota Z421 zero turn mower owner, then let me know if you have experienced any issue and how did you fix it. 

This might greatly help the new owners of Kubota Z421.

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