6 Most Common Problems with Kubota Zero Turn Mower

Kubota zero turn mowers are expensive. But the machines are well-known for their quality and reliability.

Kubota is a Japan-based company manufacturing lots of heavy machinery for a very long time.

However, that doesn’t mean that they are 100% perfect. Besides the fuel efficiency, low maintenance, and other benefits, you should know the other side of the story too.

Here are 6 most common problems you may face after one of Kubota zero turn mowers.

KUBOTA Zero Turn Mower Problems

6 Most Common Kubota Zero Turn Mower Problems

1. Stiff Handling

Some customers complained about the stiffness of the handlebar. Lots of senior citizens find it impossible to operate.

There seem to be two main reasons causing that trouble. Either the manufacturing bots are tightening the bolts too much or they are not lubricated enough.

2. Transmission Problem

After going through several customers and reviewers, it seems that these mowers have a real issue with their hydraulic transmission.

Kubota needs to improve its quality. Almost all of the zero turns have a fluid leakage issue. Some users have faced it before the warranty period is up.

If you are facing it afterward, you will have to deal with a huge repair cost.

Some complained that the fluid was blowing out through the vents and filler cup. It can happen when the fittings are loose.

3. PTO Problem

For several reasons, your mower’s PTO may not work. So, the complaint of PTO not engaging the lower deck from the customers is true.

The most common cause for the problem is that a safety switch is preventing it to operate. If you read the manual, you would know what the safety switches are.

Even if everything is working perfectly fine, you may need to level up a little bit. Get a voltmeter and check the 2 wires that are connected to the PTO clutch (keep the key and PTO switch on but motor off).

In case you see a trace of voltage in the line, it would mean that the clutch is faulty. Otherwise, another component down the line is not working right.

4. Overheating

Another common complaint noted by the customers is the overheating issue. Like the previous problem, this one is also the result of few factors.

However, you can assume that it is the work of a blocked filter. After mowing for a certain time, it is usual that the filter catches dust and grass.

So, you should check the filter from time to time and keep it clean. Otherwise, it can damage the radiator. Eventually, the radiator issue leads to certain other complications.

5. Starting Problem

Kubota zero turn mower being turned on sometimes or not turning on at all are the common starting problems.

As these machines are powered by gasoline engines, it can sometimes be too cold temperature. The reason can also be a dead or weak battery.

Some even complained that they disconnected all other components and tries to start the engine. But no luck.

For starters, it may be the connection issue that is solvable by cleaning the terminals. Otherwise, you have to take it to a nearby auto supply house and let the professionals check it.

6. Fuel Line Issue

If you check out some videos on YouTube, you will find a few customers talking about fuel line problems with their Kubota zero turn mower.

After starting the mower, the user had a really bad feeling about the engine. He thought that there is something consuming more power than it should be.

Even after taking the mower to his dealer, the problem was there. By the time he started getting really frustrated, Kubota provided a completely new set of components.

The experts found out that the problem was in the fuel line having some dissolved parts in it. Luckily the guy had the warranty, and changing the fuel line solved the issue.

Occurrence in 2018: Kubota recalled their all zero turn mower Z400 and Z700 series diesel-powered models from 2017 to 2018. It was because the mowers had design issues that failed to protect the user from rollover accidents. However, no injuries were reported and Kubota repaired those models without any charge.

What Do the Customers Say?

Lots of users say that they are using Kubota ZTR mowers for years without having such issues. Compared to Hustler, Kawasaki, or John Deere, it is much more durable and reliable.

Some even like it so much that hearing the word ‘smooth’, they see an image of their Kubota zero turn mower.

When it comes to solving those issues I have stated above, one should contact their dealer. They are very helpful, and Kubota makes sure that you get the servicing within the warranty period.

Final Thoughts

Kubota is a reputed company with years of good track records. Like other machines, they have issues too.

But you can solve them either by yourself or by taking the help of your seller. Overall, they are good-quality machines.

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