4 Most Common Problems With Cub Cadet Challenger 750

Cub Cadet Challenger 750 is relatively weaker than other UTVs of the $12-13K budget range. This one can be a good choice for doing lightweight tasks such as plowing.

Consider yourself lucky if you’re having any issues under warranty. If not, follow this article as I’ll mention some of the common issues & solutions of Cub Cadet Challenger 750.

Most Common Cub Cadet Challenger 750 Problems:

1. Too Hard To Shift

You may face shifting errors even if you do light-duty miscellaneous work or plowing. The shifting lever gets harder to operate from time to time & it causes irritating extra tasks to shift appropriately.

Additionally, you will always have to accelerate it a little to get your desired gear. Not just that, placing your foot on the brake while shifting becomes a mandate if you’re facing this problem.

The fix

This problem happens for two reasons – too much oil in the primary clutch housing & poor shifting design. Though 90wt oil is ideal for any Cub Cadet Challenger 750, don’t get carried away while using it.

Try to clean the primary clutch & go on a test drive. If you’re living in a relatively cold region, don’t use grease at all. You can use Moly Dry Spray instead of grease & you won’t face the shifting issue anymore.

2. Primary & Secondary Clutch Issue

The Cub Cadet Challenger 750 comes with several clutches, including primary & secondary clutch. If you’re facing a problem with the entire clutch system (not just the parts of it), then you’re not alone.

Clutches help make connections with the engine and transmission. If they malfunction – you may think you have a problem with the transmission, but that could be a wrong assumption.

The fix

At first, try changing the clutch fluid as it’s the most successful troubleshooting method. If that doesn’t solve the problem, proceed to fixing or replacing clutches.

Don’t forget to get your correct tool before fixing the issue by yourself. If you’re not familiar with hard DIY work, just don’t bother & take professional help.

3. Sudden Engine Stopping Issue

The engine’s unexpected stopping is a common scenario for most Cub Cadet 750 users. Get yourself comfortable to face this issue if you’re planning to buy one.

Before dying out, your engine won’t give you any symptoms such as – alarms, weird sounds, or smells. It will just stop working to make you scratch your head out of confusion.

You may have to spend up to $2k if you get no luck with the repair. Typically, an engine’s sudden failure is caused by the following problems:

  • Spark Plug: You might have a failing spark plug that cannot create continuous sparks to keep the engine running.
  • Fuel: Bad fuel can also cause this sudden engine stopping problem.
  • Camshaft & Sprocket: Worn out camshaft & sprocket causes engine failure as well.

To fix this issue, check these compartments mentioned above one by one. If you’re getting errors, replace them with a new one. Lastly, rebuild the engine for $2k if nothing seems to be working.

4. Lack Of Acceleration Power – Forward & Reverse

Your Challenger 750 might be moving perfectly fine without any problem. But the problem is – the speed has decreased dramatically in both forward & reverse motion.

It’s very common with hydraulic engines to get slower & slower over time. The Cub Cadet challenger 750 isn’t any different & expect to have this problem sooner or later.

The fix

Take off your engine’s access panel & look for dust. Get an air compressor & start cleaning inside. Don’t try doing the cleaning job with clothes as it won’t clean properly.

Later on, take a screwdriver & try cleaning the hard muddy as well. Doing these things will surely fix this problem. If not, the automotive stores are still there for you.

Customer Comments On Cub Cadet Challenger 750

“I’ve had mine for a year. Everything breaks & has been replaced. It’s been in the shop more than we’ve had. The Muffler has been replaced twice and is currently broken. I Can’t trust it to go far from the property. China all day.”

–Brian Strasburg

“People rag on Cub Cadet but I’m on my second mower. The first one had over 500 hrs with no issues. Second one is in 200 hrs, again – No issues. I would definitely recommend this.”

–Rick Garcia

“Just got my Cub Cadet Challenger 750 and it drives really shaky on the gas pedal. It vibrates terribly under 10 miles an hour. My other one is at the dealership now with the same vibrating issue.”

–Ben Aicholtz

Final Thoughts

Cub Cadet Challenger 750 is one of the most hated UTV in the UTV communities. I just mentioned four of the most common issues you might face – the possibilities are endless.

However, you can surely buy this vehicle if you want something for a lightweight job & know what exactly you’re getting. Don’t get carried away with the hype & do your research before buying.

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