4 Common Problems with John Deere CT322 (Solutions Included)

The John Deere CT322 is a compact Track Loader or rubber track skid steer, which most people prefer for maintaining their residential or commercial lawn and garden.

Although John Deere CT322 track loader are known for delivering quick professional results, many consumers highlighted typical troubleshooting issues like an engine starting difficulty, stalls, surging, running rough, or dies just after starting, fuel problems, foot control malfunctioning, and hydraulic issues.

Now you might be wondering why these types of issues occur with the John Deere CT322 track loader and how to fix them? Continue reading the following article, and you will get all the answers!

Problems and Solutions Briefly:

Engine Hard Starting or Does not Start IssueFill up the Fuel tank with the required level of correct fuel type/ Clean, service or replace the fuel lines, spark plug, fuel filter, safety switch & carburetor
Engine Stalls, Surging, Running Rough, or Dies After StartingClean the cooling Fins/ Tighten the electrical connection or replace the damaged wires
Parking Brakes Fails to ReleaseRepair or replace the seat belt or brake solenoid if necessary/ Fill up the fuel and coolant to the required levels
Foot Control ProblemService or replace the crud, sticks, relays, and fuses/ Repair or replace the solenoids

4 Common Problems with John Deere CT322 Track Loader and Their Solutions:

Let’s discover the possible reasons behind those John Deere CT322 typical problems and find out all the possible solutions to fix them-

1. Engine Hard Starting or Does not Start Issue

One of the most common complaints against most John Deere is the several engine malfunctioning & failure trouble that the users have to deal with sooner or later.

John Deere CT322 Track Loader users reported that the engine sometimes gives hard time while trying to start. Users mentioned that the JD CT322 engine sometimes does not respond properly or fails to start.

Even some owners claimed that the engine sometimes tends to start hard.

These engine starting difficulties can occur due to lack of gasoline, old or dirty fuel in the fuel tank, and if you have improper fuel grade or dirty fuel lines.

Such type of commotion can arise if you have a defective spark plug, plugged fuel filter, or faulty safety switch.

The CT322 engine starts hard when the carburetor is not adjusted properly or clogged. It can also arise due to improper choke cable adjustment, damaged electrical wires, or faulty starter.

The Fix:

Inspect the current state of the gasoline in the engine fuel tank and fill it with a sufficient level of the proper fuel type. Inspect the fuel lines, spark plug, and fuel filter condition.

Clean, service, or replace the faulty components. Replace the damaged safety switch and clean the clogged carburetor.

Make sure the carburetor is adjusted correctly. Test the fuel transfer pump and compression.

Inspect and adjust the choke cables correctly or replace them if necessary. Check the electrical wires and test the starter. Service or replace them if required.

2. Engine Stalls, Surging, Running Rough, or Dies After Starting

Many JD CT322 Track Loader users often complain about encountering unusual engine stalling and running rough problems.

Even several users mentioned that the CT322 engine sometimes surges under full power. One particular user claimed that even after he brought and installed new injectors, the surging issue did not solve.

Some users claimed that the CT322 engine tends to suddenly die after starting and does not stay running for long.

Another user shared his experience saying that his track loader’s engine sometimes starts but stays running for not more than 5 seconds or so and dies.

These issues mostly occur due to clogged cooling Fins, loose electrical connections, and defective spark plugs or ignition. These problems can occur because of stuck or damaged choke cables and dirty air cleaners.

The Fix:

First, inspect the current state of the cooling fins, and if you see blocked fins, thoroughly clean them. Check the electrical wiring connections.

If you see any loose connections, tighten them properly, and if the wires are severely damaged, replace the electrical wires.

Inspect whether you have a defective spark plug or ignition. Service and replace the faulty parts. Check the choke cables and repair or replace them if necessary.

Do not forget to check the engine air cleaner. If you see a dirty air cleaner, clean or replace it.

3. Parking Brakes Fails to Release

Another commonly highlighted complaint against the John Deere CT322 track loader is that the parking brake sometimes won’t release or fails to release.

Users claimed to notice the F965 F985 F9DS F974 code when the parking brake trouble arise.

The parking brake malfunctioning issue can arise due to a faulty seat belt or faulty brake solenoid.

The earlier mentioned code indicates a problem with parts like the fuel level, coolant level, hydraulic temp, or the alternator. Any of these parts might turn bad and cause such commotion.

The Fix:

First, check the current state of the seat belt and brake solenoid. Repair or replace them if necessary.

Next, you should inspect the condition of the fuel level, coolant level, hydraulic temp, and the alternator. Service or replace the faulty components.

If the alt voltage becomes out of high range, it could create havoc with the system. That’s why do not forget to inspect the charging system and repair or replace the faulty parts to fix it.

4. Foot Control Problem

Another issue that several JD CT322 track loader users reported is the foot control malfunctioning issue.

According to users’ experiences, when the parking brake switch is released, sometimes, the foot controls seem dead for a moment, and later, it started working.

Even one particular user claim that he had to leave the machine to hand load debris from the yard farming, and when he returned to the seat, he noticed that the foot controls stopped working or responding completely.

However, he also mentioned that the track loader would move forward and back just like it was supposed to.

This commotion can occur due to faulty or corroded crud and sticks. The foot control malfunctioning can occur due to faulty relays or fuses and if the power of the rear solenoid is lost.

The Fix:

Inspect and if necessary, service or replace the crud, sticks, relays, and fuses.

Remember to check the current condition of the solenoids located on the valve body’s rear between your feet that lock the pedals.

If the solenoids are out of power, service or replace them. Still, if the problem remains the same as before, I highly recommend contacting a professional expert for professional inspection and servicing.

What Majority of the Users Feel About The John Deere CT322 Track Loader?

According to several John Deere consumer forums as well as review blogs, articles, and YouTube vlogs, most users are satisfied with the power, versatility, durability, comfort, and flexibility of this Track Loader. 

Besides sharing their satisfaction, many users also mentioned and reported several minor issues.

While I was going through several users’ feedback and complaints, I found engine stalling, starting difficulty, overheating, slow speed, surging, abruptly dying without prior warning, fool control, and hydraulic malfunctioning are the most highlighted issues.

Some users mentioned issues, such as parking brakes, electrical system malfunctioning, or fuel issues.

However, as the vehicle gets older overtimes, such commotions can occur with any brand’s utility vehicle. But the good news is that each of those mentioned problems is fixable.

Another good news is that no major incidents or accidents were reported by National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHSTA) due to those John Deere CT322 troubleshooting issues.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Much Horsepower Does The John Deere CT322 Have?

Reportedly, the John Deere CT322 Track Loader comes with 66 gross Horsepower.

What Is The Exact Operating Weight of A John Deere CT322?

The John Deere CT322 Track Loader contains 3868 kg or 8527 lbs. of operating weight.

How much Engine oil does a John Deere CT322?

The John Deere CT322 Track Loader has a maximum oil capacity of 2.9 qts 2.7 L.

How often should you change the Engine oil of a John Deere CT322?

For better maintenance and performance of your track loader’s engine, you should change the oil after every 200 hours of operation.

Final Thoughts

The John Deere CT322 Compact Track Loader offers smooth steering controls, incredible power, and visibility, as well as requires comparatively low maintenance. Therefore, it can be an excellent option if you are looking affordable yet generous quality track loader.

If you are considering this particular model, remember that some common troubleshooting issues can occur, as I discussed earlier.

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