4 Most Common Problems with John Deere 2020 (Solution Added)

If you ask me to pick one mower from the John Deere new series, it will be John Deere 2020. This 2WD row-crop tractor meets every desire of a landscaper. But every gadget has a dark side apart from all the good specifications.

And John Deere’s 2020 problems are no different. Problems like mower running rich, carb or throttle system issues, excess dirt, debris, etc., are very common with this JD new generation series. 

But a bit of research and knowledge can get you rid of such trivial adversities very quickly. And this article is just the content that can bring you out of this inconvenience. My team and I have brainstormed for hours to develop this article.

Key Features:

  • There’s no alternative to regular maintenance for ensuring the condition of your mower
  • Using Premium grade Gasoline is one of the most underrated necessities of the John Deere 2020 mower.
  • Dirty engines, carburetors, and fuel lines are the factors that lead to major complications in the far future.

John Deere 2020 Problems and Their Solutions:

I’ve addressed 5 Common John Deere 2020 problems in this article. Let’s comprehend about them down below-

1. Mower Running Rich

Poor fuel economy is the most common outcome while your mower runs rich. If you think your mower is consuming more fuel than usual, there’s something wrong with the carburetor of your John Deere 2020. 

The excessive fuel consumption of your mower is referred to as mower running rich by the mower experts. There can be multiple factors responsible for the excessive fuel demand. 

Dirt in the Carburetor: If you don’t clean the dirt and debris off your carburetor often, it can create blockage inside. And a blocked carburetor is an invitation to all other problems relating to your mower’s performance. 

It’s essential to keep a sharp eye on whether your carburetor is clean or not. Mainly dirt, Gasoline deposits, varnishes, and oil deposits are the components that block the carburetor. 

Apart from these factors, every mower’s carburetor has a particular lifetime. But proper maintenance can push the lifetime a bit forward. 

You can easily keep your carburetor clean even without taking it to professionals. A carburetor cleaner and a lawnmower maintenance kit are more than enough to clean the carburetor of John Deere 2020. 

But after cleaning up your mower’s carburetor, make sure you dry it up for a short time because you can’t assemble the damp carburetor in the engine.

Rusty Fuel tank: The fuel tank can become very rusty due to moisture and air. And that results in leakage and damage inside of your mower’s fuel tank. If your fuel tank is leaked or rusty, the mower will run rich and demand more fuel. 

The worst fact about the tank being rusty is that once you ignore the problems, it’ll harm your mower’s engine as well. Improper storage for fuel and tank never filling up are the instant after-effects of rusty fuel. 

There are many ways of removing rust from your mower engine. Purchasing a rust remover is probably the swiftest method out of all the popular methods. Evapo Rust is a great rust remover and is recommended by the experts also. 

Using Gasoline of compromised quality: Choosing the right kind of Gasoline is less important. As a beginner, the landscaper doesn’t understand the importance of this thing. 

As a result, they degrade the overall performance and functions of their John Deere 2020 mower. The octane rating generally decides how much or less it will knock during combustion. 

According to the US standards, Octane ratings of regular Gasoline is 87, mid-level is 88-90, and premium grade rating is 91-94. The octane rating is displayed in the display of gas stations, and you can select one from there. 

Picking a poor grade octane can be the reason why your mower’s engine is running poorly. It can damage your engine and emission system wholly after long-term usage. 

Even if a premium grade costs a little more than the regular one, it’s worthier than paying for a new engine and exhaust. Using an A-1 octane will prevent your engine from overheating also.  

Lack of Proper Maintenance: In a lovely evening of spring, when you bring out your John Deere 2020 mower for evening the lawn grass, it has to perform well. If the mower doesn’t function well, it’ll spoil everything. 

And the worst thing is, if you take it to a repair shop, they’ll take weeks to fix it. And that’s why regular maintenance is so necessary. Regular and proper maintenance works as a shield for your mower against complicated problems every month. 

The time of October-November is when the mowing season comes to an end. Before putting your mower away, it’s substantial to drain the gas. And if you’re inclined to keep the gas, you can go for a gas stabilizer. Lack of maintenance can be a reason why your mower is running rich  

2. Carb or Throttle System Issues

The carburetor or throttle system issues in a mower are so frequent that almost every customer comes to our doorsteps with it. Problems like discharges, mulching, and bagging occur when there’s something wrong with the carb or throttle system.

If your mower isn’t functioning at full throttle, it’ll show inconveniences. If you’ve been using JD 2020 for many years, there will be problems with the throttle cable.  

The beginners face problems controlling the mower if there is any issue with the throttle cable. Throttle cable mainly deals with the mower and blade’s speed.  

Poor maintenance mainly causes the throttle system to degrade its overall condition. Exposure to air and moisture also makes the throttle cable very tight. Using a spray-on lubricant can help you in this. 

3. Excess Dirt and Debris

There’s no denying that dirt and debris are the cause behind every issue relating to a mower. Unwanted dirt penetrates the mower engine, carburetor, and fuel lines. 

In general, there is a paper filter inside the engine for safeguarding from unwanted dirt clogging. But if you don’t look after your JD mower properly, the paper filter isn’t enough. 

The carburetor and engine produce dirt and debris due to exposure to air and moisture. It can penetrate the engine, fuel tank, hoses and make these parts very rusty.

And these rusty parts can decay and cost you twice the price of your mower. That’s why wiping away this dirt and rust is more important than anything for safeguarding your mower condition. 

4. Black Smoke

When your John Deere 2020 mower runs rich, it emits black smoke than usual. As the mower is getting more Gasoline than it needs to function, it has to compensate for fuel levels somehow. 

That’s why the carburetor emits black smoke, which threatens the mower’s condition and the environment. Adjusting the floating levels can improve the situation a bit. But the reason behind it is due to the mower running rich. 

Final Words

If you’ve been wondering about purchasing a new lawnmower for your place, John Deere 2020 will not disappoint you. I know there are some trivial inconveniences with the mower. 

But this article is like a holy grail for beginners putting their hands on John Deere 2020. The article consists of remedies based on professionals’ recommendations as well.

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