5 Most Common Problems with John Deere 5085 and Their Fixes

John Deere 5085 is a mower that can perform like a beast no matter which soil you put. Be it for a rancher or a farmer, it’s worth it! John Deere is a brand going places in agricultural and lawn mowing fields. 

But like any other mower, John Deere 5085 is not free from any inconveniences. Issues like starting problems, electrical malfunction, poor reserve torque, etc., are not uncommon for owners of this mower.

But this article is the ultimate guide for beginners thinking of getting a new John Deere 5085 mower. This article consists of in-depth information that a user needs to know about this mower, and it’ll help you understand every concern of yours regarding this JD mower.

Key Features:

  • Overheated engines affect the mower’s performance severely. It affects other parts’ conditions also. 
  • The carburetor and engine’s state significantly impact your mower execution level.
  • Maximum John Deere, 5085 mowers problem, rises due to lack of proper maintenance.

Most Common Problems with John Deere 5085 and Their Solutions:

I’ve included 5 different problems about John Deere 5085 that need your attention in this article. Let’s comprehend about them below- 

1. Starting Problems

If your mower engine has starting problems and stalls now and then, you’re not the only one in this problem. Many of our customers have come to us experiencing the same disturbance. 

Your engine’s condition is the sole reason why your JD 5085 doesn’t want to start without stalling. If your mower has a clogged carburetor issue, you’re more likely to witness beginning problems. 

A carburetor is a device that mixes the air and fuel levels to balance your engine’s combustion. So, keeping it clean plays a vital role for other parts to function correctly. 

One good thing about JD 5085 is you can take it for immediate supervision due to its warranty. As long as the warranty remains, the company will take care of any difficulties.

But you need to take care of the engine and carburetor for making it function in the long run. The starting problems also can occur if the fuel needle emits more fuel than it has to. For getting rid of starting problems, you need to bring out the carburetor and wipe it.

Clean your carburetor regularly to ensure no blockage or clogged debris inside of it. To clean the carburetor and other mower parts, you can use a soft-bristled brush with mild detergent or soap. 

2. Electrical Malfunction

John Deere promises to function spontaneously for the first 2000 hours. But some customers complain that they start experiencing some electrical malfunction after using it for years.

Electrical Malfunction can refrain your mower engine from starting instantly. You may witness frequent stalling, smoky smell, vibration and unusual sounds due to this issue. 

There can be multiple reasons behind the electrical malfunction, and some of them are- 

  • Inappropriate adjustments of the electrical cable attached to the JD 5058
  • Clogged wheel bearings
  • The drive belt too large or too cheap graded for usage
  • Start switch not responding accurately

Proper adjustments of the cables and mower belts can improve the situation of malfunction. If the cable around the mower is too broken or weary of being used, you need to get a new one. All Parts Store is a reliable site for purchasing John Deere mower’s parts. 

3. Poor Reserve Torque of The Mower

The horsepower or the reserve torque of any mower determines its worth. There’s no use in splashing your money on a mower with a poor reserve torque. The amount of twist that a mower avail is called torque. 

If a mower’s reserve torque isn’t advantageous enough, it’ll not be able to render you your desired performance. A mower with high reserve torque can mow the grass, no matter how challenging the yard is.

And John Deere 5085 renders alluring horsepower even in the most ardent soil. But the mower tends to lose that strong reserve torque gradually. That’s why I suggest you buy a lawnmower that can meet your needs and lawn type.

Taking your mower to the repairing shop for maintenance is the ultimate condition to keep pace with its quality and performance. You can replace the mower blades to enjoy better horsepower when in need. 

4. Blades Keep Turning Off

If your mower blade can’t chop off the lawn grass evenly, what’s the point of using it? The disengagement of the PTO clutch can also be responsible for the mower blades turning off constantly. 

Battery capitation can also turn off your mower’s blade. Exchanging seat switches can be a good solution for this issue, and this switch is located right under the seat of JD 5805. 

Adjusting the switch, tightening or loosening the switch can stop the blades from turning off randomly. But you can fix it if the button is broken. Get yourself a new switch if the old one isn’t working.  

5. Engine Overheating Problem

No matter how heavy-duty the mower is, you should never overload your mower engine. If your John Deere 5085 takes more workload than usual, it’ll overheat. 

Frequent overheating issues will force your JD mower to shut off. And the moment it shuts off, the blades will stop functioning. This situation can be responsible for uneven lawn mowing patterns. 

Your engine can also experience overheating issues if the coolant level isn’t working or is at a low level. Proper coolant levels can also keep your hoses and radiator in check. 

There’s another reason behind the engine overheating problem. Blockage in the coolant level can also be responsible for your engine overheating excessively. What you can do is, flush your coolant level or replace it instead.   

You should also watch over if the fan belt is alright or not. Your engine will overheat if the fan belt is loose or broken. You shouldn’t delay in replacing the weary or damaged fan belt. 

Final Words

Using it becomes no less than a fun ride if you learn to deal with the John Deere 5085 problems. And this article is just the thing for you if you’re interested in dealing with trivial issues of this mower. 

This article covers every problem a user can experience while riding this JD mower. I’m sure it’ll save you from spending hours searching for the solution to the mower issues.

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