Jackfruit vs Durian: What Is the Difference?

Jackfruit and Durian fruit are often mistaken for each other because of their similarities. This is understandable as they look alike. There is a common myth saying that Jackfruit and Durian are the same things, but these fruits are quite different in smell and taste.

If you have tried one of these fruits, the Jackfruit, before the other, the Durian fruit, you are in for a surprise, for this is a vs post: Jackfruit vs Durian. Even though there are many small or big differences for the Durian vs Jackfruit, one of the most prominent differences is their smell. We will be looking at Jackfruit vs Durian differences and why they are generally mistaken for each other.

What’s a Jackfruit?


Jackfruit is a tropical fruit native to Southern India, but it’s now cultivated all across Southeast Asia. Fig and breadfruit are relatives of this fruit.

It is a large, green to golden cocoon-shaped fruit with little, sharp nubs. When we say giant-sized, we mean that a fully mature one may weigh up to 80 pounds and measure up to 3 feet in length. They are also massive. They take roughly three years to reach maturity due to their enormous size.

What’s a Durian?

It was initially found in Malaysia and is still one of the most popular foods there, though it is now produced in tropical jungles around Southeast Asia. It has these enormous, bean-like pods inside. It is a huge fruit like its peer compared to fruits seen in “Western” shops, such as apples and pears. However, it’s not particularly unique among tropical fruits. With an average weight of only around 5 pounds, it is comparable in size to coconuts or soursop.

durian fruit

It’s worth noting that the spikes on Durian are more akin to thorns than the nubs or prickles on soursop. Why are the Jackfruit and Durian mistaken for each other? They are both wild fruits. And both of these items are considered healthy snacks. The Durian, like ripe Jackfruit, has a sweet taste. Some people may have confused the two fruits for one another based on their looks. However, jack fruit and durian fruit are vastly different fruits that look alike.

They are mistaken for each other because they are spike-covered fruits ranging in size from medium to giant. They both grow on medium to big trees widespread in tropical climates such as Asia or South America. The Jackfruit and Durian have green, hard skins that hide away appetizing yellow to orange flesh. Many seeds are concealed beneath the edible fruit part of each Jackfruit and Durian.

There aren’t many parallels between these fruits, as you can see. In truth, there are several changes, particularly in the fleshy fruit inside. And also, regarding taste and smell, the differences are huge between the two.

Main Differences Between Jackfruit and Durian

To start, we can differentiate the form and size of the fruit. Durians are often smaller than jackfruits. The heaviest Jackfruit, according to Guinness World Records, weighed 42 kilograms. Durians also have rough, prickly skin, and these can hurt you. On the other hand, Jackfruits have little, innocuous spikes.

In addition, durians are more seasonal than jackfruits. Durian trees in Thailand typically can have only one harvest each year. On the other hand, Jackfruits can even be harvested twice a year.

durian fruit

And also, when these fruits are peeled apart, the Jackfruit’s meat is separated into several tiny pods surrounding the core region of the fruit. Durian meat, on the other hand, is divided into bigger pockets.

While both are sweet, Jackfruit is sweeter and has a distinct taste, though it’s best described as a cross between banana, apple, mango, and pineapple. The taste of a ripe one can be compared to that of a mixed fruit chewing gum.

Because the edible section is made up of thousands of individual bright yellow flowers, Jackfruit has a stringy, rubbery feel akin to mango or pineapple. When ripe, Jackfruit becomes gummy, but Durian is smoother and creamier, less juicy than the other, and sometimes compared to custard. In contrast, the skin around each fruit pod is crisp.


The Durian, on the other hand, is not only sweet but also has savory undertones in its taste and can be salty. With a creamy foundation taste, it has been compared to scrambled eggs, sweet cheese, or a blend of garlic and caramel. An unripe one has a chicken-like taste, making its taste suitable for vegetarian meals if needed.

Both have a rich, sweet taste when fully mature. Both, however, have unique flavors and textures. Jackfruits are sweet and slightly crunchy, but the other has a softer taste with a sweet, creamy taste.

Finally, the seeds of the Jackfruit are edible. Thai people consume their seeds after boiling or roasting them, giving them a chocolate-like taste. They also have a flavor similar to chestnut or lotus root seeds. Making a seed curry is another good method to consume the seeds.

Smell Differences Between Jackfruit and Durian

The most notable difference between their fruit on top of taste and shape is the smell. Durian smell, in particular, has a powerful and pungent odor that is not always easy to tolerate. As a result, Durian is considered the World’s smelliest fruit. In fact, in Thailand, where people consume Durian widely, most public transport modes ban eating Durian because of its smell.


The smell of Durian is so offensive to many people that it is prohibited from many Asian railroads, bus systems, and general public transportation. In some regions, eating one in public is forbidden as the smell can linger for hours. People commonly cook or consume Durian outside to avoid lingering smells in their houses. Even though the scent of Jackfruit is not quite as intense as that of Durian, it is also periodically banned from public and in some locations.

