5 Common Problems with John Deere 6120E (Solutions Included)

The 6120E is an excellent type of tech. This John Deere model has an FT4 Powertech engine that combines and has 120 HP. Performance and fluidity of its economy It typically performs smoothly and is suitable for mowing. But this model still has a few different mechanical problems.

The most frequent issues with the John Deere 6120E include engine problems, inadequate engine power, overheating, steering problems, a shattered front bearing, and others.

In this article, I’ll cover the most typical issues with the John Deere 6120E along with the appropriate solutions. Watch till the very end to find out!

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with John Deere 6120ESolutions
1. Engine not workingDrain old fuel and add fresh.
2. Transmission problemTighten or replace the retainer.
3. Steering wheel problemInstall the new power steering.
4. Engine overheatingLittle coolant in the cooling system and no overload 
5. Emit smokeUse proper type of fuel

5 Most Common Problems with John Deere 6120E and Their Possible Solutions:

The John Deere 6120E is a very impressive piece of equipment. However, you could still run into some typical issues with it. Here are some John Deere 6120E issues and solutions.

1. Engine Not Working

The most frequent cause of an engine not starting is a fuel system issue. The John Deere lawn 6120E engine may also be unable to start due to a dirty carburetor, a dirty air filter, a dead battery, a broken safety switch,  or a damaged ignition switch. 

Your starting difficulty might be brought on by a problem with the ignition coil or charging system.

The Fix:

Make sure the air filter is clean since the engine requires air. In such a case, change it.

Engine spark is necessary. Make sure the battery is fully charged and replace the spark plug. Check your spark if it is rolling over. Remove the air filter if there is a spark and spray some carburetor cleaner to see whether it starts and then stops.

Make sure the gas is recently purchased and not gas that has been sitting around for months because the engine needs high-quality fuel.

Check the voltage at the points, the coil, the engine-to-tractor wire harness, and the ignition switch. You may need to change the battery.

2. Transmission Problem

The transmission has a John Deere 6120E hooked to it. The transmission on this machine is jerky, and gear shifting is difficult, according to consumers. 

Dry linkage, low gear oil, or crankshafts in the transmission are a few possible causes of this issue.

The Fix:

The linkage must be checked, and if it is dry, lubrication must be applied. When checking the gear oil, drain it and replace it with new oil if it falls short of the required level or is not the one the company specifies. 

The hard-shifting issue ought to be resolved as a result. Problems with the transmission cranks may still exist if not repaired. To solve this issue, go to the specialists at the nearby customer service desk.

3. Steering Wheel Problem

Your John Deere lawn tractor may get harder to steer with time. This might be the consequence of worn bushings or a loose bolt that prevents the gear engagement needed for simple steering. 

The Fix:

The hydraulic system contains air. Air should be eliminated. The tank has a low oil rate. You must include oil. Make a replacement if there is a problem with the hydraulic steering cylinder.

By locating the issue and replacing the appropriate parts, you may correct your steering, whether it is too tight or too loose.

4. Engine Overheating

One of the most frequent problems with the John Deere 6120E is engine overheating. Low coolant levels are the main causes. The cooling system has to be flushed. 

The thermostat or radiator cap may occasionally be broken. A faulty transmitter or water temperature indicator might potentially be the cause. 

Overheating can also be caused by a low oil level, a loose or damaged alternator belt, or both. The engine should not be used with a dirty grille, radiator screen, or radiator cooling fins. Sometimes the engine runs too quickly for the conditions, which might lead to overheating.

The Fix:

By doing routine oil changes, normal maintenance, and filter changes on time, you can keep your tractor running smoothly. Each time the tractor is used, check the filters. 

It’s crucial to clean this safety screen using a wire brush to stop any of the things on the filter from being stuck within the tractor’s radiator. In order to prevent the engine from overheating, check the filter for any buildup of dirt or other items. 

Checking the coolant levels is crucial prior to utilizing a tractor. See whether there is any debris, corrosion, or coolant debris on the cap. The best piece of advice is to avoid using a tractor on really hot days.

5. Emit Smoke

Exhaust smoke from your JD 6120E engine is either black or grey. Engines may also emit white smoke. And the primary causes of it are the following: the use of improper gasoline, clogged air intake systems, driving too quickly for the area, dirty or malfunctioning fuel injectors, dirty intercooler fins, and more.

White smoke is caused by low engine temperature, a defective thermostat, and a defective cold advance mechanism.

The Fix:

Use the right fuel to keep the viscosity at a certain level. Replace them or clean the congested air intake. If white smoke is coming from the exhaust pipe, you must immediately change the piston rings.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The rating of JD 6120E is quite good if I talk about the consumers who expressed their satisfaction in a lot more prior year, like 2008. 

Using a small, simple-to-operate tractor, consumers can do all of the mowings, turning, baling, topping, and slurry spreading alone. every morning, equipped with a 551 loader, feeds the livestock.

Also shared was No hassle transporting three Fusions, quiet and comfy with an air seat.

The year went by. The John Deere Company has introduced new models with several improvements that appeal to buyers more.

I analyzed information from recent buyers, some of whom prohibited the purchase of a 6120E. They stated that they would rather invest the cash on at least an M series. The E and D series is the cheapest tractor available, with a horrible cab and transmission.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the horsepower of the John Deere 6120E?

The PTO (reported) 102 hp 76.1 kW and the John Deere 6120E Engine’s (gross) 120 horsepower 89.5 kW

What uses the John Deere 6120E the most effectively?

There are heavy-duty front rims that can handle more weight that is ideal for sidehill or roadside mowing applications.

How dependable are tractors from the John Deere 6120E Series?

Your needs are met by the user-friendly 6120E Series John Deere tractor, which offers everything you would expect. Including affordability, comfort, and dependability, among other qualities.

What do the new model numbers for John Deere mean?

Meaning of the new model numbers for John Deere. The first number represents the tractor series, while the next three represent engine horsepower. 

The first letter is then the spec level (R being higher spec than M or E).

 The second letter stands for unique specifications, including tracks (T), electric (E), high crops (H)

Final Thoughts

These were the only issues you may experience with the John Deere 6120E, all in all. While most issues are simply fixable, others may necessitate professional assistance. 

Therefore, refrain from attempting to resolve such issues at home. Always ask the professionals to manage them. 

Additionally, if you want the best performance from your tractor, always take it in for routine maintenance. Additionally, make an effort to address minor difficulties right away because they could grow into larger ones.

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