How Often Should I Water My Succulents?

Succulents are the genus of cactus. They live in sandy desert soil. These plants are sensitive to cold. They can live for a long time without water. First, we will touch on the points we need to know for the development of plants, then we will see how often watering should be done according to the plants.

Flower Pot

Most succulents do not need direct sunlight. The plant should be cleaned if succulents are readily taken from outside. A perforated flower pot that does not hold water should be purchased. The soil takes more moisture, If you use a flower pot that holds water. Even if the flower pot does not perforate, the given water will remain in the pot and bring about bacterial growth. You can also use earthen pots for plants. When you use earthen pots, you must not forget the following:

  • You have to be careful while watering the succulents. When watering the succulents in this pot, you cannot understand how much you water the succulents because these pots use a lot of water.
  • You should buy flower pots according to the size of the succulents. If you use a larger flower pot than your succulents, your succulents cannot grow because of soil and watering. Since the soil in the large pot will need more water, the growth of the succulents will slow down. The efficiency goes to roots instead of plant height. If you do not change the flower pot when your plants start to grow, your succulents may break in length and overflow from the flower pot. To avoid this, you should regularly follow the size of your plants.


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The soil you choose is important for plant growth. You cannot keep succulents alive with wrong soil selection and wrong watering. Therefore, permeable soil should be used for succulents. Take care to use organic soil. If you use the peat, you must add sand and pebbles to make it permeable. Amend your soil once or twice a year for productive crops. In this way, you can reproduce the products you have.


After placing your succulents in the appropriate flower pot, you can start watering. There are several methods. We are going to mention some of them:

  • How much water plants need can be understood by looking at dry soil.
  • You should use lime-free water at room temperature.
  • You can water by spray, ewer and watering can.
  • Spray can be effective at humectant your small succulents which are in the small pots.
  • If you think that some leaves are not wet, you can use cotton and cotton earbuds.
  • You can sprinkle the water with the help of your hands.
  • The drip method is also used to moisten the plants’ ground.
  • The ewer may be better for effective watering.
  • Water until you know that all the roots are wet.
  • Care should be taken that the water does not remain excessively in the roots because excess water causes decay in the plant roots.
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The leaves of some succulents are hairy plants. When watering these plants, be careful not to let water on their leaves. Do not leave the succulents in front of the direct sunlight. They do not want that. If you are going to conserve your plants outside, you have to outshine them. Even though they are called desert plants, they also need water. These plants usually develop in spring and autumn.

Succulents are inactive in winter. While it can be watered every 4 or 5 days in summer, this rate can be once every 3 weeks in winter. The plant to be grown in summer can be watered once a week in summer. When it comes to autumn, this rate may change according to the moisture of the soil.

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If the leaves of the flowers show shrinkage and the ground is dry, they should be watered again. Any time you think you are overwatering, ensure that excess water is drained from the flower pot holes. If you see that the water is not flowing, immediately change your flower pot and obtain a suitable one with the above-mentioned features. After leaving them alone during the winter months, you can return to the procedures you applied in the fall.

When you keep your plants outside the house, the leaves may turn yellow because of the water that has touched the leaves. In this case, you should change the position and review the periods you have made.

The plant should not be given too much water in a place with little light. After you start watering, you should continue regularly without changing your watering frequency. You can use the drip method if you are going on vacation or if there will be any disruption in your watering situation.

In Summary

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When watering, the appropriate flower pot should be selected for the succulents. A perforated flower pot should be preferred. Pots with the ability to absorb water should be avoided. The flower pot should be filled with permeable soil. If suitable soil cannot be found, sand and some pebbles should be added to the available soil. The plant should be placed in this prepared flower pot. The ground of the plants should be moistened.

While doing this process, spray ewer and other mentioned methods can be used. It should wait for the given water to flow from the holes of the flower pot. Suitable weather conditions should be provided for the plants, and watering should be started within the specified periods. If it is seen that the soil’s moisture has decreased, new soil should be prepared in a suitable flower pot. You can see improvements in your plants when watering is done similarly.

In this text, you were able to review the question of how often you should water your succulents in a broader context. Now you can find the best answer by knowing your succulents.

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