6 Most Common Problems With Altoz TRX Mower: [Helpful Tips]

Altoz has introduced the world’s first tracked Zero-turn mower with their TRX series of mowers.

Altoz is an America-based residential and commercial Zero-turn mower manufacturing company powered by its sister concern the Central Boiler.

After 30 years of combined engineering, manufacturing, and marketing, finally Altoz was founded.

Unfortunately, there are some problems that you should keep in consideration if you are interested in purchasing one of them.

So, let’s explore those problems in details-

6 Most Common Altoz TRX Mower Problems:

1. Users Require Proper Knowledge & Expertise:

Altoz manufactures each TRX model with advanced technology and a second drive belt system to offer a lighter machine with greater power.

That means the TRX series of mowers is a premium-level product, so you need more knowledge and expertise to understand how to operate and control the machine.

Though the Altoz TRX series mowers are easy to access and control, still, they are not for beginners.

while using one of the TRX mowers on your lawn, you need to use your knowledge and expertise about whether having the track going to slow you down or not. Because while you do it, it will take more time and attention on your every turn to make that optimal turn.

Therefore, users need to have the knowledge and additional expertise about handling mowers on the right track.

2. Tracks Get More Aggressive On More Plush Premium Landscapes:

TRX series models offer lower grade traction on the tracks for delivering smoother performance on rough terrain.

But remember, there will be chances of tearing or messing up the landscapes during mowing since the tracks get more aggressive on more plush premium landscapes. 

Fortunately, it will only occur if you do not know how to operate and control the mower.

Most professionals who are pro and experienced in riding mowers on plush landscapes will not struggle with these mowers and even they love the smoother performance.

But users who are not experts or have proper knowledge and experience of running mowers on the plush grass may mess up the landscape during mowing.

3. Does not Feature Rubber Mats:

Another drawback is that TRX mowers do not have rubber mats on the floor like other similar-grade products.

Most premium mowers feature rubber mats because rubber mats add more friction while running the mower.

The reason behind not including rubber mats on Altoz TRX mowers may be because the manufacturer targeted that series for people who need a mower to use in dirtier rough places.

However, if you want a regular mowing machine for surfaces with moderate inclines instead of TRX models, you should opt for other available options.

4. Cutting Quality:

I have already mentioned earlier that the Altoz TRX series is not for regular mowing jobs and these mowers work great for steep inclines and rough terrain.

Especially, TRX models are great for places where you cannot bring any regular zero turn mower for routine maintenances.

Another reason for not suggesting the TRX series models as regular zero turn mowers is the cutting quality of these mowers.

These mowers are not offering the best cutting quality and offer only a decent cutting performance.

TRX mowers do an exceptional job on lawns that have tall grass like Bahia grass.

Also, remember to be very careful about the right environment while using an Altoz TRX model. Otherwise, the mower may mess up your lawn look.

5. LED Light Not Included:

People often complain about the lack of LED light on the TRX series model mowers.

Well, LED lights ensure safety measures when you are mowing in dark weather conditions or at night.

However, Altoz is providing LED lights separately as accessories, so they are not compromising with your safety precaution.

The only difference is that those LED lights are not installed in the main mowers, and you have to buy them from Altoz or their dealers separately.

But when other brands offer headlights or LED lights with their mowers, Altoz surely disappoints in this.

Since the mowers are not cheap in price, some customers think they should include the light in the main product’s feature.

6. Availability & After Sale Service:

Though the quality performance Altoz TRX series mowers deliver is outstanding, these mowers are still relatively new in the market.

Altoz also does not have a wide range of dealers to reach the mass consumer market.

Consumers find it difficult to rely on Altoz products and choose them over other well-known brands since Altoz products are not yet available in mass e-commerce sectors such as Amazon, eBay.

Also, some consumers have complained that the belts sometimes break or tracks come off during use, which is most probably a shipping or assembling issue.

Altoz can solve those issues by the quick response and proper communication with the customers.

But unfortunately, it seems like they need to work on their after-sale customer dealing, and they need to make sure that their dealers are providing accurate after-sale services.

What Do The Customers Say?

“Undoubtedly the best performing machine in the business. I’m holding out for a future electric version. Love Altoz!”

— Marquis de Saniette

“At least you don’t have to worry about flat tires, which is a constant problem with commercial mowing.”

— Soul Flyer

Altoz has a rich dedicated R&D, designing, and engineering team to find out the common shortcoming of Zero-turn mowers and came up with this extremely efficient range of zero-turn mowers.

That’s why most professionals are loving their mowers. But they still have a long way to go since Altoz lacks in distribution and dealers’, people are complaining about the availability and after-sale service issues.

“In our testing, it worked as advertised. Best as a brush cutter and for hilly terrain. They aren’t as readily available in certain parts of the country—so be aware of where your closest dealer is. Don’t buy one if you don’t have a dealer nearby—the same goes for any brand of ZT.”

— Clint DeBoer

Since it is still new in this line of business, most probably, their team is still working on solving the distribution and customer support issues.

Hopefully, soon Altoz will be available widely in the mass market.

Final Thoughts

In this large and highly competitive industry, where there are already several established mower brands, coming up with a new series was not an easy overnight job.

Dennis Brazier was determined to create a mower with unique style, high quality and performance that can stand out from the rest available market products.

Altoz is giving what they are stating in their tagline, and their products deliver high-quality professional performance. Besides the availability and after-sale service problems, other problems are not that serious. So, hopefully, Altoz is already working on them.

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