5 Common Problems with John Deere 5055e & Troubleshooting

John Deere 5055 E 55hp comes with a 3-cylinder, Turbocharged, and charge air cooler (CAC) diesel engines which offer excellent torque, hydraulic capacity, fuel efficiency, and durability.

Its turbocharger with CAC enhances the air intake volume for better combustion, performance, and fuel efficiency. 

However, in spite of having great features, some common problems are faced by almost all users. Starter failure, fuel contamination, steering issues, PTO problems, front, and rear axle cracking – these are some common problems.

In this article, I have compiled the John Deere 5055e common problems and tried to explain the troubleshooting in brief. If you are currently using this model or want to gather some knowledge about such issues, you are in the right place.

Key Points:

  • Starter failure can lead to the power loss problem in your John Deere 5055e tractor. You’ll have to replace the starter which may cost a good amount.
  • Fuel contamination the restriction of fuel flow, inadequate coolant level can lead to other engine issues like starting difficulties or overheating.
  • Steering issues, PTO problems, front, and rear axle cracking- all these problems have different roots and troubleshooting.

5 Common Problems with John Deere 5055e and Troubleshooting:

 Check out these John Deere 5055e problems and solutions in detail below:

1. Sudden Loss Of Power

Some 5055e users have faced a sudden loss of power. At times the engine totally shuts off without any warning or sound. 

To diagnose the problem, you can start with the relays and fuses. Check all of the relays and fuses and if none of them are defective, the electric fuel pump might be at fault here.

Look over if there are any leaks or restrictions between the fuel tank and the fuel pump. If the fuel pump doesn’t receive power or doesn’t function, your engine will lose power.

Check for any damage or incorrect timing of the fuel pump. Replace or repair the defects according to the condition. 

Some other quick checks include the fuel filter, the injection pump, and air intake and turbo. If they are worn or damaged, you should replace them as they can also create this power loss issue.

If you can’t determine the exact cause, I recommend you to contact the local mechanics. 

2. Engine Doesn’t Start or Hard To Start

Engine starting issues are common with these tractors. Your tractor may not start for various reasons. But the main cause remains the starter fault. If the starter goes bad or there becomes so much resistance in the starter circuit, the engine doesn’t start. To be sure of the problem is with the starter, get a voltmeter and check the voltage drop of each component of the system while you start the truck. 

When it happens after the warranty time, you’ll have to spend $700 more to get a new starter.  

However, if the starter is good, a clogged fuel system can cause this. The dirty fuel system should be cleaned by washing and the dirty fuel filter needs to be replaced.

Again, restrictions in the air filter can make it hard for the tractor to start. Worn or broken piston ring, defective injection pump drive shaft, water mixed fuel, or oil of improper viscosity can be the other reasons. Check these issues one by one and find the cause. 

3. Engine Overheats 

If the JD 5500e constantly overheats the problem can be most probably with the coolant or cooling system. The first inspection is the coolant level which is very obvious. Fill coolant to the recommended level. Then come to the cooling system for checking any loose connection or leak. They don’t let the system function properly. Radiator fins can get clogged with dirt. Clean the radiator screen and fins. 

Diesel overload can also lead to overheating. So, reduce diesel load if it is excessive. Lastly, check the fan belt. It shouldn’t be damaged or misadjusted. Perform repairing or adjustment as needed. You may also need to replace these components. 

4. PTO Problem

A few users complained about the PTO problem. At times, the PTO disengages after a few minutes. It can happen as a result of high temperatures when the engine overheats. But if the tractor is not running at a high temperature, make sure that the PTO control level is connected to the cable, and if connected look for the adjustment also.

If it still doesn’t get fixed, you should look at the manual you received with the tractor. It has straight instructions for troubleshooting this specific problem.

5. Steering Wheel 

You can face two different problems with the steering wheel. If it turns very easily without resistance, the problem can either be steering cylinder malfunction or not having the minimum oil level. Top up the oil if it’s not and repair or replace the pump if the pump steering is damaged. 

The other problem is the exact opposite where the steering wheel is operated very tightly. Check whether the hydraulic connections are properly sealed. Eliminate any damage. It can also happen when the steering pump is damaged. Repair the defects. Power steering may also need repairing. 

Some other issues may also appear which need to be expounded over in brief. If the front axle cracks regularly, you would need to replace the defective gear. Firmly erased ball bearings need to be replaced. Some users have diagnosed a crunch in the real axle housing. It can also be a bearing problem. Generally, all sounds indicate bearing problems.

Another problem is the white smoke exhausted from the motor. Such symptoms are dangerous for the tractor and you should change the piston rings immediately whenever you see white smoke coming from the exhaust pipe.

How Do The Users Feel About John Deere 5055E?

After reading about the mentioned problems, you may think that this is not a good tractor. But that’s not the case. In fact, these are common issues with any tractor. So don’t let you decide the value of John Deere 5055E only by those problems. 

John Deere is a very trustable brand in this field and this model is a nice heavy-duty one. It has very good features and you can obviously go for it. Most of the customers are also satisfied with it. 


How much horsepower does a John Deere 5055E have?

John Deere 5055e has a 55HP motor which is a pretty good one.

How much can a John Deere 5055E lift?

This tractor can take a maximum load of 3,192 lbs.

Is JD 5055E a good tractor?

As we’ve discussed it’s an impressive 4WD tractor 

Final Words 

I have talked about all common John Deere 5055E problems in this article. Knowing these problems will keep you aware of the reasons and you can prevent them by keeping those issues in check from the beginning.

Again, regular maintenance is always important. Because you will never want to spend much money on the troubleshooting.

So maintain the tractor regularly and keep the issues minimal. Finally, if you face any issue that you cannot diagnose, we always recommend to see an expert mechanic.

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