7 Common Problems with John Deere LT155 and Their Fixes

What if the engine on your JD LT155 mower suddenly stops functioning or the hydrostatic transmission fails? So, what options do you have?

It’s from the early 2000s and belongs to the LT series of riding lawnmowers. Many individuals prefer John Deere’s LT155 tractor.

When utilizing the LT155, you can have some minor issues. These issues are simple to resolve, but many people are unaware of how to go about doing so.

So, here I have decided to address the 7 most common issues that one might encounter with any JD LT155 models.

Key Points:

  • If cavitation happens, the transmission system will be unable to create pressure. To eliminate cavitation, you must clean your hydraulic transmission system.
  • Dirt or debris in the tank could choke it up. As a result, the fuel flow is slowed. To avoid a fuel pump problem, clean it.
  • Often, the John Deere LT155 will not start at all. Check for rust on the battery connector; it may require replacement.

7 Common Problems with John Deere LT155 and Their Solutions:

Despite the numerous reports of John Deere LT155 difficulties, it’s a very dependable and high-quality lawnmower that many of us use on a regular basis. When operating the LT155, you can have some common errors. These issues are simple to resolve. They are discussed below:

1. John Deere LT155 Engine Problems

A 15 horsepower Kohler engine powers the John Deere LT155. If you’re having issues with your mower, such as it suddenly stopping after a short period of time, it’s likely that the engine is broken.

A faulty ignition coil is the most common cause of engine difficulties. Check the plug wire the next time your mower unexpectedly stops.

Replace the ignition coil if you don’t see any spark. If changing the ignition coil does not solve the problem, you should take it to a mechanic for a complete repair.

2. John Deere LT155 Hydrostatic Transmission Problems

Power is transferred from the engines to the hydraulic pumps using the hydrostatic transmission system. The wheels spin due to the liquid pressure produced by the pumps.

Transmission difficulties might occur if the driving axle or a metal hose is broken. The system will not be able to create pressure if cavitation occurs.

You must clean your hydraulic transmission system to fix cavitation. If your mower becomes sluggish, purging your transmission system can assist.

Sometimes purging the system of air didn’t work, you should inspect the system for damage. To ensure that the mower runs properly, clean the pump and add more fuel.

3. Fuel Pump Issues on a John Deere LT155

The mower may stop or start up improperly at any time. This occurs as a result of a potential fuel pump malfunction. The tank might become clogged with dirt or debris. The flow of fuel is hampered as a result.

Check to see that the fuel pump is connected properly before attempting to repair it. After that, use an air hose to blow air into the gas filling hole. This should completely fill the line and remove any dust. You can also clean the debris by hand.

4. Steering Trouble on a John Deere LT155

Steering trouble on a John Deere LT155 has serious safety concerns. They frequently arise as a result of damage to the mechanical components.

Not turning to the left, becoming stuck in one location, not moving forward or backward, or turning left while braking is some of the most typical steering issues with the John Deere LT155.

You’ll need to remove the snap ring and disassemble the rack to figure out what’s causing it.

Examine the pinion gear, rack gear, bearings, drive belts, and idlers on the inside. The air filter, battery, or carburetor could all be malfunctioning.

Over time, the bearing may become loose. You can address the LT155’s steering problem by repairing it.

5. Starting Issues with a John Deere LT155

The John Deere LT155 sometimes refuses to start at all. It’s possible if the mower hasn’t been properly maintained.

Check the battery connector for corrosion; it may need to be replaced. Tighten the connector using a wrench if it is loose.

It’s also possible that the battery has been damaged. So, replace it and you’ll be fine.

It’s also possible that any blown fuses will need to be replaced. If required, fill the batteries with distilled water.

6. Engine and Exhaust Overheating Issue

Certain John Deere LT155 owners have expressed their dissatisfaction with the frequency with which their engines and exhaust systems have overheated.

Filled with dirt or clogged air intake screen overheats the engine. Engine overheating can also be caused by excessive or low engine oil viscosity, as well as incorrect engine oil viscosity.

To fix this problem reduce your workload., Clean and sanitize any dirty components. Check the amount of oil in the tank.

Change the oil, check the clearance between the crankshaft and the main bearings, and adjust the carburetor idle mixture screw can help you as troubleshooting.

7. The tractor shakes or vibrates severely

If you notice difficulties like the mower vibrating unexpectedly after a short period of time, it suggests something is wrong with the mechanical parts.

Damaged belts have been worn, and damaged the traction drive belt can be a reason for vibrating. As well as sheaves on the drive fail, no balance or a bent cutting blade cause the same.

Check and repair any worn belts, if required, make changes. Replacement of a faulty blad can solve your problem.

What Majority of the Users Feel About John Deere LT155?

Despite all of the hype about John Deere LT155 difficulties, it’s a highly reliable and high-quality lawnmower that many of us use on a regular basis.

It’s from the LT series of riding lawnmowers, which were popular in the early 2000s. The John Deere LT155 is a popular choice among many.

I also noticed that the majority of JD LT155 users and owners are pleased with their purchase and think that the JD LT155 is worthwhile to try. Some even said that the JD LT155 was more than worth the affordable price.

The majority of consumers have stated that the acceleration quality is excellent even at lower RPMs, and that when it comes to comfort, the JD L155 clearly stands out as a superior offer at a reasonable price.

Some have reported, however, that some LT155 engines have less substance and tend to push at higher revs. When utilizing the LT155, you can run into some minor issues. These issues are simple to resolve.

Final Words

A well-kept John Deere LT155 will last for at least ten years. Your lawnmower should be properly maintained if you want to keep your lawn as clean as possible. Regular maintenance is necessary to keep your John Deere LT155 in top condition. Any faults you discover must be addressed right away. It could be irreversibly destroyed if this does not happen.

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