The smell of Durian can be described as sewage, stinky socks, onions, turpentine, and rotten eggs, which may cause the evacuation of a building. However, one of the most complimentary assessments of the smell and taste of its fruit is that it smells and tastes like a stronger, much more intense form of nuts. Thailand’s local colleges are researching their smell. According to one research, they produce intense amounts of organic chemicals when they ripen. Sulfur is a noteworthy chemical among these, as this is the chemical that rotten eggs get their smell.

On the other hand, although Jackfruit lacks the savory or traditionally pungent taste and characteristics of Durian, some individuals find the smell offensive due to its overwhelming sweet taste and smell. It’s characterized as tasting like bubble gum with banana or pineapple flavor.

Nutrition Differences Between Jackfruit and Durian

Copper, magnesium, potassium, niacin, and vitamins B6, A, and C are all found in both. However, the nutritional value of Jackfruit differs from that of Durian.

Nutritious differences are many between these two fruits, such as their smell and taste. Durian is a lot higher in calorie density. A cup of one of them has 357 calories, but a cup of Jackfruit has just 157. With 13 grams of fat per cup, Durian has more fat than the other. Jackfruit only includes one gram of fat per cup, mostly made up of omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids.

While Durian provides higher protein than Jackfruit, with four grams per cup against three grams per cup. It has a somewhat higher sugar content than the other. Each cup of Jackfruit has 31 grams of sugar, while each cup of the other contains 40 grams of it. Also, with 1059 grams of potassium per cup, Durian has more potassium than its peer.

durian fruit

Because of its high vitamin C concentration, the thing that also gives its acidic taste and smell, Jackfruit helps the body fight illnesses. The well-known Sydney University Glycemic Research Service found it beneficial to people with diabetes when consumed in moderation. Because it has a low-calorie count, replacing it with higher-calorie meals will result in a reduced-calorie meal for people trying to lose weight. In addition, its seeds of it can be used as a laxative. Anti-inflammatory, antifungal, and antibacterial properties are also found in the fruit.

Durian fruit has insoluble fibers, and it aids digestion and helps to regulate insulin secretion in humans. The potassium in it also helps to regulate blood pressure and heart rate. It also includes the amino acid tryptophan, making it a mild sleep aid, headache treatment, and nerve energy balancer. The flesh of the fruit, like the seeds of the Jackfruit, is also a laxative.

Downsides and Risks of Eating Jackfruit or Durian

As humans reduce blood glucose levels, they can trigger hypoglycemia when used with diabetic treatments. In addition, because Jackfruit has a sedative effect, it should be avoided during tasks requiring a lot of focus. It’s also not a good idea to eat it when taking sedatives.

But what about Durian’s negative effects and interactions? It should not be used with paracetamol or alcohol since it has a hyperthermic effect. According to one study, while the consumption of paracetamol has no significant hyperthermic impact, it can significantly lower blood pressure. Another thing is that its smell might induce unwanted stomach movements.

Because they reduce blood glucose levels, they might cause hypoglycemia when used with diabetic treatments.

Cultivation and Botanic Differences Between Jackfruit and Durian

durian fruit

Another important difference to know about these fruits aside from their taste and smell is where they grow. While both fruits grow on trees, jackfruits grow alongside the tree trunk or clustered nearby. On the other hand, Durians emerge and grow from the branches of the trees. Also, their fruit trees are taller than jackfruit trees on average. While jackfruit trees produce about a hundred fruits annually, they can yield four hundred durians in a year.

Another difference is where these trees originate from. While jackfruit trees create in southern India, other’s trees are thought to originate from either Sumatra or the Borneo island.

Differences in Usage Between Jackfruit and Durian

Jackfruit has long been utilized in traditional medicine. For example, it’s used as an aphrodisiac and is commonly used by people with diabetes. Its paste is also used to treat toxic bites on the skin. In addition, the It’s tree’s wood is widely used to construct musical instruments and furniture.

It is also a common food component in Thailand, thanks to its taste and smell. The taste of it is somewhat sweet, and it smells sweet. While the raw young version has a solid texture, when cooked, it softens and has a pleasant taste and feel, making it a good component for various curries with great taste. Many dishes such as burgers, cake, chips, ice cream, jellies, curry, fruit leather, pickles, and wines are common uses for Jackfruit to enrich their taste. When boiled or roasted, the seeds also have a chocolate taste.

On the other hand, Durian is mostly consumed in cakes, candy, curry, ice cream, milkshakes, and some salads as its taste and smell are more suitable. The other is also popular in the vegetarian World as it can imitate the taste and smell of pulled pork when cooked to be used in many vegetarian dishes for its flavor.


In conclusion, while they look (and do not smell or feel the same) at the start, Jackfruit and Durian are different. As we talked about, one of the, if not the greatest, the difference between them is the smell they have. While the durian fruit smell can be nasty and intense for some, the jackfruit smell can have much less impact on people as its scent is much sweeter. Their taste is also different like we talked about, even though even the inside of them looks like, or close enough, they do not share the same taste like they don’t share the same smell. On top of these, they have different harvest times. 

Even though all these differences and maybe downsides, you should try them to experience their ”unique” smell and taste. Especially the smell.

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