Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch Electric Corded Lawn Mower Review

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Having a house with a garden is one of the keys to the door to peace. Daytime coffees in the garden, night chats, and meeting with friends are activities that many people enjoy. One of the important factors that makes this garden enjoyable is how well-maintained and appealing the garden is. One of the details that make the garden a garden is the lawn. The fresh and fragrant smell of your lawn will add pleasure to our enjoyment.

Speaking of garden and lawn, have you ever heard of the Greenworks brand? Now is the time to hear it if you haven’t heard it. The Greenworks brand has an electric corded lawn mower for your garden. Let’s talk about the ease of use, durability, noise level, and value for money aspects of the Greenworks lawn mower.

Who Is This Product For?

Greenworks electric cordless lawn mower comes to change the mood of the gardens with its 20-inch steel deck and 12 amp power. This product, which offers 3 different functions together, weighs 50 pounds, so it is ideal for those looking for a light lawn mower. 

If you have moved to a house with a garden, if you want to replace your old model lawn mower, or if you want to buy it as a housewarming gift for a friend, you are at the right place. This product, produced in alloy steel, will bring a new touch to the gardens with its quality structure and electrical system.

Greenworks lawn mower1

Let’s not forget that if you want to save time while cutting the grass in your garden and do not want to deal with it. This Greenworks product may sound slow for you and may not be the right product.

This product of the Greenworks brand, which is suitable for use by all ages and audiences, is not suitable for young children. Even if the security systems are good, we recommend you not let children use them to prevent possible situations that may arise due to their use.



  • Value for Money 
  • Low Noise
  • Durable Product
  • Easy to Use
  • Wired
  • Not for large yards

Features of Greenworks 12 Amp 20-Inch Electric Corded Lawn Mower

Easy to Use

Easy to Use

For a lawn mower to become a part of your life, it must fit your life flow and expectations. While the product of the Greenworks brand may be a perfect choice for some, it may not be for others because everyone’s expectations of being happy are different.

This product of the Greenworks brand, designed for your garden, gives not a single feature but 3 features in a single product. This product, which has mulch, rear bagging, and side discharge functions, will make your job easier while maintaining your garden. One of the most beautiful details is that this product is electrical. As you know, gas-powered versions of these devices cause both air pollution and bad odor. 

Of course, the fact that Greenworks electric corded lawn mower is wired can intimidate you because problems such as getting caught in the cable and not being able to control the cable can arise. But after a while, you can learn how to control it without trouble or get a cable holder. In addition, the Greenworks lawn mower is very light and easy to move. You can guess from older machines how important it is for a lawn mower to be lightweight.

Greenworks electric lawn mower is designed as a single lever. This arm has 7 different height settings. Thus, it allows you to choose the most suitable setting for you. With its 12-amp powerful engine, you are the winner in your struggle with the grass. The only downside of this product in terms of ease of use is that the battery overheats, and you cannot charge it before it cools down. Therefore, Greenworks’s product may not be enough for you if you have a large area.



Appliances used outside the home need to be more durable because a product can suffer less damage at home and wear out easily outside. And if a product is not in a durable structure, you will be discouraged when the money you give is wasted. That’s why we thought we should mention the product durability of the Greenworks brand.

This lawn mower of the Greenworks brand is extremely easy to assemble. That’s why you can start using this product you set up quickly. While using a product, you may think about whether it will be damaged or how long you can use it. But do not be afraid; most users who use this product are satisfied despite using it for years. The cordless electric lawn mower is also durable when cutting grass with its 20-inch steel deck. In addition, the stamped steel cutting hardware will give you peace of mind about durability.

Since Greenworks’s product has a cable structure, you may think there may be a tear due to the cable being caught or entangled while you are working. Of course, these can happen, but with the product’s integrated cable lock, you prevent the possibility of accidental cutting of the cable.

Noise Level

Noise Level
Greenworks lawn mower2

While sitting in the garden with pleasure, you may suddenly want to cut your grass before it grows too long because growing grass is harder to cut. We think that one of the most important points when cutting grass is the device’s sound. If a lawn mower has a very loud sound system, you may disturb other household members or neighbors sitting next to you. This will not be good for you or your neighbors.

But this product of Greenworks has been designed with a system that will not cause any problems with sound. There is a sound system so that you will not be disturbed while using 3 different functions of the product and will not disturb your surroundings.

Especially users who have been using the product for a long time do not complain about the sound. One feature that makes the product attractive is that it works quickly and smoothly, and its sound is equally ideal. Speaking of sound, the easy-to-store structure of the product also prevents the noise that may arise while placing the product. You can easily store the product by folding it.

Value for Money

Value for Money

The electric lawn mower of the Greenworks brand, which is the savior for houses with gardens, makes life easier from different angles in a single product with 3 different functions.

When we look at the price-performance evaluation of the Greenworks, since it is very high quality and durable product, it does not cause any problems during use. In addition, when we examine the user comments, everyone who buys the product emphasizes that it is ideal for their garden. Because it has a motor system and durability that allows it to cut the grass beautifully, since it is light, you can easily do the maneuvers to cut the grass. The fact that the product is electrical makes it a one-of-a-kind product for those who do not want to pollute the environment. Because there is no oil, gas, or emission in this Greenworks lawn mower, just plug the cable into the socket and check the charge regularly.

Greenworks’s lawn mower is as easy to clean as it is useful. You can turn it over to clear the deck. Rest assured, you won’t have a problem. In addition, one of the most important factors that will ensure you get your money’s worth is the rechargeable device. Especially with gas prices so high. 

Final Verdict

It’s time to beautify the gardens. Buying new items, decorating changes, and mowing the lawn. Those who have a garden know that mowing the lawn is an activity that should be done regularly. Life becomes easier for you, and a beautiful image emerges. Greenworks brand has 12 Amp 20 Inch electric corded lawn mower is exactly for this need. We tried to examine this product from different angles. We touched on many different features of the Greenworks product, from its use to its durability, from its durability to its sound.

As a result of the reviews, we think the product is an excellent value for money. This is because the product has a quality design. Thanks to its quality design, the Greenworks lawn mower provides convenience in terms of use and gives efficient results in various points such as installation and cleaning. Of course, Greenworks’s product has some negative points. There are problems such as being wired and the charger getting hot quickly. But when we make a plus and minus list, the product has more pros and cons.

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