3 Most Common Problems with John Deere Gator 835M

When someone mentions John Deere, most people immediately think of one of the company’s various farms UTVs. However, they make a lot more than that. The line of utility vehicles, which you may use on the farm or any other kind of work, is another piece of machinery that is growing increasingly popular in today’s world.

But this does come with some issues as well. The newer Gator 835m has some problems with the starter which does not respond sometimes, an engine that does not run due to a starter motor issue, and some other problems.

But don’t worry in this article you will know how to fix those problems.

Problems and Solutions at a Glance:

Problems with John Deere Gator 835MSolutions
Starter problemBypass the UTV’s key switch, change starter
The starter motor will not turn the engineCharge battery, change fuse
Overheating problemFill up the oil tank, clean air filter

3 Common Problems with John Deere Gator 835m and Their Possible Solutions:

1. Starter Problem

When a starter fails, there are usually a few electrical issues that may be quickly identified and fixed. Here are the most likely causes of Gator 835m not starting properly and how to fix them so you can start using it again as early as possible.

Faulty Battery: While diagnosing problems with a faulty starter, it should be the first thing that is checked. It is impossible to diagnose the faulty starter if there is an insufficient electric current supply.

When you would like to mow the yard, having a battery that isn’t working properly can be really frustrating and it may be why the starter is not working.

Faulty Ignition Switch: There are times when a broken starter can be traced back to a malfunctioning ignition switch. To determine if there is a problem with the ignition switch, turn the keys on.

Faulty Solenoid: The starting solenoid of a UTV is a button that is attached to the machine and turns on the engine starter motor.

It features 3 or 4 electrical connectors with threaded connections that are linked to the engine starter, ground wires, the battery, and the ignition switch.

If you have a faulty one, then the starter will not respond.

Starter: If the Gator 835m does not start despite the fact that the battery, ignition switch, solenoid, wiring, and electrical connections have all been inspected, there is a good possibility that the issue rests with the starter motor. A malfunctioning starter UTV is one of the most common reasons why UTVs won’t start.

The Fix:

To fix it, you’ll just require jumper cables and battery post scrubbers.

  • A latex glove is a piece of essential equipment if you want to keep yourself safe. You’re shielded from the battery’s electrical charge by a latex shield.
  • Make sure your hands are protected if you plan to bypass the UTV’s key.
  • The brake should be enabled, the blade disconnected, and all other protective measures in place.
  • The solenoid is connected to the electrical conductor posts by red and black wires, which may be seen when the UTV’s bonnet is opened. Disconnect all of the wires before moving forward with the installation.
  • Posts should be cleaned with a battery-powered post cleaning tool to remove any stored dirt or dust.
  • Check very carefully to make sure both cables are securely linked.
  • A black booster wire should be attached to the UTV’s negative pole of the battery as well as to the steel deck.
  • To run your UTV, connect the red wire to the battery’s positive end, and then apply some force to the starter’s metal piece with your hand.
  • Then unplug the red booster cable first, followed by the black booster cable. Zip up the hood to secure it.

2. The Starter Motor will Not Turn the Engine

It was common knowledge that the starting motor on the John Deere Gator 835m would occasionally fail to operate properly.

It was reported by some users that it did not function in any way. This issue might have been brought on by a blown fuse.

If this is a problem for you, another area that needs to be investigated for rusting is the battery terminals.

Whenever the battery is completely drained, the John Deere Gator 835m UTV, too, experiences this problem.

The problem with the starter could possibly be triggered by a bad ignition switch or a broken starter.

Both of these possibilities are possible. If there are no obvious signs of damage, you should nevertheless check the cables.

The Fix:

Start by inspecting and then replacing the faulty fuse. Proceed to the following step if the fuse appears to be in good operating order.

It is important to examine the terminals of the battery for any signs of irregularity.

If the rusty component is carefully scrubbed clean, the issue ought to be resolved.

If the batteries are completely depleted, you should charge them. If you determine that neither of them is the cause of the issue, then you may safely assume that the switch is the cause.

This is due to the presence of either a starter or an ignition switch. If it is required, change them.

3. Overheating Problem

In spite of the oppressive heat, there is not the remotest possibility that the John Deere Gator 835m UTV does not make a herculean effort to cut your lawn in an even manner.

During the warmer summer months, it is possible for the engine to overheat, which is particularly troublesome if coupled with long work hours.

There are specific circumstances that must be met before the engine of the Gator 835m has a chance of reaching a hazardous temperature.

If you consistently subject your engine to temperatures that are too high, the components of the engine face the chances of getting fire, swelling, or getting burnt out.

The Fix:

The following is a list of solutions to the problems caused by excessive heat:

  • Use the brush that came with your UTV to thoroughly clean the interior of the engine.
  • When you clean the engine, you should utilize a brush that has soft fibers because this will make it simpler for air to pass.
  • Additionally, you can avoid the engine overheating by carrying out these steps.
  • You ought to check the oil levels and make certain that the oil tank is neither too full nor too empty. 
  • Before adding oil to the engine, you should hold off until it has had some time to cool down first.
  • Moreover, you have to inspect the fuel filter and the tank tubes on the UTV to ensure that they are in good shape. It’s possible that a blocked filter is to blame for the damage done to the fuel system.
  • If this is the case, you need to sweep the filter, and if you discover that it cannot be cleaned, you need to get a new one.

What Majority of the Users Feel?

John Deere had to call this model along with other models of the series due to some major reports. There were many bad reports on this UTV. Hence, it is a cross mark for many people.

But the good thing is JD is trying to make it up to you. They are trying to give you a better UTV than before.

In the opinion of some users, there is not much to worry about this UTV because even if there is something wrong with it the JD company will help you solve it. Hence, it will not be a waste to buy it.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much engine power does John Deere Gator 835m have?

JD gator 835m has 54 hp engine power.

What engine does John Deere Gator 835m have?

The John Deere Gator 835m is powered by an 812-cm3 (49.6-cu in.), 3-cylinder, dual overhead cams, liquid-cooled, four-cycle gasoline engine

Is John Deere Gator 835m reliable?

This JD Gator 835 has about average reliability due to the fact that it was recalled by the company.

How much does a John Deere Gator 835m weight?

The Gator 835m weighs about 2,400 lb.

Final Thoughts

John Deere is a top brand in farm machine manufacturing and utility vehicle. The Gator 835m is one of the products for lots of utility use. This one has some problems that you may find in any other vehicle as well.

But you can take it to the dealer or fix it by yourself easily. If you have read this article, then you have a firm idea about the fixing.

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