5 Common Problems with Vermeer Disc Mower (Solutions Included)

The 50-series disc mowers from Vermeer are designed to simplify lawn care by reducing the time required for assembly, use, and upkeep.

It’s important to note that this disc mower is not completely problem-free. Problems with the gearbox, the cutting wheels, and the belts are common in Vermeer Disc Mower.

Let’s check out the other problems Vermeer is having and the easy ways to fix them. To begin, though, I’d want to present a summary table of the issues.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with Vermeer Disc MowerSolutions
Gearbox issueShaft and pulley needed to be replaced.
Problems with the three-point-hitch systemTroubleshooting the hydraulic system
Belt problemsTighten the belt
Driveshaft issueReplace the driveshaft
Cutting wheel problemCheck the hydraulic filter

5 Common Problems with Vermeer Disc Mower and Their Solutions:

You may experience Vermeer Disc Mower problems due to many reasons. Here are some of the reasons and how to solve them.

1. Gearbox Issue

Pulleys on gearboxes frequently fail, resulting in keyways being walled off. The gearbox Frequently, the bearing on this mower becomes heated.

All turtles were found to have temperatures of 110 to 115 degrees. After one hour of mowing, the gearbox temperature was between 158 and 160 degrees.

While most conventional gearboxes operate at a temperature differential of only 30–40 degrees Celsius, bevel gearboxes often operate at a differential of 50–60 degrees Celsius.

This occurs in disc bines, where a single shaft drives the belt pulley while the other serves as an input.

If there had been a bearing, it would have solidly locked up rather of just pulling down after lengthy usage. Your belt might be too loose or just worn out.

The Fix:

It is necessary to replace the shaft pulley on the gearbox. It is necessary to do the necessary adjustments on the belts of the disc mower.

2. Problems with the three-point-hitch system

Hitch systems for devices such as three-point mowers have been a source of annoyance for operators for decades.

There were issues with the standard three-point-hitch method. The operator had to make many attempts to reverse and align the tractor correctly in order to attach the links.

Frequently, you had to back up, hoping to insert one link, then return to the tractor to insert the second link.

When a tractor’s three-point hitch fails to function smoothly, the problem is frequently caused by low fluid, a clogged hydraulic filter, or low or polluted hydraulic fluid.

Because most tractor operations, including the 3-point hitch, are powered by the hydraulic system, hydraulic filter and fluid maintenance has a significant impact on the performance of every tractor.

The Fix:

Specifically, you should check if the hydraulic fluid reservoir has the right amount of hydraulic oil (including the right type and viscosity), if the filters have been changed and the tank in-line strainers have been cleaned.

And if all the hydraulic fittings, connections, caps, and vents are tight to prevent air from causing the pump to cavitate.

3. Belt Problems

Customers have complained in the past that Vermeer’s belts are flimsy and cause a number of issues.

As you mow, the belt may slide, but eventually it will wear out and no longer be able to drive the mower.

A great deal of heat will be created if the belts are sliding. An increase in temperature may also result from a broken connection between the output puller and the gearbox.

The belts on Vermeer are starting to dry up and rust like an old tire. Belt difficulties always appeared to be the result of improper installation or delayed pin replacement.

The Fix:

Examine the belts to determine their settings. This disc mower’s belt should be tightened.

4. Driveshaft Issue

Numerous users have reported drive shaft difficulties. Possible failure of the cutter heads’ driving shaft.

Misalignment of the drive shaft is another common issue. Be sure that any dowel pins or dowel pin holes between mating surfaces are in good condition. Twisted driveshaft is another common issue of this disc mower.

The Vermeer disc cutter is equipped with a potentially breakable hex shaft. Old shaft looked to be partially broken, as indicated by the presence of rust in the break.

The Fix:

Replacing the driveshaft would be a smart and quick fix for this driveshaft issue.

5. Cutting wheel problem

The issue is that the cutter bar doesn’t fully engage. The cutting bar of the mower is of low quality.

The Fix:

Check the hydraulic filter for metal fragments or other material that might indicate a failing hydraulic component.

Glitter-like particles might be seen in the oil or filter. Even if this is spotless, you should inspect the discs and blades for any signs of mechanical damage and again verify the integrity of the hydraulic lines and electrical connections. Fuse and relay functionality in that circuit should be double-checked. Having your pressures checked to make sure they are within manufacturer specs to run the disk mower is not a bad idea.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

The Vermeer 50-series disc mowers are constructed with heavy-duty parts to ensure years of reliable service. The regular 3-point disc mower’s performance and dependability are so similar that it’s easy to miss the finer details.

Community-driven online spaces where people can talk about and learn more about a wide range of topics. Users are typically knowledgeable, have extensive hands-on experience with this sort of lawn, disc mower and garden tractor, and are eager to offer as much assistance as possible.

In comparison to other disc mowers, Vermeer has been favored by many users. Despite having several faults, the majority of Vermeer disc mower purchasers appear to be pleased with their purchase, and some have stated that they would not hesitate to purchase another Vermeer.

However, Vermeer is not for everyone because many customers have complained about the brand’s technical problems and expensive repairs.

Frequently Asked Questions

How fast can you mow with a disc mower?

Excellent cutting speeds. Few tractors can safely go 15 mph or faster.

Who makes Vermeer disc mowers?


What does a disk mower do?

Disc mowers are great for clearing up clumped, heavy hay.

Final Thoughts

Having problems when using a disc mower is really frustrating. If you know what’s wrong with your mower, repairing it won’t be hard at all.

In order to help you save time and effort, this article will show you how to diagnose common problems with a Vermeer disc mower and apply quick and simple solutions.

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