7 Most Common Problems with John Deere z445 Mower

John Deere Z445 EZTrak zero turn lawn mower is the big brother of JD Z425. It has a power output of 24hp and a top speed of 8.5mph, which is quite enough for large projects.

However, it is not free of drawbacks as well. Though it has enough torque, fast maneuverability, durable configuration, it has some flaws that you should know.

Here are 7 most common problems you may face while using the John Deere z445.

7 Common John Deere z445 Mower Problems:

1. Vacuum Problem Of The Engine

Some customers mentioned that they are having a problem with the release of exhaust from the engine. When the gas cap vent is plugged in the machine, the air could not escape the vehicle. This may hinder the functions of the engine.

If you are looking for the simplest solution to the problem without costing the earth, it can be replacing the gas cap. 

2. Transmission Problem

The zero turn mower transmission system converts the electrical power to mechanical power through the hydraulic pumps. But after the analysis of the customers’ opinions, the majority of them are having problems with their hydraulic transmission. This can happen for the leaks and breaks for the fittings.

When you are using your mower after a long time, always check the oil level or the connections of the transmission system. 

If your mower sits idly for a while, there can be a formation of air inside the pipes. And so, you have to purge the mower to get rid of the air.

Occurrence in 2015: John Deere recalled the all zero turn lawn mowers of series Z445, Z645, Z655, and Z665 from August 10, 2015, to September 9, 2015. It was because the mowers were having problems with fuel leaking for the cutting of fuel hose at the time of manufacturing. However, no injuries were taken place, and John Deere handled the issue without taking any fees.

3. The Dilemma Of Safety Features

Since the John Deere z445 comes with a complicated engine, this machine has some safety features to avoid mishaps. But these measures sometimes stop the engine in the middle of the task without any valid reason.

Situation 1- If the cutting deck is in action and the riding mower is in reverse gear, the mower may stop for safety purposes. 

Situation 2 – If any object gets clogged in the cutting deck and hampering the smooth movement of the blades, the engine may stop. 

In this case, you can inspect carefully to remove the object and thus come out from the problem. 

Situation 3 – Sometimes, the machine could be sending a false single of the mower that it is moving in reverse, or the rider is not on the seat. This can happen when the electrical system might be having a short ground somewhere at the length of the wire harness. 

In this case, you should let the professional inspect the electrical system and mend the problem. 

4. Firing Problem

Some consumers said that the mowers didn’t fire like it should. However, it could happen for either the coil or the wire. The crystallization of the wire can cause this problem.

An easy way to solve this problem without spending pennies is to cut the wire to the point where it seems good. Then, splice another end on it. It will work as the new ones. 

5. Steering Problem

If you see various videos on YouTube on the steering of the mower, you will see few customers are having motion control problems. Sometimes the left arm becomes stiffer than the right arm, and you will face a left motion control issue.

You can check the bolts at the control’s arm base to correct the motion and speed. 

6. The Muffler Issue

Another problem noted by the customers is its muffler which is quite close to the ground. If you stand on a point for a longer time, the muffler burns the grass.

John Deere needs to mend this problem. Since it is a manufacturing issue, the company needs to focus on the design. 

7. Issues When Cutting On Rough Ground And Ditches

This mower works quite fast on level ground. But when there are numerous trees or other objects, it doesn’t perform that efficiently.

Since it moves very fast, it can catch up with the trimmings easily. So, you have to be careful about its maintenance to enhance efficiency. It is recommended to clean the blades regularly. 

Final Thoughts

The John Deere EzTrak zero turn mower has a V twin, air-cooled engine. It has various seat adjustments and height adjustments to cater to the needs of all. But like others, this has also got downsides. But you can take the help of yourself or the professional or the seller to solve the issues. Happy mowing!

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